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My bosses use $5,000 suits to get attention. You use a scarf and an old T-shirt. You're so proud of yourself for what you think you discovered, you just couldn't wait to tell me.

— Kaplan to Holmes, "The Rat Race"

Donna Kaplan worked as an executive assistant at Canon-Ebersol, a large investment firm.


Season 1[]

Watson accompanies Holmes to Canon-Ebersol where CIO Jim Fowkes informs them that a key executive, Peter Talbott, disappeared before an important investor meeting. Not being missing long enough for the police to investigate, Fowkes proposes hiring Holmes who is dismissive and demands a large fee. Kaplan, Fowkes' secretary, gives them access to Talbott's office and leaves. After discovering Talbott dead, Holmes finds four other executives at the company have died under suspicious circumstances. Initially suspecting Fowkes as the murderer, Holmes later confronts Kaplan, who has been Fowkes' assistant since the beginning of his career. Holmes maps out how Kaplan has benefited in the shadows from Fowkes' rise but she admits no wrong-doing. Alone in the parking garage, Kaplan mocks Holmes' audacity and tases him into unconsciousness. Driving Holmes to Fowkes' country home where she plans to kill him so Fowkes will take the blame, Holmes is able to get out of his handcuffs and tase Kaplan. Police arrive and arrest her.[1]

S01E04-Holmes at gunpoint
I was wrong about you. You are smart.


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