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People all over the world are putting pics of themselves online every day. The technology's gotten so good you really can find your own twin.

— Dorian, "Tag, You're Me"

Dorian Moll is an independent software developer who created DoppelHunt.com where users can find a person who looks like them.


Season 4[]

Investigating the murders of two men, Otto Neuhaus and Timothy Wagner, who looked alike, Watson finds Moll's phone number in both men's contact list. At Moll's apartment, his bedroom has a wall of pictures of people who look similar leading them to speculate that he was running a con operation. Outside Moll's building, Holmes notices dripping from a running A/C unit in the apartment next to Moll's which has weeks worth of mail piled up. Detective Bell radios for officers to check out the apartment and moments later, Moll comes down the fire escape. Moll's face and hair are bizarrely colored which he says he's done to evade facial recognition (FR) as a company is trying to kill him.

S04E03-Dorian Moll
It confuses facial recognition software.
In "the box" at the precinct, Moll explains that he created a website called DoppelHunt.com from FR software, which he modified, from a company called Countenance Technologies. DoppelHunt helps people find people that look like them which is how Tim and Otto became involved. Moll taunted Countenance by showing that the doppels his software found could fool their software. He was then attacked by a masked man with a knife who he escaped from by kicking in the shins. He was driven into hiding as he believed Countenance hired the man to murder him for proving their site was flawed. After his attacker is found to be an executive at Countenance, Bell calls Moll that they've caught his attacker but when Moll offers free DoppelHunts to Bell, Sherlock and Watson, they realize he hasn't learned anything.[1]

S04E03-Moll questioning
Countenance sent me a cease and desist letter.


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