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"You and your partner, you're already right on that edge. Who knows? Maybe I'll be the one putting you away."
— Detective Gina Cortes to Watson
At the Brownstone, Holmes is surprised to find Watson sparring with Bob. She explains that Detective Cortes dropped by the 11th Precinct and she's working out some frustration due to their acrimonious relationship. At the Morgue, Nicole Slater sings and wheels in the body of a homeless man, Omar Velez. (♫ Coal Miner's Daughter ♫) Giving Dr. Hawes the man's particulars, they move his corpse into a body cooler and Hawes asks Slater to a hockey game. She accepts and begins singing. Hawes joins her in song and moves away from the cooler, which then explodes. Later, as paramedics attend to Hawes, Captain Gregson tells him the explosion was caused by a bomb from within the cooler. Hawes believes it might have been planted inside Velez's body to destroy any evidence on the bodies of five members of the gang Sombra Roja who were in other coolers. While Watson looks into the gang, Holmes and Detective Bell examine where Velez's body was found.

S04E11-Hawes Slater
I have an extra ticket to the Ranger game...
Bell points out that Velez's body was found in a forest near a path. Holmes wades across a pond and when Bell calls him, he says he's found police tape. Cortes arrives at the precinct and asks an annoyed Watson for help finding a suspect. Gregson and Watson question Sombra Roja's lawyer, Mr. Rivera, and accuse the gang of the bombing since they are suspected of a bombing involving a judge. Rivera insists his clients are legitimate businessmen and points out that plastic explosives were used in the Morgue, which is regulated and traceable. Rivera reveals that the gang members were in a shootout with a rogue member that is among the five dead so Sombra Roja had no motive to bomb the Morgue. Holmes calls Watson out of the meeting to show her that the police tape marked the scene of the body of an unknown woman who was strangled and sunk in the pond. Connection wasn't made between Velez and the "Jane Doe" because the pond is the border between two counties.

S04E11-Holmes points at tape
What the hell are you doing?
Holmes believes that when the woman's body floated to the surface and was found, Velez was killed and a bomb planted in him to destroy the woman's body in the Morgue. While showing Gregson pictures of the woman, taken when her body was found at the pond, Watson recognizes that a number "3" tattooed on her arm indicates she competed in roller derby. Looking on-line, Watson finds she played for the "Bombastic Brooklyn Bettys." Later while watching the "Bettys", Watson tells Holmes that Cortes wants her help in finding a robber, Hector Mendoza. (♫ Rose Windows - Glory, Glory ♫) Holmes advises her to proceed with caution as Cortes may be setting her up. One of the "Bettys" recognizes the woman as Janet Heffernan. She suspects Janet dealt drugs and provides her address to them.

S04E11-At roller derby
You can almost smell the estrogen, can't you?
At Janet's home, they find she was a small-time oxy dealer and emails warning one of her clients, Toby Dannon, that another man named Dylan was angry at him for buying drugs from her. Finding Toby's address in the email, Bell visits his home and discovers Toby lives with his parents. His father Neil is protective and furious when Toby admits to buying oxy from Janet, and asks if Toby was high when working at his construction business. Toby says that "Dylan" was Janet's boyfriend, Dylan Hess, who wanted her to stop dealing drugs. When Janet refused, they had a fight that sent her to the hospital and he believes Dylan killed her. Watson confronts Cortes outside the precinct that Mendoza has no record of robberies and there's been none in her area for months. Demanding to know why she really asked her to find Mendoza, Cortes says she was just wasting Watson's time, which she doesn't believe.

S04E11-At Janets
Drug buyers make excellent suspects.
The next day at the precinct, Holmes tells Watson that Dylan Hess has arrived and that an eyewitness saw a woman with dark hair assault Mendoza at 3:00am, who was taken to hospital. Assuring Watson that the cameras at the Brownstone will provide her with an alibi, she realizes that Cortes was trying to frame her. Hess denies killing Janet and indicates that when they fought, they both hit each other. Displaying pictures that he and Janet had made up before she died, Bell tells him they believe Janet scratched her attacker. He immediately gets undressed and shows he has no scratches while Holmes takes Hess' phone and leaves the room. Looking through pictures on the phone, Holmes sees that weeks before, there was no coaxial jack in Janet's kitchen, but he noticed one when he and Watson visited Janet's. Holmes shows Bell and Watson that the jack is a spy camera and at Janet's they discover it was installed by Toby.

S04E11-Dylan Hess
I got nothing to hide.
With a warrant, Bell and Holmes visit the Dannon's, where Neil and his wife Beverly say that Toby is away working for Neil's construction company. Beverly says that Toby had problems in high school but he'd improved with therapy. Neil cuts her off and while Bell and Holmes search Toby's room, they find a false book front that's empty. While Bell leaves to check the trash cans with Beverly, Neil is curt with Holmes and insists they're trying to paint Toby as a loner creep. Holmes finds a box hidden in Toby's mattress that contains journals and pictures of Janet that Toby mutilated. Watson meets Cortes at a coffee shop and shows her a picture of Mendoza in the hospital where his jaw is wired shut. Cortes feigns surprise, but after Watson accuses her of attacking Mendoza, Cortes shows her a video of a young woman, Nyoka, who Mendoza pistol-whipped, resulting in her having permanent brain damage.

S04E11-Holmes finds Toby stash
You were saying?
Since Mendoza was part of a gang, witnesses were too scared to come forward and he went unpunished. Having looked into Holmes and Watson's past cases, Cortes believes that they work outside the law and should understand what she's done. Watson insists they don't hurt people, which Cortes doesn't believe and asks Watson to think about helping her with vigilante justice. At the Brownstone, Holmes fills Watson in on what the search of Toby's room revealed and that Toby was buying oxy from Janet as an excuse to see her. After receiving a text from Bell that Toby is at the precinct, Toby is shown the photos, the oxy and accused of the murders. Nervously denying killing anyone, he explains that his therapist encouraged him to act out Janet's rejection of his advances on the pictures. He claims that he was on a train when Janet was murdered and, that he was working when Velez was killed.

S04E11-Toby Damon
I would never hurt her.
Later at the Brownstone, Watson is surprised when Toby's alibis check out, given all the evidence of his obsession with Janet. Piqued that Toby has two hiding places, Holmes checks Toby's journal and finds two different thumbprints. Gregson is surprised when Bell, Holmes and Watson tell him that they believe that Neil Dannon killed Janet. The other prints in Toby's journal were his and after suspecting Toby intended to kill Janet, Neil killed her in order to protect Toby. With access to explosives via his business, he could have arranged the bombing. When Gregson points out that the bombing wiped out any evidence of Neil's guilt, Holmes believes they won't need any.

S04E11-Holmes Watson journal
Someone found what he was hiding.
At the precinct, Neil and Beverly are told that Toby's alibis didn't check out (which is a lie). They're asked to help arrange for Toby's arrest which Beverly agrees to until Neil confesses to killing Janet. Having found Toby's journals and confronting him, Neil realized Toby wouldn't drop his obsession with Janet. He then tried to get Janet to stop selling drugs and offered her money to move, but when she refused their argument became heated and he claims she attacked him. Saying he killed her in self-defense, Holmes reminds him of the murders of Velez and Slater and he breaks down. Watson meets Cortes and warns her that she'll report any more vigilante justice. Believing Holmes and Watson practice it themselves, Cortes threatens that she'll be able to arrest them for it in the future.

S04E11-Dannon finale
I could tell that he wasn't gonna let it go.



  • The events of this episode are shown to have happened in February 2016.[1]
  • The episode title is taken from the motto above the elevator in the Morgue.
  • The pond crime scene where Holmes wades into the water was shot at the Strack Pond in Forest Park, Queens.
  • Detective Cortes refers to the events of the hearing to determine whether Holmes and Watson could continue to work with the NYPD.[2]


Will you stop it with the roller derby names for me?

— Watson to Holmes



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