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Dr. Grannis works as a medical examiner for New York City. She works with Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson when Dr. Eugene Hawes isn't available or when he went on leave.


Season 3[]

Dr. Ennis first appears in the Morgue giving a post mortem report to Holmes, Detective Bell and Kitty Winter on a John Doe. She reports that he's a homicide victim and was killed by a blow to the head and ignores Holmes when he says he already pointed this out. She also reports that all the other bodily injuries were post mortem including his ripped off hand and, that he has DNA under his finger nails which hasn't been identified.[1]

S03E05-Grannis and Bell
This was the fatal blow.

Season 4[]

Grannis next appears when Dr. Hawes is on leave. Her post mortem report on Vince Bader is that he was killed with an ax blow to the head and that another weapon was used to inflict wounds in his back. Holmes points out that a multi-purpose tool that is an ax, crowbar and hammer was used to kill Bader.[2] Grannis reports that Ian Walker died of asphyxiation when a chloroformed rag was held to his face too long. She provides Holmes with rush mass spectrometer results on Walker's clothes which reveals charcoal and coconut.[3]

S04E18-Grannis and Bell
Could be multiple attackers, different weapons.


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