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I think you trippin'.

— Duane to Shinwell, "Pick Your Poison"

Duane Pryor is a member of the South Bronx Killas (SBK) gang and an associate of Shinwell Johnson.


Season 5[]

Holmes questions Duane and Tall Boy about several made-up crimes in order to determine where they were when Shinwell was implicated in the murder of a rival gang member. They tire of his questioning and threaten to beat him if he doesn't leave. Shinwell meets Duane and Tall Boy, not knowing if they know he's a CI but they give him a gun to replace the one he lost at the murder scene.[1] Shinwell meets Duane to pick up money but doesn't because he believes he's being followed by an undercover cop who he points out. Duane doesn't think the man (Luc) is a cop but Shinwell still doesn't pick up the money.[2]

S05E09-Holmes Tall Boy Duane
There's no need to lie when the truth will do.
During an SBK street party, Duane is glum over leader Bonzi being in hospital and Tall Boy being arrested. "Socks" tells him Tall Boy fingered Joan Watson and Duane figures Watson turned Shinwell into a snitch. Just as they agree to kill her, three gunmen fire into the party killing Duane, Socks and eight others. After Mara Tres leader Halcon's sister Carmen is murdered and a video with the body claims SBK is responsible, SBK leader Tyus Wilcox gives up his entire gang in exchange for immunity. He lies that Duane was the one who killed Carmen.[3]

S05E24-Duane shot
Duane shot.


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