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This program, it's significant. We call it Bella. Its AI engine is unique. It...she performs better than anything you've ever seen, I promise. She performs better than we expected her to.

— Borstein, "Bella"

Edwin Borstein is the head of "ones & HEROES", a software company that specializes in developing artificial intelligence (AI) applications.


Season 3[]

Borstein arrives at the Brownstone and is let in by Kitty where he reports a break-in at his company. One of his programs was stolen and he has a picture of the masked thief. Holmes isn't interested in the case until Borstein claims the program, called "Bella", is asking questions not in its programming. At Borstein's office, they meet his colleague Melinda Young, who has hooked Bella up to a doll. Holmes is more interested in proving that "Bella" isn't a true AI than finding the thief, so he assigns Watson and Kitty to find the thief. Once accomplished, Holmes shows Young a video of the thief deleting the stolen copy of Bella. Elated, she seeks out Borstein and finds him dead in Bella's office. The screens in the office are quickly flashing random images. Later with police on the scene, Detective Bell indicates that Borstein died of an epileptic seizure. Young says that Bella couldn't have been infected with a virus as it isn't connected to a network and that only she and Borstein had access.[1]

S03E04-After Borsteins death
Edwin Borstein was murdered.


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