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I knew it was a drug deal. That's why I stayed hidden, even after I heard the gunshots. I heard men screaming. I got up to run, and I saw him. He was sitting there like a statue. His eyes, I, I don't know. They were just cold. Like the Arctic. I guess i thought he looked like vengeance.

— "Kent Jenkins" giving a "witness" statement, "The Marchioness"

El Mecánico (real name unknown) is a cartel hitman and two-time mass murderer having targeted ex-fiancé of Mycroft Holmes and British peeress Nigella Mason, hired by the Robles cartel to get revenge for a horse breeding scheme she ran.


Season 2[]

The case first comes to the attention of the NYPD with the murder of Dalton Ladd, the head of the stables holding the marchioness' horse under the name of Silver Blaze. According to investigators, Ladd stopped a burglar from breaking in at the cost of his life, the killer having left behind a kit in a bag, containing syringes and a potassium solution, along with other supplies like a knife, lock picks, and a county map, implying the killer was prepared and also waned to poison Silver Blaze. At the request of Mycroft and reluctance of Holmes, they investigate the scene where Sherlock figures out the killer hid up in low-limb trees to wait for an escape. He finds prints with the ring print missing, revealing the killer's missing his ring finger on his left hand. When the NYPD ran the prints, they found matches in two open mass murders, the first in Tampa, tied to the Robles cartel, killing lieutenants wanting their own businesses. Realizing it's a cartel hit, the marchioness is warned she's the primary target, narrowly escaping a sniper shot as she stares out her high-rise window. Eventually, noticing the physical traits of her horse, the brothers and Watson realize the horse isn't Silver Blaze, the marchioness admitting he died soon after she bought him, but she was pimping his brother instead to make offspring as cons for the money. Joaquin Aguilar, the head of the East Coast operations of the cartel, bought a descended horse from her Aguilar found out was a fraud, so he sent a prized mercenary of the cartel to get revenge, by killing the horse and the people in the con knowingly or not. Sherlock and Watson go over the tape of the only "witness" of the Tampa massacre. But realizing "Kent Jenkins"' nondescript, evasive account is rehearsed and seeing him missing his finger, they realize he's the assassin.

S02E07-El Macanico video
I don't think we're looking at the witness to a massacre.
Knowing the assassin likes to complete jobs, they set up a trap playing of the assassin's surveillance and it succeeds in his arrest. His attorney stonewalls while they press for "Keith Newell" to confess and take a deal in interrogation, having ties to Aguilar's businesses and running his prints as evidence, but they find his prints don't match the ones on file and know they have to let him go, which could lead to him jumping bail on trespassing. Holmes comes up with a final theory in hopes of catching the assassin in the act: he manufactured fingerprints to wear, likely having access to dead hands to model off and peeling off the countermeasures when apprehended. Sherlock finds out the next day Newell's residence in Denning had a rash of cheap alcohol robberies that stopped when the key suspect disappeared, leaving the stash behind. Walking with the sheriff to where the suspect stayed, which was turned into a park, they see one tree's more nourished. Jed Eichen, aka "Strawdog Jed", is found dead under that tree, leading to a confrontation with the mercenary that reveals his matching hairs were found at the scene on Jed's corpse. El Mecánico, not confirmed and less self-assured, agrees to a deal to give up his employer. He's later seen on the news being escorted away after his arrest.[1]

S02E07 The Marchioness Evidence Charges
Care to guess whose DNA they matched?


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