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How can you be so naive? If he was involved with you, he was involved with me.

— Elana to Watson about Andrew's death, "The Female of the Species"

Elana March is the head of a narcotics cartel and a nemesis of Joan Watson. She enjoys the high life, is impeccably stylish and is very confident and smug. She's also ruthless and employs murder in order to further her interests.


Season 3[]

S03E01-Elana News shot

Elana's televised arrest.

With Holmes away in England, Watson has built a thriving detective agency. This includes matching wits with Elana who she has known for six months. In that time, Elana's husband was killed, she took over the cartel and replaced all the key figures with women. Watson meets Elana in an upscale restaurant and as they banter, Watson reveals that she's discovered Elana's accountant who has already been arrested and wants a deal. Watson is meeting Elana so that her accountant can be arrested without her interference. Captain Gregson arrives at the restaurant and arrests Elana. Months later, Elana's accountant is mysteriously killed in an elevator on the way to testify in court. As a result, Elana is set free. Watson continues to monitor Elana which results in her delivering an official complaint to Gregson at the 11th Precinct.

Later, Elana meets Watson to give her a "tip" that a person that used to be in her employ killed the accountant. However, with Holmes' help, Watson has figured out who really killed her accountant, Kevin Elspeth. He confessed that Elana hired him and based on his testimony, Elana is arrested at her palatial estate while Elspeth goes into Federal Protection. The acrimony between Elana and Watson is palatable as an agent handcuffs her.[1]

S03E14-Elana in prison

An imprisoned Elana taunts Watson.

After the murder of her boyfriend Andrew Mittal by hemlock poisoning, Watson investigates and finds that the poisoner was a woman from France named Marion Desjardins who was living in the USA on a visa sponsored by one of Elana's old companies. Watson visits Elana in prison and upon presenting her with this information, Elana doesn't admit to hiring Marion but taunts Watson and warns her that anyone involved with Watson is involved with her since Watson is responsible for Elana's life sentence. As a result, Watson is afforded police protection and doesn't leave her apartment to participate with Holmes and Detective Bell in a case of two zebras missing from the Bronx zoo. Later, Watson receives a threatening post card which appears to be from March.

Later, Watson receives the following letter from Jamie Moriarty "My dearest Watson. Although it's been far too long since we laid eyes on each other, I continue to follow your career with great interest. I was sorry to hear about the murder of Andrew Mittal, and more than a bit unhappy to learn that his death was an attempt on your own most cherished life. I still believe a game is unfolding between Sherlock and I, and you have made yourself a valued and essential contributor. I won't have you removed from play prematurely. Uninvited participants are not welcome at the table, and their intrusions will be dealt with accordingly." Elana is found dead in her cell.[2]



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