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Ellory is one of Jamie Moriarty's lieutenants. From a tattoo on her shoulder, Holmes recognizes Ellory was once enslaved by a Guatemalan amphetamine ring as a drug mule, which Moriarty saved her from.


Season 6[]

S06E11-Sherlock sends a message

"Tell her I want to talk."

After Sherlock spots an assassin, Vanja Borozan, following his father, Morland, Sherlock confronts Borozan in his hotel room, where he commits suicide. Sherlock traces coffee he found in Borozan's room to a café where he recognizes a painting as one of Moriarty's. He smashes a jar and asks the sales clerk to tell Moriarty he wants to talk. Later, the clerk arrives at the Brownstone and, introducing herself as Ellory, confirms she works for Moriarty. Indicating that matters between Morland and Moriarty are coming to a head, Sherlock says he'd like to discuss his father's death.[1]

Season 7[]

When Ronald Adair appears to Joan claiming that Moriarty is dead and has bequeathed a package to Joan, in lieu of Sherlock after his supposed death, Sherlock is prompted to return. He believes Adair is lying about Moriarty's demise to lure Sherlock from hiding, but Adair is killed soon afterwards. Sherlock directs Watson to contact Ellory, who no longer works at the café and has since been promoted to observing higher level targets. Ellory reveals that Moriarty is aware that Sherlock faked his death, and alludes that she killed Adair on Moriarty's orders for invoking Moriarty's name in a scheme against Sherlock and Joan she did not order. Joan approaching Ellory confirms to Moriarty's group why Adair betrayed Moriarty, though their group does not know who compromised Adair.[2]


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