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It's too risky. I'm gonna get caught.

— Kurtz to Watson, "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing"

Emil Kurtz works for Morland Holmes.


Season 4[]

Morland asks Joan Watson to investigate if he has a mole in his organization as a deal to build refineries fell through. Watson lies there is no mole but then secretly confronts Kurtz with her findings. She coerces him into being her mole in Morland's organization.[1] Watson meets Kurtz in a bookstore where he provides info on the gunman that Morland lied to Joan he wasn't looking into. Later, Watson meets Kurtz in another bookstore where he shows Watson that Morland is creating memos that are slightly different for each of his employees so that he'll be able to tell if one of them is leaking information. Detective Bell arrives at the scene of a robbery and shooting in a restaurant and one of the victims is Kurtz.[2] Watson and Holmes visit the crime scene and Watson tells Holmes about her dealings with Kurtz and that she believes his father is responsible for Kurtz's death.[3]

S04E17-Neil Kurtz head shot
What do you want?

S04E21-Kurtz dead
First victim, Emil Kurtz.


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