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We were worried about you, Joan. I guess we still are.

Emily Hankins is a long-time friend of Joan Watson, who went to the same college. She works in journalism and has a six-year-old daughter.


Season 1[]

She set Joan up with her friend Aaron Ward not knowing that he was married.[1] When Joan quits her sober companion career to become a consultant detective, Emily becomes worried and stages an intervention at a bar. She tells Joan that she and their mutual friends are concerned because Joan quit her job, lives with a recovering addict Sherlock Holmes and is training to become a detective. They also think she's involved with him. Joan is hurt and walks out. Emily later calls her and apologizes.[2]

Season 2[]

S02E03-Watson Emily at park

"You getting any real world time?"

Watson sits at a park with Emily while her child plays. Emily encourages Joan to find time for a regular life and surprises Joan with a subscription to a dating site.[3]

Season 3[]

Watson meets up with a group of friends including Emily to plan a bachelorette party for her friend Marnie from medical school. Watson isn't comfortable engaging in such social interactions and considers her work with Holmes more important so she makes an excuse and leaves. Later, she tells Marnie she's joining the bridal party and leaves the Brownstone to meet her.[4]

Season 4[]

Emily asks Watson to meet her urgently and tells her that a police detective asked her many questions about Watson including if she is capable of committing crimes. The detective, Gina Cortes, holds a grudge against Watson because she believes she shouldn't be doing police work as a consultant.[5]



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