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"Well done, Watson. You have found something that the ATF did not."
— Holmes
An officer lies dead in front of his patrol car with the lights flashing. At a support group meeting, Holmes is told by fellow attendee George about a website called "BrainAttic" which he says Holmes should check out. Called to the scene of Officer Alec Flynn's death, Captain Gregson reports that his car's camera recorded a masked man shooting him from behind. Watson notices fibers in a boot print left by the killer and Holmes discovers that Flynn's gun is an air pistol. At the 11th Precinct, an "end of watch" ceremony is held for Flynn and Gregson announces an inspector's funeral. Watching Flynn's car video, Kitty sees that the killer didn't touch Flynn's weapon, meaning someone must have switched it out before Flynn's shift. Flynn's former partner, Officer Polano, who had an incident with Flynn, is questioned by Holmes and Gregson. Flynn worked at the armory but weeks before transferred to highway patrol. Polano says that he hasn't been to Flynn's HQ and couldn't have replaced his weapon.

S03E08-Final call
He has gone home for the final time.
Flynn's wife Brie admits to Detective Bell and Watson that after a football accident, Alec became addicted to Oxy. She kicked him out as he was stealing items to sell for pills. However, he recently became sober, came back home and was proud to return to active duty and leave the armory. She saw a text on Alec's phone from his Oxy dealer, who she can't identify, but whose username was "Six." At the Brownstone, Kitty sees in the video that the killer has a glass eye. Noticing Holmes is distracted, he shows her the "BrainAttic" web site which is filled with pictures of birds and things he's said in support group meetings. He's angry that the anonymity of the meetings has been breached and Kitty offers to find out who created the site. Having reviewed security footage of stores that sell air pistols, Watson finds Flynn buying many of them. Showing the footage to Gregson, they realize that Flynn sold his weapon for Oxy and replaced it with an air pistol.

S03E08-With Brie Flynn
I've been in homes like this one.
They suspect he also swapped out weapons at the armory which would result in cancellation of Flynn's inspector's funeral. Kitty shows "BrainAttic" to a park bird watching guide who says the bird photos on the site were taken in the park. Seeing a rare bird, which she and many others also took pictures of, she gives Kitty copies. Kitty shows Holmes the pictures which contain several people in the background. He refuses to identify any who attend support group meetings and says he'll handle the matter himself. Called to the precinct by Bell, he introduces ATF Agent Hernan who identifies Flynn's killer as Niko Buros. Buros trades guns for drugs with a Mexican gang and an ATF raid captured nearly a thousand of his weapons. Hernan believes that Flynn was selling the armory pistols to Buros and speculates that Buros killed Flynn after he sobered up and refused to steal any more weapons from the armory. That evening, a masked Buros approaches Officer Casey Hatem in his car and shoots him in the head.

S03E08-Holmes Kitty photos
Does anyone look familiar?
At the Morgue, Gregson confirms Buros killed Hatem and Bell shows Watson more fibers like the ones found at Flynn's murder scene. The fibers are used as stuffing in various products. Watson offers to see if Hatem has a connection to Flynn, while Gregson mentions that if Hatem is innocent, an inspector's funeral will be held for him. Outside a support group meeting, Holmes confronts Daren, the creator of "BrainAttic." Though Holmes explains how important the anonymity of the meetings is to him, Daren refuses to take down the site which he says helps him and others stay sober. Heading into the meeting, Holmes reveals that he knows Daren is having an affair and threatens him. At the armory, Bell and Watson question Officer Doud, Hatem's uncle, who angrily denies any connection between Hatem, Flynn or Buros. At the Brownstone, a frustrated Holmes blowpipes darts at a number "six" target and believes that Flynn's drug dealer is the key to establishing a connection.

S03E08-Holmes confronts Daren
I need to know that these rooms are a vault.
Kitty mentions that the inspector's funeral for Hatem is going ahead. Looking at a photo of Flynn in a football uniform, Watson realizes that perhaps "Six" is the number of one of Flynn's football teammates. Charlie Riggs, the punter on Flynn's high school football team, is brought into "the box" at the precinct. Found with 500 Oxy pills, he confesses that he was suppling drugs to Flynn and he set up Flynn with Buros. After the ATF seized Buros' guns and Flynn wouldn't rob the armory anymore, Riggs feared retribution but indicates that Buros was fine but said he could use Flynn for other things. Holmes quickly seeks out Gregson and tells him that all available forces need to be sent to the armory. Buros shot both Flynn and then Hatem in order for an inspector's funeral to be held in which the armory would be barely manned in order to rob it of its weapons. Gregson orders the armory to be warned but Buros has already robbed it. At the Brownstone, Holmes mopes and watches a new report on Buros' heist.

S03E08-Riggs in box
He said figured out how to make a huge score.
Kitty shows him that "BrainAttic" has been taken down. Joining Watson who is reviewing the case files, she mentions the fibers found at both murder scenes and points to a picture of items found when the ATF seized Buros' weapons stash. They see upholstery knives and realize that Buros was hiding the guns in furniture which were then transported to Mexico. Holmes deduces that Buros was on a strict timetable for sending the weapons which points to use of a cargo ship bound for Veracruz. Buros is found by Bell and an ESU team and arrested. Bell explains that after finding the cargo ship, they used one of his accomplice's phone to ping his location. Buros is defiant and complains about his handcuffs being too tight which Bell says were Hatem's cuffs that he'll wear to remind him of the officer he murdered. As he's led out of the building, Buros is intimidated to see hundreds of officers outside, glaring at him angrily. (♫ Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky ♫) At a support group meeting, Holmes looks at the "BrainAttic" site which only says "I'm sorry." He tells the group he has nothing to share.

S03E08-Officers waiting for Buros
We are proud.



  • Holmes mentions that he told a support group his theory on how his mind works, likening it to an attic which inspires Daren's "BrainAttic" website. This refers to Conan Doyle's Holmes pronouncing the theory in A Study in Scarlet. Holmes also explained this theory to Watson shortly after they met.[1]
  • Last appearance of the support group moderator/leader, played by Ken Marks, who appeared in four episodes.


I don't care about your affair. I care about your sobriety. And I depend on every member in this group including you, to care about mine.

— Holmes to Daren



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