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"I don't care why you're back. Just stay out of my case."
— Watson to Holmes
Watson meets drug lord Elana March for a tense lunch. March cattily denies being a criminal and taunts Watson, saying that she's wasted six month trying to convict her. However, Watson has found March's bookkeeper and invited March to lunch so that her bodyguards would be occupied. Police have arrested the bookkeeper who has given the police enough information to convict March. Captain Gregson arrives and takes March away. Days later at Watson's apartment, a client meets her in her home office when Detective Bell calls. He asks her to join him and the bookkeeper, Karen Lloyd, who wants to review the courthouse security again before she testifies against March. On her way out, Watson encounters new neighbor Andrew Mittal and helps him find a lost lizard. Watson meets Lloyd and reassures her she's safe as Lloyd enters the hotel elevator for court. Bell asks about Holmes but Watson hasn't heard from him in six months.

I know how crazy this is making you.
Alarms sound and detectives run down the hallway with Watson and Bell in tow. In the basement garage, Lloyd and Detective Palmer are found shot dead in the elevator. Two months later at the 11th Precinct, Bell and Watson are still puzzled by the elevator shooting. The elevator didn't stop, no one entered and the bullets wounds reveal the shots were horizontal. Watson is called to meet with March whose lawyer accuses her of harassment and shows photos of Watson staking out March's daughter's school. Gregson warns Watson that the real purpose of March's visit was to show she can get to Watson. On a park bench, Watson notices a young woman watching her. Andrew, who is now her boyfriend, arrives with lunch. Suspicious, Watson approaches the woman, accuses her of working for March but the woman calls her "nuts" and leaves.

S03E01-Elevator murder
How the hell did this happen?
At the precinct, Gregson tells Bell and Watson a tip on the elevator shooting named a hotel guest, Kevin Elspeth. The name of the tipster is familiar to Watson. That evening, she visits the Brownstone and discovers the tipster's name is a composite from the names of two authors whose books Holmes had her read. Hearing a noise in the kitchen, she finds Holmes has returned from London. Holmes explains that his tip was a peace offering for having left eight months before without saying goodbye in person. Watson demands that Holmes stay out of her case but he points out how unsuccessful she's been and, that Elspeth has committed several other murders he's investigated. Holmes admits that he should have said goodbye properly but Watson is still bitter and says she doesn't need his help.

S03E01-Holmes helmet
You can take the helmet off.
At the precinct, Holmes meets with Gregson and asks to consult with the NYPD again. Gregson is blunt about their past relationship being a means to an end and states that Holmes can only come back back if Watson agrees to it. Bell and Watson question Elspeth and show video of him checking into the hotel the day Lloyd was murdered. When asked why he used an alias, he indicates that he hires hookers. They point out that he uses aliases in many hotels and all locations had a murder committed when he visited. He knows about Lloyd's murder but admits no wrong doing. Outside, Bell notes how suspicious Elspeth is and parts ways with Watson. As Watson walks down the street, she's being followed by the woman she confronted at the park. Rounding a corner, the woman finds Watson has disappeared. Watson surprises her and pulls out her single-stick. The woman smiles, pulls out one of her own and they battle. Watson wins and the woman says she's Holmes' new partner.

S03E01-Watson single sticks Kitty
Those were singlestick moves.
At the Brownstone, Holmes chastizes Kitty for following Watson against his orders. Bored and wanting to match wits with Watson, Kitty couldn't resist a confrontation. In the hotel where Lloyd was murdered, Watson goes to use the elevator and finds Holmes inside, tracing the bullet shots. Annoyed that he isn't staying out of her case, he follows her to the hotel room Elspeth stayed in when Lloyd was killed. In Elspeth's room, Holmes explains that the woman Watson battled, Kitty, is his protégée and that she was following Watson as part of her training. Watson is surprised that Kitty was following her for a week and Holmes is disappointed it took Watson so long to notice. To gain her sympathy, he admits that he left NYC for London because he was afraid that with Watson moving out of the Brownstone, he might relapse.

S03E01-Holmes in elevator
Going up?
If he used drugs in London, it wouldn't be in front of Watson. However, he missed the partnership with Watson and realized he was a teacher. He replicated the relationship he had with Watson and stayed sober. Largely ignoring him, Watson proceeds into the bathroom. Holmes notes it is beside the elevator Lloyd was killed in and, the bullet were shot towards his room. Holmes sits on the bench in the shower and reminds Watson that she should examine a crime scene from all perspectives, but she's too angry to take the hint. Holmes tells her that Gregson will allow him and Kitty to consult with the NYPD, but only with Watson's assent. Watson says she's glad he's figured so many things out, but leaves without giving her blessing.

S03E01-Holmes Watson in bathroom
He didn't shoot through the walls.
At the Brownstone, Watson warily greets Kitty who indicates that Holmes has solved her case. With a model, Holmes shows Watson that Elspeth jammed four steel slugs in the side of the elevator and then positioned a large magnet in his hotel room bathroom. He monitored Lloyd's protective detail's radio messages and once she was in the elevator, pulled the magnet's switch. The steel slugs were pulled through the elevator, killing Lloyd and Palmer. Although he can't prove Elspeth committed the crime, he believes he can connect Elspeth to a crime committed to facilitate the elevator "shooting". Elspeth is called to the precinct where he's told about the magnet in the murders. Claiming there's no proof he was involved, he's informed that ten days prior to the murders, a magnet was stolen from a university. A security guard was badly beaten and fingerprints were left by the assailant. Bell says they'll get his fingerprints from those he's left in the room. Claiming he's not a killer, Elspeth leaves.

S03E01-Holmes explains murders
Two dead targets and every appearance of a shooting.
Elana March calls Watson to lunch and gives her a tip that the prints at the university will match a Romero Sosa. She denies knowing Elspeth and hypothetically, says whoever was behind the elevator murders was counting on Watson being in the elevator too. March then indicates that Watson may not have long to live. At Watson's apartment, Holmes brings her the news that the fingerprints at the university didn't match Elspeth's. Noticing that she has been watching hotel lobby footage of Elspeth, he mentions that the magnet used would weigh more than a ton. He offers to help Watson but she insists on working alone so he leaves. With the magnet weight in mind, she watches the video again and notices that Elspeth's bags were heavy when he checked in, but were easily knocked over by a patron when he checked out.

S03E01-Watsons apartment
You decided we weren't partners.
Bell and Watson confront March in the grounds of her mansion. They explain that Elspeth didn't leave the hotel with the magnet and didn't ship it out, so he had to hide it somewhere. The magnet was found in the bench in the bathroom shower. Elspeth cut the lid off, placed the magnet pieces inside and then re-grouted the lid on. Watson deduced this, from Holmes' earlier tip, and noticed the lid grout was whiter than the rest of the bathroom grout. Bell adds that the rubber gloves Elspeth used were also in the bench and his fingerprints were found inside the gloves. Elspeth confessed to the murders, implicated March and went into witness protection so that March cannot kill him. Bell arrests March while Watson smiles.

S03E01-Elspeth hides magnet
The bench in the shower was perfect.
Watson arrives at the Brownstone to let Holmes know about March's arrest which he congratulates her on. She's also signed off on Holmes and Kitty working with the NYPD but insists that they work their own cases. She does indicate that she's available if Holmes requires a consultation and he returns the favor. Watson is puzzled why Holmes returned to NYC when he could have gone anywhere and his simple answer is that it's his home. (♫ Angus Powell - Monsters ♫) Outside the Brownstone, Kitty catches Watson and expresses her gratitude for allowing her to work with the NYPD. Kitty asks Watson why she gave so much up to work with Holmes. Watson sees it as working towards something which Kitty identifies with.

S03E01-Holmes finale
I belong here. As do you.



  • Eight months pass between Holmes leaving to work for MI6 in London and his return to NYC.
  • When Sherlock dumps out the box of files he had Kitty order, telling her to do it again, it's a callback to the Season 1 episode "Details", when Joan knocked over the rack of locks Sherlock had arranged, telling him to do it again.


I was afraid, Watson. That's why I left.

— Holmes