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Every time, it hurts, but I know what to do with it now.

— Estelle to Sherlock, "A Controlled Descent"

Estella Llamosa is the mother of Alfredo and Dante.


Season 3[]

After Alfredo goes missing, Sherlock visits Estella to inquire as to his whereabouts. Estella says that Alfredo's state of mind was good, he went to church with her and she can't think of any reason why he disappeared. She talks about Alfredo's troubled past and that it has taught her to be ready for anything. She asks how Sherlock is doing and is concerned that if Alfredo is in trouble that he may drag Sherlock down with him.[1]

S03E24-Alfredo family pics
Young Alfredo.

S03E24-Estella and Sherlock
I've had this conversation before.


  1. Season 3, episode 24: "A Controlled Descent"