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A lot of these stand-ups at these open mics talk about bombing, but, hey, I've lived through a real bombing.

Dr. Eugene Hawes works as a medical examiner for New York City and is a colleague of Dr. Grannis.


Season 2[]

S02E08-Hawes Watson

"Dumb luck happens sometimes."

Hawes is first seen during a period where Holmes has no active cases. Bored, he takes Watson to the morgue in the Medical Examiner building. Holmes and Hawes have an agreement in which they play chess with the stakes being Holmes having access to the corpses and Hawes playing for money. Holmes wins the game and discovers a case while examining a corpse. Later, Hawes does the autopsy on Gregori Andrev and tells Holmes he was strangled with a wire and was seeing a psychiatrist.[1] Hawes performs the autopsy on Haley Tyler and confirms to Watson that though Haley fell from a balcony, her abdominal aorta was first severed by someone who knew exactly where to stab her.[2]

Season 3[]


"No one who works here would have done that."

Hawes delivers sad news to Detective Bell that an idol of his, Manny Rose, shot and killed a murderous street thug in order to protect a young woman. Rose was then killed by companions of the thug.[3] Holmes takes on a case for MI6 which involves investigating the murder of Arthur West. He and Watson are shown into the morgue by Dr. Hawes and discover that the arms from West's corpse are missing which shocks Hawes as they were present when the autopsy was performed. Hawes is sporting a beard.[4]

Hawes reports the results of an autopsy on Melissa Ledbetter, a nurse that Watson knew from her time as a doctor. He mentions that Melissa was beaten in the head many times before being strangled and that she had someone else's DNA under her fingernails. Later, how shows that another victim had severe brain damage that was very quickly and recently obtained.[5] Hawes tries to tell Holmes and Watson how a frozen woman died but they are able to deduce she was hit in the head before being exposed to refrigerant by examining the body. Holmes tells Hawes not to sulk and he tells them which refrigerant was used which gives them a suspect pool. Later, he completes the autopsy on Vance Ford and confirms he wouldn't have been able to kill Allie Newmeyer.[6]

Hawes reviews the autopsy of Garrison Boyd with Holmes. Boyd was a professional "debunker" whose skull was caved in and had a tip of a garden gnome's hat lodged under his eye.[7] Hawes next deals with several murder victims who have had internal organs removed in order to make room for transporting drugs. Watson is able to identify the doctor who made the stitching in the bodies.[8]

Season 4[]

S04E11-Hawes post explosion

Hawes post-explosion.

Hawes helps Tim Wagner's father identify his son's body.[9] Hawes participates in the analysis of the burnt body of Eddie Ross.[10] Bell indicates Hawes did the autopsy on sniper Pierre Gangier.[11] Hawes provides Holmes and Watson with the autopsy of Ellen Jacobs who died from suffocation, inhaled sodium thiosulfate and was eight weeks pregnant.[12] After helping ME officer Nicole Slater put a body in storage, Eugene asks her out to a NY Ranger game and she accepts. Excited, they both start to sing "Coal Miners Daughter" when an explosion kills Slater and injuries Hawes. He deduces that a bomb was placed in the body in order to erase evidence on Honduran gang members stored in the morgue.[13]

Hawes allows Sherlock to examine a body that fell many stories and killed another.[14] Holmes meets Hawes in the morgue to inform him that Hawes contaminated a DNA sample with his own, complicating a case. Sherlock plays chess with Eugene and expressed his concern, pointing out that he's beating him easily but Eugene says he's fine. Later in the hallway, Sherlock makes a plea to Hawes and reveals his past situation with Jamie Moriarty and tells Hawes he's not well and won't see him go down the same dark path he did. Hawes admits he's hurting. Eugene shows up at the Brownstone, tells Holmes he's taking time off and may change jobs. He gives Holmes a list of MEs for him to pick from to work with while he's gone.[15]

Watson goes to see Hawes perform at a stand-up comedy club. After some initial heckling, Hawes does fine and Watson is relieved and happy for him. Hawes mentions to Watson the stand-up is part of his therapy, that he's doing better and will be back at work soon. Watson says that Sherlock couldn't come because it's his girlfriend's birthday. Hawes is surprised that Sherlock has a girlfriend and wants to hear more but Watson is called away.[16]

Season 5[]

S05E08-Hawes with bag

"The meat in those casings contains human remains."

Hawes returns to work and provides Gregson, Holmes and Watson with confirmation that a chef was killed with snake poison and that it will take time to identify from what kind of snake.[17] Hawes suspects foul play when he finds the stomach contents of a victim contains horse tranquilizer and human remains. Holmes inhales the bag of stomach contents which disgusts Hawes.[18] Sporting a moustache, Hawes examines the remains of two victims that were burnt in an incinerator, one alive when burnt. He identifies a piece of metal as an orthopedic foot brace worn by one of the victims.[19]

Season 6[]

S06E01-Hawes crutches

"You want the full experience?"

Hawes hobbles into the morgue on crutches, having torn his Achilles tendon playing softball and finds Holmes laying on an autopsy table. He jokes with Holmes and tries to find out why he's waiting for test results in the morgue instead of at home.[20] Hawes reports on a Jane Doe who was buried in concrete and then cut up. He mentions that fibers from a seat belt were found on the body and that she was strangled before being buried.[21]

Hawes, Bell, Holmes and Watson examine the headless body of Gabriel Rojas. Hawes reports that death occurred before the head was removed, no poison was used and since there's no wounds on the body, death was probably caused by head trauma. A chicken head was jammed into the neck which Holmes believes is an obfuscation of occult doings.[22]

Season 7[]

Hawes performs the autopsy on Drew Bledsoe and reports to Detective Bell and Watson that he was killed by multiple gunshot wounds including one to the head. The bullet caliber was the same as that used to shoot Captain Gregson.[23] After Bell and Holmes find a shack in the woods where a runner was stabbed and evidence that a body was dumped in a pond, Bell, Holmes and Watson meet Hawes in the Morgue. Police divers found two bodies in the pond, an unidentified man and a hog. Bell reports that both bodies were tied up with the same knot and weighed down with rocks from the pond. The man was shot with an antique gun, a Derringer, while Watson believes the hog was poisoned which Hawes says he is confirming.[24]

At the Morgue while viewing the body of Ridley Dineen, Detective Bell tells Holmes and Watson that Dineen robbed other criminals. Hawes notes Dineen died of an overdose, which he believes was fentanyl. Bell and Holmes argue whether Dineen was poisoned by touching fentanyl-laced cash while Bell reports that blood was found on Dineen's gun. Hawes doesn't think Dineen died from exposure to the poisoned cash.[25]


"Helps that they were all in the system."

After IDing a burned Annie Spellman from her dental records, at the Morgue, Hawes shows Bell, Holmes and Watson that he's identified the burned bodies of three assassins sent to kill Holmes and Watson. Believing Odin Reichenbach was behind the murder attempt, Hawes puts his phone in a glass of water to ensure it can't be hacked by Odin. He also did research on the three assassins and found they were mercenaries for a company called Agrianos and speculates they killed Spellman. Bell compliments Hawes for all the extra work he put into his report which he rebuffs.[26]


  • Hawes performs the toxicology screening on Roy Booker which reveals that he was drugged before being shot and, that he had traces of THC in his system from marijuana use weeks before.[27]
  • Holmes mentions that Dr. Hawes revised his autopsy report on the death of William Velnik to include three gunshots to the chest while wearing a bulletproof hoodie which resulted in three cracked ribs.[28]



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