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We help the people we wanna help, hurt the people we wanna hurt. On, like, a case-by-case basis.

Everyone is a technology hacker collective that generally works to undermine established authorities such as governments and corporations. One of the forums they frequent is "Jamaica Quay." Sherlock Holmes has an uneasy relationship with the collective. They help each other on occasion with the payment usually being acts of humiliation.


Season 2[]

S02E19-Watson Holmes w dress

Holmes with the dress to perform Frozen.

When Holmes and Watson pursue Ezra Kleinfelter, who leaked a dossier of national secrets to the media, Everyone performs a "life-ruin" on them, causing them to dispose of all electronics and endure unwanted encounters. After Kleinfelter admits to murder, Everyone stops the life-ruin.[1] Holmes asks Everyone for dental records in order to match the bite marks of a killer. He then asked them to find deleted social media pages of their prime suspect. In return, Holmes must wear a dress and perform the songs from "Frozen" on-line.[2] Everyone provides Holmes with financial records of a doctor that was reporting patient information to his employer. Holmes has to find the lost cat of one of Everyone's members in return.[3] When Tim Sherrington, an MI6 agent, who Watson suspects of being a mole visits her unexpectedly, she takes Sherrington to the media room. He threatens her and she reveals that members of Everyone have been watching and listening via the room's monitors.[4]

Season 3[]

S03E19-Franken and Holmes

Sucking Chest Wound and Holmes.

Everyone provides Holmes with a list of everyone whose received a payment from Purgatorium Inc. for which he has to compose a treatise on why the character Bella from "Twilight" should have ended up with Jacob rather than Edward.[5] Everyone looks behind Stern Investments firewalls for Holmes for which he provides them with a Super Bowl ring from Phil Simms.[6] Holmes helps clear Everyone member Petros Franken aka "Sucking Chest Wound" of murdering fellow Everyone member "Species" and stops a war inside the collective. He and Watson prevent them from hacking an FBI front company which would have provided the FBI the legal authority to destroy Everyone.[7]

Season 4[]


Everyone listens to Holmes' satanic chants.

In order to find who "Integer Overflow" is, Everyone provides Holmes with 1980's game "Swords of Saturn" and a note to play the game. Holmes can't finish it but Watson does and the game credits show that Integer Overflow did sound for the game.[8] In exchange for helping recover The First Book of Urizen by William Blake which was stolen by a hammer-thumbed dry cleaner, Holmes has to perform satanic chants on-line. Later, Holmes has to guess the password which Everyone used to lock his phone which is "1337" or "leet" short for "elite".[9] Holmes gets Everyone out of trouble with the NSA so six of their members visit the Brownstone and gives their clothes to Watson for a charitable drive she's working on.[10] Holmes uses Everyone to prove that Morland wasn't responsible for the murder of Emil Kurtz.[11]

Season 5[]

S05E13-Watson shaving Holmes

Holmes gets his head shaved by Watson.

Everyone provides Holmes and Watson with detailed info on business magnate Wayne Vachs for free since they hate him so much.[12] Everyone gives Holmes details on Midwest Cattle's financial dealings and in exchange he has to perform open mic comedy at "The Joke Hole".[13] Using facial recognition software, Everyone provides Holmes with the travel details of Frank Trimble which shows he was at a hockey game in Montreal, extending the statute of limitations on a crime he committed enough for him to be arrested. In exchange, Holmes' head is shaved on-line by Watson.[14] Holmes has Everyone member "Sucking Chest Wound" trace bribes from a firearms company to multiple police chiefs.[15]

Season 6[]

As Mason has difficulty breaking into the dark web bank account of former yakuza member Ando Azuma, Holmes motivates him by threatening to ask Everyone for help. Mason insults Everyone and cracks into the account.[16] Everyone provides the financial transactions of Michael Rowan to Holmes which shows he was in the locations of many murdered women. Everyone foregoes the usual humiliation payment and provide the information for free.[17] In order to find Rowan, Everyone provides Watson with banking information of William Bazemore by sending a singing telegram man carrying balloons with Everyone's logo. Later, Everyone provides a list of addresses of buyers of a sobriety keychain Holmes notices Michael bought which leads to Michael's residence in Albany.[18]

In exchange for information on Agent Mallick, Watson agrees to live stream Holmes' bees while playing a Barry White song, not knowing that one of Everyone's founders, StingSquat44, is sexually aroused by them.[19]

Season 7[]

S07E11-Paying Everyone

"People swear this is sexual."

In exchange for finding out the identity of a traffic camera hacker named "Overlord", Everyone makes Holmes fill his Victorian sensory deprivation chamber and the bathtub with gelatin.[20]

In exchange for Everyone's help finding who acted as intermediary between Odin Reichenbach and Annie Spellman in providing her with murder targets, Watson has to crumple up tissue paper while live-streaming.[21]


  • Everyone appears to be inspired by the real-life Anonymous hactivist coalition responsible for hacking and cyberattacks for their own political objectives.
  • The first Everyone members mentioned are Hector (the security guard) and "Defenestrator."[1]
  • Everyone has an "inner sanctum" who act as a steering committee for the group. Members include "Species" (Errol White, murdered in 2015 by Everyone member Brady Dietz), "Sucking Chest Wound" (Petros Franken), "Pony Pyew Pyew" (who lives in Goiania, Brazil), "Twithead," "Adramelech," "Coldcomfort," "Droopsnout" (who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy), "KillSpree" (who is Maynard Lim, lives in Kuala Lumpur, and is the billionaire creator of a popular mobile game called Flutter Crow), "Monkey versus Shark" (Caleb Hill), and "Tessee" (Brady Dietz).[7]



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