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"The family thing. You, me and Watson."
— Kitty to Holmes
Having been placed under arrest by Agent Gephardt of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Holmes is handcuffed in an interrogation room. Intending to intimidate Holmes to stop investigating those that were involved in the Kotite trial, Gephardt admits to being behind the murders of four people, including Kotite and the prosecuting attorney, Cy Durning. Asking if Gephardt intends to kill him too, instead Gephardt threatens to tie Sherlock to illegal activities his father has been undertaking. Seeing that Gephardt doesn't intend to answer for his crimes, which he indicates was done in the name of national security, Holmes lets Gephardt lecture him on letting go of the case. At Washington Square, Holmes is pushed out of a black van, wrists bound and a black bag on his head, to a waiting Watson. Telling her that Gephardt admitted to the murders, he intends to continue pursuing the case.

S05E16-Watson Holmes black bag
You got all your fingernails?
Kitty arrives at the Brownstone to find Watson playing loud music and sweeping for bugs. (♫ The Fixx - One Thing Leads to Another ♫) Relating that they don't know why Gephardt, a Middle East analyst with a hatred for Iran, is interested in the Kotite case, Kitty tells Watson that she didn't get a chance to let Holmes know that she's quitting detective work. Kitty also asks if she, Archie and Margaret can stay at the Brownstone. Called to the precinct by Holmes, having reviewed all the Kotite trial materials, he theorizes that those involved in the trial witnessed a DIA secret which resulted in Gephardt killing them. Having reached out to Scotland Yard for files of any noteworthy occurrences around the courthouse, Holmes plans to visit the law firm that defended Kotite, Farrell & Putnam, while Watson sees Cy's wife, Kate.

S05E16-Kitty Watson Holmes precinct
So, in other words, you don't have anything.
Waiting at the law firm, Holmes has deduced that Kitty will be quitting investigative work which Kitty believes has angered him. Shown into the office of one of the firm's partners, Sydney Garber, he's incredulous when told that those in the trial are being killed and refuses to give them the firm's files on the case. He does reveal that Kotite's defense lawyer, Tom Saunders, was a paranoid schizophrenic who was prone to raving when off his meds. At the Durning's, Kate shows Watson a box of audio tapes Cy recorded of many of his trials, including Kotite's. Intending to write a book before he died, using the trials as reference material, Kate gives Watson the tapes. Having settled in at the Brownstone, Kitty and Watson warn Margret that she shouldn't let Archie play with several items she finds in a dollhouse Holmes uses to recreate crime scenes.

S05E16-With Garber
It was the best kept secret at the firm.
Watson plays one of Cy's tapes for Kitty in which at pre-trial, Saunders can be hear ranting about Chinese astronauts, gold beneath the pyramids and a bomb flushed down the oldest toilet in Caracas. Believing one is the cause of the murders, they repeat the recording for Holmes in which Ms. Perth, a stenographer who only worked one day on the pre-trial, is mentioned. Discovering she too died mysteriously, Holmes believes the murders were done over the Venezuelan toilet bomb. Showing them that two days previously, a bomb went off in the bathroom of the Caracas National Library, narrowly missing the Venezuelan president, they're puzzled how Saunders knew this was going to happen three years ago. As the bombing resulted in re-election of the president, who was unpopular, Holmes believes that Gephardt is a rogue agent and used one of Farrell & Putnam's clients to assist him, which is how Saunders knew of the plot.

S05E16-Listening to tapes
Kotite died hours after the bombing occurred.
Breaking into the firm's office at night, while looking through their client files, Watson annoys Holmes with questions of his reaction to Kitty quitting detective work. Finding what they were looking for, they return to the Brownstone and show Kitty a cocoa contract. Instructions to revise it, referencing the date of the bombing, are written on the document in Garber's hand writing. With the DIA surveilling Holmes, Kitty and Watson surprise Garber in the parking garage of his firm's building. Accusing him of knowing about the bombing years before it occurred, he refuses to speak to them. Seeing a helmeted man on a motorcycle with an Uzi, Kitty kicks Garber in the groin, dropping him to the ground. The assassin fires and missing them, speeds away. Joined by Holmes and Captain Gregson at the 11th Precinct, Garber explains that his college roommate, Alberto, is now the head of Venezuelan intelligence. Gephardt hired his firm to acquire the "Fidel Files", a treasure trove of secrets, from Alberto.

S05E16-Questioning Garber
Everything the Castros ever shared with their communist allies.
In exchange for the files, Gephardt agreed to carry out the toilet bombing when the time was right. Saunders consulted on the acquisition and after speaking of the bombing at the pre-trial, Gephardt assured Garber it wasn't a problem as the toilet bomb may not be used. Seeing that Gephardt is now trying to kill him, he gives them a USB drive that contains the Fidel Files. He received it from Alberto after the bombing and made a copy before giving Gephardt the original. Opening the files, Holmes indicates that Gephardt is acting without his superior's approval and that if they figure out how he intended to use them, they'll be able to deduce his next move. Reporting that the motorcycle used in the shooting was found, Detective Bell and Watson attend the scene. Finding dyed red hairs inside the helmet left on the handle bars, Watson believes that Gephardt was the motorcycle attacker.

S05E16-Holmes Gregon Kitty Watson
We'll have to look at them.
Receiving a text that Gephardt has released a video on the Internet, they watch as Gephardt announces he's acquired the Fidel Files and provides open access to them. Indicating he's in Jakarta and that he's taken lives to get the files, he justifies his actions in the name of national security. Knowing that Gephardt was the motorcycle attacker and that he couldn't have flown to Jakarta in the time since the attack, Watson believes he may still be in New York. At the Brownstone, while watching newscasts on the files, Holmes indicates he's focusing on recent information added to them. Commenting on the futility of determining Gephardt's next move from the files and seeing little response from Holmes, Kitty accuses him of being upset she's quitting detecting. Holmes reveals he's hurt that Kitty never contacted him in the two years they've been apart, not even to tell him about Archie.

S05E16-Kitty Holmes TVs
I thought that what we had was meaningful.
Hearing a news report that one of videos in the files shows that Iran has a secret nuclear weapons program, Kitty comments she didn't see the video in the copy Garber gave them. Realizing Gephardt's motive, Holmes says he added it to the copy posted on-line, hoping it'll result in the US attacking Iran. Watching the video with Watson, in which the Farsi word "kami" is heard, they see that by adding it to the Fidel Files, authenticity is lent to the video. Proposing to get a confession from Gephardt, a news report shows that Gephardt is in a stand-off with federal agents at his mother's home. Meeting Gregson at the scene, where the stand-off has ended with Gephardt taking two bullets to the shoulder, the FBI has taken control of the home. Sneaking in by wearing an NYPD jacket, Holmes confronts Gephardt and demands he admit the video is fake. Refusing and claiming to be a patriot, FBI agents escort Gephardt out and demand that Holmes leave.

S05E16-Gephardt shot
I did my country a service. I showed them the truth.
Seeing a dog with the nametag "Kammie", Holmes asks if the home has a basement. Later, meeting NSA Agent McNally close to where the DIA dropped him off, Holmes gives McNally a file that proves Gephardt faked the Iran video. Explaining that he made the video in his mother's basement and the word "Kammie" heard on the video was his mother calling her dog in the background, Holmes warns McNally that he's also sent the information to media outlets and other intelligence agencies. Assuring Holmes that the NSA is on his side, McNally refuses to reveal where Gephardt is being held and leaves. Receiving a text from Kitty to come to St. Mark's church, she apologizes for not contacting him after she left NYC. Holmes reminds her that he vowed they'd always be friends to which she counters that they're more than that, they're family. (♫ Band of Horses - Whatever Wherever ♫) Beckoning him inside, Holmes sees that Archie is to be christened and that he and Watson are to be Archie's godparents.

S05E16-Watson Archie Margaret
We'll figure it out together.



  • Holmes reminds Kitty of his assurance that no matter what she does, they'll always be friends.[1]


But he looked like I'd just brought a ten-pound spider into his home.

— Kitty describing Holmes first seeing Archie

Look, Sherlock is a grouch okay? Nobody knows that better than me.

— Watson



  1. Season 3, episode 12: "The One That Got Away"