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"I should have realized sooner what Michael really was. I was a shadow of myself when he first engaged me, but now I am restored. He's made a grave mistake in returning."
— Holmes
At the Brownstone, Holmes wakes Watson who is sleeping in a chair in a room containing the wreckage of a helicopter. He's solved the case that caused the wreckage in which a Chilean communist professor was thrown out of the helicopter after he stabbed the pilot. Leaving for a support group meeting at a church, Holmes finds police at the location and a murdered woman which he recognizes as the work of Michael Rowan. Later with Watson and Captain Gregson on the scene, the victim is identified as Rachel Garner but unlike Rowan's other victims, he didn't take anything from her. There's no evidence that Rowan killed her but Holmes smells a pool sanitizer, Baquacil, in her hair. He tells Gregson that the church is where he met Rowan and the murder is meant for him. FBI Agent Kim Mallick is waiting outside and wrongly accuses Gregson of not informing her of the murder. Insisting that the FBI take lead and the case be handled properly, Holmes is defiant.

S06E20-Crime scene
He probably picked her up in a bar.
At the 11th Precinct, Gregson and Mallick argue in his office while Detective Bell tells Watson that the FBI loosening their surveillance of Rowan may have led to Garner's murder. A singing telegram man brings balloons and a message from Everyone to Watson. (♫ Hall & Oates - Private Eyes ♫) A man who has helped Rowan in the past, William Bazemore, recently withdrew just less than $10,000 to avoid being flagged by the IRS. Bell and Watson visit Bazemore who isn't helpful and doesn't believe Rowan killed Garner. After pressuring him, Bazemore shows them that the money was for his maid and says he won't tell them if he sees Rowan. At the Brownstone, Watson reports their failure with Bazemore to Holmes while he reports the same after talking to Garner's mother. Called to the precinct, they discover that Rowan has turned himself in and insisted on talking only to Holmes.

S06E20-Balloon singer
Private eyes, they're watching you.
In "the box", Rowan confirms that he heard from Bazemore that the police were looking for him. Holmes tries to get Rowan to confess to murders of multiple women and shows him their pictures but Rowan is only interested in helping find who killed Garner. When Holmes won't oblige, Rowan leaves but says he's available if Holmes wants his help with Garner as he's back in NYC for good. Discussing the events in the box, Mallick notes that FBI agents will be tailing Rowan. Gregson notes that he's tried to get a warrant to bug Rowan's home but the judge wouldn't allow it. Noting that Rowan didn't like it when Holmes mentioned Bazemore, Watson and Bell offer to question Bazemore's neighbors as he has a hot tub that may have been the scene of Garner's murder.

S06E20-Rowan Holmes in box
You have a new case. Maybe I could help.
Speaking to a neighbor, Seth Dwyer, he doesn't recognize Garner but does remember Rowan. He says that Bazemore and his husband Ray had drug problems and got clean together. When Ray relapsed, they met Rowan at a meeting. Ray died and Rowan helped keep Bazemore sober. Before leaving, Watson asks how Ray died. In the parking garage at Rowan's work, Holmes surprises Rowan and warns him what he's up against. Rowan believes Holmes should be thanking him for the time he allowed Holmes to get better and, tells Holmes that whoever killed Garner hated her. At the Brownstone, Watson tell Holmes that Ray committed suicide by hanging and left an email note. However, they believe that Rowan strangled Ray to protect Bazemore's sobriety and staged the hanging. From his encounter with Rowan in the garage, Holmes mentions that Rowan had a unique sobriety key chain that he recently bought. With Everyone's help, he's found that the key chain was delivered to an address in Albany.

S06E20-Parking garage
I think you're a monster, not an idiot.
Holmes anonymously tips the police off to Rowan's Albany residence so Gregson sees Judge Marilyn Whitfield for a search and surveillance warrant. Having denied his previous attempt, Gregson has to do a lot of convincing before Whitfield grants a search only warrant. At Rowan's Albany house, Bell discovers a room filled with photos of woman Rowan was stalking. Holmes notices Rowan's reflection in one photo that also shows an Albany bank sign with the same date and time that Garner was killed in NYC. At the precinct, Holmes and Bell report their findings to Mallick and also say that the bank's ATM camera showed Rowan driving away. Since many of the details of how Rowan killed women weren't publicly known, they believe that a copycat in law enforcement killed Garner. Watson visits Bazemore to show him indications that Ray was murdered by Rowan. Bazemore is willing to help but says he needs time to think.

S06E20-Michael photo room
I think he was shopping for new victims.
At the precinct, Holmes has looked at everyone who worked on any of Rowan's crimes and their families without finding a suspect. Gregson suggests they visit Garner's workplace. Holmes finds that Garner's desk drawer was broken into and Gregson sees that a partner in the company she works for is the husband of Judge Whitfield. Holmes and Gregson confront Whitfield whose husband admits that he was having an affair with Garner and, the pool at Whitfield's home uses Baquacil. Gregson appeals to Whitfield to confess as the copycat murder of Garner will make it harder to prosecute Rowan and bring justice to his victim's families. Watson's in the basement of the Brownstone when Holmes calls her that Whitfield took a plea deal. As she takes down the evidence wall on Garner's case, Rowan appears behind her and strikes her in the face. Angry that she met with Bazemore, he tells her that Bazemore overdosed afterwards and, that he did kill Ray.

S06E20-Michael hits Watson
Been wanting to meet you for a long time, Joan.
After Rowan kicks her several times, Watson drags herself upstairs. Rowan follows, and looks at pictures of himself on the evidence wall. Unable to escape via the front door, which Rowan has secured with rubber tubing, Watson locks herself in the room with the helicopter wreckage. Grabbing the rotor which has a jagged end, she stabs Rowan in the shoulder when he smashes a hole in the door. Carefully proceeding downstairs, she finds a blood trail and that Rowan has fled. In a hospital, a doctor reports that Watson has two broken ribs but no concussion. Gregson arrives and says that Rowan evaded the FBI by disappearing into a crowd in Times Square before going to the Brownstone. Police haven't been able to find him and Gregson assigns two officers to protect Watson who Holmes says will be going to her parent's house. Grim with determination, Holmes nods to Watson that he'll find Rowan.

S06E20-Watson with propeller
Don't mess with Watson.
The next day at the precinct, Gregson and Bell are co-ordinating the manhunt for Rowan, with no success. Bell suggests having police call airports and bus lines as Rowan has probably escaped the city. Gregson receives a call from Agent Mallick who says that they've found Rowan. As Holmes scrubs Rowan's blood from the Brownstone stairs, Gregson calls to report that Rowan is dead. (♫ Wieb Zigtema - The Killhersong ♫) Beaten to death, his body was dumped in a garbage transfer station. Indicating that he'll come to the scene, Gregson says he can't. The FBI considers Watson the prime suspect in Rowan's murder and is demanding she surrender herself.

S06E20-Michael dead
We found Michael Rowan.


  • Hall & Oates - Private Eyes is sung by the singing telegram man who brings Watson balloons from Everyone.
  • Wieb Zigtema - The Killhersong plays at episode end as Holmes receives a call from Gregson that Michael is dead and Watson is the chief suspect.


  • Marilyn Whitfield is the judge who previously denied Gregson a warrant to surveil Michael Rowan.[1]


Sherlock. If you say sorry I'm going to break one of your ribs. Just find him.

— Watson



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