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"Fly Into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing"
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Season: Five — Episode: 21
Director: Guy Ferland — Writer: Bob Goodman — Aired: April 30, 2017 — Viewers (millions): 4.79
Summary: Holmes and Watson search for the suspect believed to be behind both the assault on Chantal, and her ex-husband's staged suicide. Detective Bell fights the urge to seek his own brand of justice for Chantal and Holmes makes a heartbreaking realization about Bell.


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There's that disappointment again. "Vengeance interruptus."
— Holmes to Bell
After Detective Bell finds Chantal beaten and unconscious in her apartment, Captain Gregson and Holmes meet him at the hospital. Saying that she has various injuries including a skull fracture, she's being kept sedated and treated for inter cranial bleeding. Having examined Chantal's apartment, Holmes reports her attacker broke in through a window and urinated on her bed. Given the problems that Chantal's ex-husband Roy Booker has been giving Bell of late, he's convinced that Booker is responsible for the assault. After Gregson takes Bell aside to calm him down, Holmes tells Bell that he well understands his need for vengeance and that he'll investigate while Bell tends to Chantal. Booker is brought to the 11th Precinct with his lawyer Ardy Gulbenkian and accused being Chantal's attacker.

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She was unresponsive when they brought her in.
Angrily protesting his innocence, he provides an alibi, that he was surveilling a man at the Birchwood Grove Country Club for a law firm he works for as an investigator. Told that his DNA will be tested to see if it matches the urine, he makes a threaten that they better not be trying to unlawfully pin the attack on him. Planning to visit the country club to obtain their video footage to check Booker's alibi, Gregson warns Holmes that the club is notorious for not cooperating with the police. At the hospital, Watson meets Bell who confesses that his mother was in a severe accident when he was a kid. Hating hospitals ever since, Watson offers to watch Chantal while he takes a break. As Bell leaves Chantal's room, he sees Booker coming off the elevator. Getting into an altercation, they both accuse each other of attacking Chantal. A police officer escorts Booker out who yells that Bell is going to rig the DNA results.

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Angry people make mistakes.
At the country club, the manager denies Holmes' request for their surveillance videos until he tells her that a man she showed around the club was an actor dressed to resemble a major criminal. Threatening to release photos of his visit to police, she gives Holmes the video to avoid embarrassment. At The Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that the urine DNA was a match for Booker and that neither police nor his lawyer can locate him. Showing her the club's video, they see that Booker's alibi checks out. Concluding that someone is framing Booker, Gregson calls that Booker shot himself in the head inside his car. At the precinct, Bell, Gregson, Holmes and Watson discuss Booker's suicide. Having found gunshot residue on his hand but his autopsy showing he was drugged, they believe his suicide was staged. Traces of THC from marijuana use weeks before were also found. Knowing he could be a suspect, Bell is reassured by Gregson they won't waste time investigating him.

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Roy wasn't the type to kill himself.
While Watson examines Booker's car, Holmes secretly invites Bell to visit the law firm Booker was working for. Waiting in the firm's lobby, who specialize in findings assets hidden by spouses going through a divorce, Holmes comments that Bell seems disappointed that he wouldn't be able to get revenge on Booker. Meeting attorney Ted Winthrop, who is saddened to hear of Booker's death, he says Booker was surveilling Fyodor Ukhov, whose wife, Lara, he is representing. Unable to give them details of Lara's case, he does point out the divorce has received a lot of press.


  • River Matthews - Light the Way plays at episode end as Holmes explains why he intervened and helped Bell with the case and then invites him to an insect cuisine restaurant.


"I might be this extraordinary detective, but you are an extraordinary man. And that's a far more precious thing."
―Holmes to Bell


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