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"My point is that fear affects human geography."
— Holmes
A man on the phone walks past a park full of playing children. He picks up a soccer ball and while noting strange stitching on the ball, it explodes and kills him. On a skyscraper rooftop, as Holmes talks a murderer out of jumping, he reads a text that the Bensonhurst Bomber has struck again and talks about the bomber. Distracted by Holmes not caring about his situation, Watson is able to tase the man, who falls back onto the rooftop. At the bombing scene in Flushing, Captain Gregson and Detective Bell relate to Holmes and Watson that the bomb was made from bleach and potassium chloride, the bomber's recipe, and detonated remotely but nearby. Holmes sees a suspicious man in the crowd of on-lookers and as he approaches, the man runs. Holmes gives chase along the waterfront and the man jumps over a taxi with Holmes in close pursuit.

S05E01-Gardner Holmes ledge
Not talking to you.
As the man runs across a street, Holmes follows but is struck by a sedan and loses the man. Holmes backtracks to the taxi and stops the driver from leaving. As Bell and Watson arrive on the scene, he explains that the man put his hand on the taxi's hood which will give them his fingerprints. At the Brownstone, Holmes points out that Watson has been working with him for nearly five years and to her annoyance, wonders if their work fulfils her. Receiving a text that a man matching the fingerprints has been found, they head for the 11th Precinct. In "the box", an ex-con, Nathan Resor, has a weak alibi as to his whereabouts when the bomb went off. Having been recently released from prison, it's noted that there were no bombings when he was incarcerated. Insisting that he takes many taxis working as a real estate developer, and that he's not the man who Holmes chased, he's released.

S05E01-Holmes hit by car
What, are you nuts?!
In a gym, a cocky boxer spars with a partner and then taunts a felon who is working as a janitor. Taking many insults with no reply, the felon whispers to the sparring partner who moments later, knocks the cocky boxer out. Outside the gym, Watson greets the janitor, Shinwell Johnson. Having just been released from the same prison Resor was at, Watson explains the bombing case. Shinwell didn't know Resor well in prison but Watson leaves her card in case he remembers anything. Watson leaves and Shinwell calls someone to report Watson's visit. Resor confronts Holmes as he goes through Resor's trash. Holmes believes Resor is the bomber due to a fire in one of Resor's buildings that resulted in a large insurance payout. At the precinct, Watson and Gregson question Resor's ex-wife, Elizabeth. Convinced that Resor isn't the bomber, she also says that he's been extremely busy working on a new development project and wouldn't have time to be the bomber.

S05E01-Watson approaches Shinwell
I could be dead.
Shinwell arrives at the Brownstone and has a tense conversation with Holmes while waiting for Watson. Holmes confirms that Shinwell was a drug dealer whose life Watson saved after he was shot five times. When Watson arrives, he says he found out that Resor was very close to a Clay Fielder when in prison and they should question him. He then asks Watson how she changed careers as he desires to change his life. At the precinct, Fielder confirms that he works for Resor but denies that Resor is the bomber and believes he's being bullied into providing a false confession. At the Brownstone, Holmes ponders why the bomber has changed his target area from Bensonhurst to Flushing and asks Watson why she's taken an interest in Shinwell. Watson gives details how she saved Shinwell's life and that she's proud of the surgical work she did. Again, Holmes believes she misses being a surgeon which annoys Watson.

S05E01-Shinwell gives info
Those kind of guys, they tell each other stuff.
They receive a call from Gregson of another explosion in Flushing that fits the bomber's M.O. Since Resor has been under police observation, he couldn't have planted the bomb. Holmes believes Resor is working with a partner and with Watson, they break into Fielder's house. While examining a playroom in Fielder's house with a model train diorama, he explains that Fielder used to live near the site of the original bombing. Watson confesses that she misses helping people, including when she was Holmes' sober companion. Holmes points out that they do help people, just in a different manner. Holmes finds a box under the train set that contains bomb making equipment. In "the box", Fielder is told that the equipment at his house matches that used in the latest bombings and that he's going back to jail. He confesses to being the bomber and says he has a bombing partner who isn't Resor.

S05E01-Bomber train set
This is cover for Cray Fielder's bomb-making equipment.
Offered special consideration for information on his partner, Fielder refuses and indicates that there are 20 more bombs planted in Flushing. He says that his partner will continue to plant bombs in Flushing but Holmes believes Fielding is lying about Resor not being his partner. At the Brownstone, Watson tell Holmes that police are searching Flushing but haven't found any bombs. Holmes notes that no only did the location of the bombings change but that Fielder's threat changes when the bombs are planted and how they are set off. Watson believes Fielder is doing this for notoriety while he's in prison. Bell calls that Resor won the bid for his development over a competing bid in Queens. Watson looks up where in Queens and discovers the competing bid was in Flushing. They realize the motivation behind the bombings was financial.

S05E01-Fielder in box
Flushing is never gonna be safe. Never.
In "the box", Holmes gives Fielder several examples from history in which fear changed people's living habits. Pointing out that the bombings in Flushing caused Resor's competitors to pull out of the development bid, Fielder again denies working with Resor and that his motivation for bombing is compulsion. After revealing that they know Fielder's true motivation is that his family will receive a share of the development deal profits from Resor, Bell informs Fielder that Resor's development contract has been voided due to the bombing plot. With no payday for his family, Fielder gives up Resor who is arrested. Watching Resor, Holmes comments to Watson the good they've accomplished and how hard it is for felons to reform. (♫ SYML - The War ♫) Later, Watson visits Shinwell at the halfway house he is staying at and offers to go for a walk and talk about improving his life. Shinwell gets his coat and puts away a pistol he drew when he heard the knock on his door.

S05E01-Fielder finale
Come for the shopping. Stay for the fiery death.



  • Holmes tell Shinwell that he's been shot five times. The cause of four wounds are unknown, the fifth being a bullet wound to the left shoulder inflicted by Isaac Proctor.[1]
  • Holmes quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson when he says "trust your instincts, though you can render no reason."
  • Early in the episode, when Sherlock tells Mr. Gardner that he could hurt someone if he jumps, he indirectly alludes to the events of "Up to Heaven and Down to Hell," when the victim of the case investigated in said episode landed on an innocent bystander.


I'm merely observing that reentry into society is no mean feat. For the truly evil, the path back to prison is as inevitable as the sun rising in the east. But for the others, some of them just need a little help.

— Holmes



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