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"You're gonna see me again, you can count on it. Only this time, you're gonna be the one coming back to me. To where I am."
— Oscar to Holmes
Seeing a client in her office in the basement of the Brownstone, Watson hears constant crashing from the floor above. In his bedroom, one of Holmes' experiments involves the dropping of many pans which Watson interrupts. A call from Captain Gregson beckons Holmes to the 11th Precinct where he meets two detectives, Demps and McShane. They show Holmes photos of Maria Gutierrez, who went missing three years previously, and whose body was just found. Holmes is able to determine several details of Maria's life from the photos which prompts the detectives to ask if he knew her. Denying it, Holmes realizes he's a suspect. They show him a note written to Maria the day she died which he confirms is his hand writing. Still denying he knew her, Holmes tells them of his prolific drug use three years before which caused blackout and memory loss. The detectives are skeptical and Gregson asks them to leave.

S03E16-Holmes interrogated
I have no memory of writing to her.
At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson what transpired at the precinct and speaks of his copious drug use three years previously. He's uncertain how he's involved in Maria's death which depresses him. Watson is confident that he didn't kill Maria and though Holmes promised Gregson he won't investigate, Watson insists she will. Watson begins by questioning Maria's sister Claudia who doesn't want to talk to her and doesn't know how Maria and Holmes knew each other. Holmes sees Oscar Rankin, a junkie who frequented the Brownstone during the time Maria disappeared. Rankin claims to have no memory of Maria. On his way home, Holmes calls Watson whose only lead is Maria spent a lot of time working at her church's soup kitchen. She indicates Detective Bell is obtaining a list of those who frequent the kitchen in hopes of finding a suspect. Hanging up, Holmes is called by name and then savagely beaten by two men.

S03E16-Holmes Rankin in diner
Yes, well time flies when you're on heroin.
At a hospital with Watson, Holmes assures her and the doctor that he's fine. During the beating, he pick-pocketed one of the attackers, who is Maria's brother, Prentice, from the ID in the wallet. Holmes discovered Prentice was arrested for burglary a month before Maria disappeared and posits that may be the reason she wanted to hire him. The next day, Watson and Holmes confront Prentice at the garage he works at. Holmes returns his wallet and indicates he doesn't care about the beating, he just wants to help find Maria's killer and asks who committed the burglary Prentice was charged with. Prentice refuses to help until Holmes offers to allow Prentice to smash his hand with a wrench in exchange for co-operation. Tempted, Prentice doesn't use the wrench and confesses that he was the burglar and Maria knew so she didn't see Holmes about that. He does say that she worked in the building of a councilman, Barclay, and someone there was hitting on her, but the person had an alibi.

S03E16-Holmes Watson at garage
I told the police after she went missing.
Waiting to see Councilman Robert Barclay at his office, Holmes sees many photographs of him with police and speculates that the investigation into his office may have been superficial. Barclay knows that Holmes is under investigation for Maria's murder but impressed with his work with the NYPD, provides them with everything he gave the police in 2011. Saddened over Maria's murder, he confirms that a staffer, Tom Graves, hit on Maria but video shows Graves was out of state when she went missing. At the Brownstone, devoid of suspects, Holmes creates an evidence wall that includes a photo of himself from 2011. Annoyed with his self-pity, Watson scolds him but he forcefully says she does not know who he was when he was a junkie. He's also concerned that his drug use may have resulted in negligence which led to Maria's death. Bell sends a list of those that frequented the soup kitchen Maria worked at in 2011 and Holmes see Rankin's name on the list.

S03E16-Robert Barclay
I have a sense for how you work.
With Watson, Holmes breaks into Rankin's apartment and throwing Rankin against a wall, demands to know why he lied to him about not remembering Maria. Rankin sneers that Holmes did kill Maria and that despite being sober, Holmes isn't a better person than him. Rankin threatens that if he doesn't leave him alone, he'll tell the police. At the Brownstone, Watson plans to tell Gregson about Rankin and have him brought in for questioning. However, Holmes believes that Rankin thinks he is telling the truth and won't crack under police questioning. Detectives Demps and McShane arrive and arrest Holmes. The next day at the precinct, Watson learns from Gregson that a witness came forward who said that Holmes threatened Maria days before she disappeared. Believing the witness is Rankin, Watson confronts him at his apartment but he's genuinely concerned that Holmes has been arrested as he thinks he'll be implicated in Maria's murder too.

S03E16-Watson Holmes Rankin
This is not over.
Saying he has proof Holmes killed Maria, he leads Watson into an abandoned building. Confessing he did know Maria from the soup kitchen and had bragged to her about being Holmes' friend, she came to him one day asking for Holmes' help. She didn't tell Oscar what the problem was but he arranged for her to meet Holmes. After the meeting, he found Holmes heavily drugged and then he shows her a bloody shirt that he found with Holmes. Scared that the police would arrest him if they knew he set up the meeting, he hid the shirt in case Holmes came after him for Maria's disappearance. Looking at the shirt, Watson calls the precinct and tells Rankin that it will help exonerate Holmes. Watson meets Holmes and showing him the shirt, she believes it's from a crime that Maria saw and she brought it to Holmes, instead of the police, as she was in the US illegally.

S03E16-Watson Rankin
I was a bum, and she talked to me.
Watson says that Bell and Gregson are searching for stabbing deaths around the time Maria disappeared but as Holmes examines the shirt closely, he says he's seen one just like it before and knows who is behind Maria's murder and the bloody shirt. Bell, Gregson and Watson meet Councilman Barclay at his office where he denies knowing an Eddie Bynum, the witness who told police that Holmes had threatened Maria. A foreman for a construction company that Barclay had given a lot of business to, they indicate his testimony was likely coerced. They also ask him about Kelsey Prior, who was stabbed to death in 2011. Barclay admits she was the wife of a friend who they accuse him of having an affair with. When she tried to break it off, he stabbed her and returned to his office where Maria saw him wearing a bloody shirt. She retrieved the shirt from a dumpster and brought it to Holmes.

S03E16-Confronting Barclay
You stabbed her to death.
Traces of the killer's blood was found at the scene of Prior's murder which Watson says they will be checking against Barclay's. Later at the Brownstone, Holmes has been freed and Watson tells him that Barclay confessed to both murders. When Barclay thought of destroying the bloody shirt and couldn't find it, he realized Maria had taken it, lured her back to the office with the promise of helping release Prentice from prison, and killed her. Holmes is still disappointed in himself for not preventing Maria's death. Telling Watson he's going outside for a walk, he meets Rankin on a street corner. Encouraging him to quit heroin, Holmes provides Rankin with a paid reservation at Hemdale as he feels somewhat responsible for Rankin's condition. (♫ Barbarossa - Dark Hopes ♫) However, Holmes has very harsh words for Rankin and threatens that if he ever sees him again, Rankin must be prepared to make reparations. Rankin is defiant and says they will meet again and when they do, Holmes will need his help.

S03E16-Maria G
You thought of Maria.


  • Barbarossa - Dark Hopes plays as Holmes tells Oscar that he's reserved a spot for him at Hemdale.


  • Councilman Robert Barclay mentions the administrative hearing held to determine if Holmes and Watson could continue their relationship with the NYPD.[1]


But let me make one thing perfectly clear. You did not know him. You never met him.

— Holmes regarding his addict self



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