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What Deputy Commissioner Da Silva wants, he gets.

— NSA Agent Dean McNally, "All in the Family"

Frank Da Silva is the Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Demographics Unit, a counter-terrorism division.


Season 2[]

Da Silva introduces himself to Detective Bell in Captain Gregson's office at the 11th Precinct. He praises Bell while acknowledging that he might be assigned to a desk job for the remainder of his career and offers him a position with his division.[1] Bell accepts Da Silva's offer and is assigned to look into a tip of a suspicious person at a chemical recycling facility. Bell discovers a body in an oil drum which Joan Watson identifies as a former mob member "Handsome Bobby" Pardillo, son of mob boss Robert Pardillo Sr. Handsome Bobby went into hiding decades before. In order to irk Bell, Holmes questions Da Silva about the tip and offers his and Watson's services at Demographics. Holmes finds that information on Handsome Bobby's whereabouts was provided by the NSA to Da Silva. When he and Watson reveal this to Bell, Bell thinks they are trying to smear his new boss.

S02E13-Da Silva assigning tasks
You have fun.
Bell asks Da Silva about the tip and later, goes into his office and finds evidence that Da Silva was behind Handsome Bobby's murder. Da Silva has been keeping evidence of Robert Pardillo's crimes but in his early days as a cop, Da Silva was on the mob's payroll. Da Silva had Handsome Bobby killed and found by Detective Bell in order to start a mob war that would result in Pardillo Sr.'s death so that Da Silva's past crimes would be buried. Bell, Holmes and Watson plan a trap for Da Silva. Bell lies that Pardillo Sr. was linked to a recent crime and will be arrested when found. This ruins Da Silva's plans who lures Pardillo Sr. to a boat where he plans to shoot him. Just before Da Silva approaches the boat, a police team move in and arrest Da Silva while an angry Pardillo screams at him. Da Silva strikes a deal to testify against the Pardillos in exchange for being jailed in a minimum facility prison for the remainder of his life.[2]

S02E13-Da Silva arrested
You rat bastard!


  • Shauna Scott compares her work for Internal Affairs to Bell turning in Da Silva.[3]


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