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"I wanted you know I appreciate everything you did for me. You're the best boss I ever had."
— Detective Novacek to Gregson
In the bullpen at the 11th Precinct, Captain Dwyer welcomes Captain Gregson back to duty in front of his command. In Gregson's office, Detective Bree Novacek tells Gregson that she's leaving the NYPD. Gregson is concerned given Novacek's excellent record and that she's close to her retiring. Ridley Dineen returns to his apartment with a bag full of cash and calls his girlfriend Janice over to celebrate. Janice arrives and finds a trail of cash leading to Ridley's bedroom. She finds him dead, laying half-naked in bed on top of many bills. At the Morgue while viewing Dineen's body, Detective Bell tells Holmes and Watson that Dineen robbed other criminals. Dr. Hawes notes Dineen died of an overdose, which he believes was fentanyl. Bell and Holmes argue whether Dineen was poisoned by touching fentanyl-laced cash while Bell reports that blood was found on Dineen's gun.

S07E07-Gregson Dwyer shield
We had one made special just for you.
At the precinct, Janice tells Gregson and Watson that Dineen was given a tip about the cash being in a stash house, but doesn't know who gave it to him. She also says Dineen never used drugs. Bell and Holmes find nothing at Dineen's apartment but Holmes notices cat hair everywhere yet no signs of a cat. At the precinct, Watson reports to Gregson that no one turned up at any hospital with a gun wound from Dineen's weapon. Gregson tells her about Novacek leaving and asks Watson about Dwyer's conduct. Noting that Dwyer was on probation for a past sexual harassment complaint, Watson suggests Gregson confront Dwyer if he harassed Novacek. At the Brownstone, Watson brings Holmes a toxicology report on Dineen which confirms he died from a fentanyl overdose. Noting that the blood on Dineen's weapon wasn't identified, Holmes sees from the report that Dineen used an inhaler for cat allergies and heads back to Dineen's apartment.

He had a tip. Said it was from an old friend.
Meeting Bell, Holmes finds that the inhaler in Dineen's bathroom has an aerosolized fentanyl cartridge inside and concludes that Dineen was murdered. After analysis of the cartridge, Bell and Watson tell Gregson that Holmes recognized the chemical inside it as Kolokol-1, used by the Russian government in 2002 on Chechen rebels during a theater hostage taking. Believing Dineen may have been a Russian spy, Holmes heads to a school to speak to a past acquaintance, Olga Berezhnaya. A Russian spy, Olga once used being a stripper as her cover but has switched to being a first grade teacher. Informing Olga of Dineen's death by Kolokol-1, she doesn't know if he was a spy. In exchange for not exposing her, Olga agrees to find out who used the chemical on Dineen.

S07E07-Olga reading
I know your teacher is an excellent dancer.
Surprising Dwyer at a bar, Gregson asks him about Novacek while indicating that she never implicated Dwyer. Dwyer is furious and while not admitting to any misconduct, believes Gregson should be thankful for the work he did at the 11th. Bell calls Gregson that he's found the man Dineen shot, Cecil Troy. At the Morgue, Bell reports that Troy was found dead at his home and was an art restorer. No cash nor drugs were found at his home. At Troy-Kensit Labs, Bell, Holmes and Watson question Audrey Kensit who is shocked to learn of Troy's murder. She explains their lab developed a solvent which cleans antique art without damaging it. Holmes finds a burner phone in Troy's desk with texts messages revealing an address and a set of numbers. At the address, they find a robbed safe, Dineen's footprints and realize that Troy was the person who tipped Dineen off as to the fentanyl-laced cash.

S07E07-At robbery location
This must be the stash house.
At the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that Troy owned the property he sent Dineen to while Holmes has found Troy and Dineen were childhood friends. Puzzled why Dineen killed Troy and why Dineen was then killed with Kolokol-1, Holmes leaves to meet Olga. At a restaurant, Olga has a dossier and tells Holmes that Dineen wasn't a spy. Pointing to a window in a building across the street, Olga says that one of the scientists who developed Kolokol-1, Pasha Voynov, lives there. Having left Russia without the government's permission, Russian intelligence monitored him. Confirming he bought supplies in NYC to make Kolokol-1 but not knowing why, Olga says Voynov is a threat and that Russia can't have him sharing his knowledge with the US. Moving her kerchief, Voynov's apartment explodes.

S07E07-Promo still
Have you forgotten my new color-coding system?
At the precinct, Gregson asks Novacek if Dwyer had something to do with her leaving. Admitting he did, she doesn't want to report him as it would result in alienating all her police friends and she doesn't want the attention it would bring. At the Brownstone, as Watson looks through the dossier Olga provided, Holmes speculates that Voynov was brought to the US by the Russian mafia. He proposes they visit a contact at the DEA to determine if Voynov was part of the mafia's drug operation. While waiting at the DEA office, Watson sees a memo on a bulletin board about the DEA's new safety protocols for the handling of all contraband seized in drug raids, including cash. She says she knows who killed Dineen.

S07E07-Bree Novacek
Do you really think that's gonna change anything?
At Troy-Kensit Labs, Bell, Holmes and Watson accuse Audrey Kensit of being behind Dineen's murder with Cecil Troy. Their company won a contract to clean money seized by the DEA. However, several toxicologists insisted that money contaminated with drugs such as fentanyl couldn't poison people who handled it. After the contract was put on hold, Troy tipped off Dineen to the poisoned money and put the Kolokol-1 in his inhaler. Police would assume Dineen's overdose was from the money, which would be enough to convince the DEA to go forward with the contract. Bell serves Audrey with a warrant for access to her bank records and her cat in order to prove that she paid Voynov for the Kolokol-1 and, that it was hair from her cat which was strewn around Dineen's apartment. At the precinct, Novacek tells Gregson the details how Dwyer harassed her. (♫ Chase McBride - Find a Home ♫) Due to Gregson's encouragement, she's reported Dwyer. Gregson says that even though she's leaving, he'll always be there to support her.

S07E07-Audrey finale
Blame the dead man.




And who or what is Scrooge McDuck?

— Holmes



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