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You go where I go and that's it.

— Burke to Holmes and Watson, "Evidence of Things Not Seen"

Gary Burke is an FBI Agent that Joan Watson made contact with. She and Sherlock Holmes have worked cases with him on several occasions.


Season 4[]

After Holmes and Watson are suspended from working with the NYPD, Agent Burke calls them to consult on a triple homicide at a neuro-economics lab. Burke will only allow them to go where he goes. They provide input on the crime scene but he won't allow them to go to the victim's homes. They discover a Chinese spy, Dan Zheng, and Holmes is able to track him down. Zheng was framed by Alta Von See who had motive to discredit the head of DARPA to become its new head. They are able to find evidence that Von See killed those at the lab using a sonic pressure shield to incapacitate them (as she is crippled) and then shoot them.[1]

S04E02-Watson Burke Holmes shield
Burke and the sonic pressure shield.
In an on-going battle between Sherlock's father Morland and the new head of Moriarty's organization Joshua Vikner, Sherlock and Watson frame Vikner for a murder and Watson tips Agent Burke off with the evidence. Burke calls Watson to his office where he tells her that Vikner has disappeared and that the leak may have come from within the FBI. Later, Burke calls Sherlock and Watson to an abandoned power plant where an FBI team discover Vikner dead.[2]

S04E24-Sherlock Burke Watson
We've got a body here.


  • Holmes receives help from Agent Burke when he finds that the mother of SBK figurehead Bonzi Folsom owes back taxes.[3]


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