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So, how about we skip the pleasantries? You have something on me. We all know it. What do you want?

— General Alvero, "Uncanny Valley of the Dolls"

General Howard Alvero is an air force officer with an interesting way of relieving stress.


Season 6[]

While investigating the murder of a former Yakuza member, Holmes and Watson are arrested for trespassing on an unmarked Air Force missile control site. They discover the site is being used to test a replacement for the computer system that control missiles and that General Alvero was opposed to the replacement. When questioned at the 11th Precinct, Alvero shows pictures of himself being treated like a baby when the former Yakuza member was killed. He's present with many other officers when Holmes and Watson present that one of them killed the former Yakuza member.[1]

S06E06-Alvero in crib
These photos are of a sensitive nature.

S06E06-Air Force officers
This is outrageous.

When Holmes and Watson identify a research scientist, Ken Fukata, who has been taken by the US military but is needed for questioning in a murder case, they ask General Alvero to assist. Alvero feels compelled to help as they know his stress relief secret but he's assured that they are calling on him as "a friend" and promise to keep his secret. Alvero is able to provide Fukata for questioning.[2]

S06E16-Gen Alvero head shot
We do need a favor.


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