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And that would be bad for you, right? Getting your ass kicked by a consultant?

— Watson to Cortes, "All My Exes Live in Essex"

Gina Cortes is a detective in the Burglary Division, Coney Island and does not like Joan Watson.


Season 4[]

Emily Hankins asks Watson to meet her urgently and tells her that a police detective asked her many questions about Watson including if she is capable of committing crimes. The detective, Gina Cortes, holds a grudge against Watson because she believes she shouldn't be doing police work as a consultant and won't accept any of Watson's explanations. At Sherlock's advice, Watson handles the beef in the boxing ring with Cortes. Watson took many blows including a bloody eye but landed the last punch on Cortes, implying she knocked her out.[1]

S04E04-Cortes Watson boxing ring
You want to fight me?
Cortes asks Watson to help her find a suspect, Hector Mendoza, and despite their acrimony, Watson agrees. Watson looks into the case but Mendoza isn't wanted for any crime but is part of a gang. Cortes won't tell Watson why she wants to find him. Mendoza is found severely beaten and a witness saw a woman with long black hair at the scene leading Holmes to believe that Cortes is trying to frame Watson. Cortes reveals to Watson that Mendoza pistol whipped a girl for humiliating him on the basketball court, that she has brain damage but no one would press charges. Cortes admits to beating Mendoza and that Watson "gets it" as she and Holmes use methods outside the law. Later, Watson warns Cortes that if she does this again, Watson will prove her crimes. Cortes threatens Watson with the same.[2]

S04E11-Cortes Watson
You think he deserved less?


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