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"I did this for Ando. No one kills a yakuza but a yakuza."
— Go Shinura
At the 11th Precinct, Hannah arrives unexpectedly and asks to speak to Captain Gregson in private. Responding to a fire in a residence, firefighters find a man dead and his throat slashed. At the crime scene, Detective Bell reports that the man is Ando Azuma, he worked in I.T. and immigrated from Japan four years before. Knocked unconscious and tied up before being killed, the fire was then started to burn any evidence. Missing part of his left pinky, Watson notes that wound healed some time ago. Holmes confirms that Azuma was a retired member of the Japanese crime syndicate, the yakuza, and that he wore a prosthetic finger which is missing. At the Brownstone, Holmes greets Bethany Ito who is the only Japanese-speaking prosthetics technician in NYC. Ito confirms to Holmes and Bell that she made Azuma's prosthetic pinky but that it also contained a flash drive. She provides them with the dark web account that Azuma used to pay for the pinky.

S06E06-Watson Bell crime scene
This was about stealing a fake pinky?
Watson meets Gregson in his office where he tells her that Hannah is an alcoholic going through AA. He asks Watson's advice on how best to help Hannah. At the Brownstone, Watson arrives to find Mason trying to hack into Azuma's dark web account while Holmes speaks to a Japanese policeman on the phone. Holmes confirms that Azuma was a retired yakuza who specialized in industrial espionage and blackmail but retired members are forbidden to engage in criminal activities. Mason breaks into the account which doesn't contain much money but has regular payments into it from a Go Shinura who lives in NYC and is yakuza. Confronting Shinura at a sumo gym, he admits that he was paying a lost bet off to Azuma and wanted him dead. However, he wasn't permitted to kill him unless he proved to the yakuza that Azuma was engaging in criminal activities. He photographed Azuma breaking into an industrial compound, sent the pictures to Japan and was waiting for permission to kill him.

S06E06-Go Holmes Watson
He was protected, but if he violated that honor...
Having no knowledge of the pinky drive, he suggests they investigate the compound which he believes Azuma robbed. That evening at the compound, Watson recommends waiting until morning to talk to whoever owns it but Holmes breaks in, wanting to investigate without any restrictions. Soon after entering the building, they are confronted by Air Force security and arrested. In the morning, Gregson is able to free them and they are met at the precinct by Lt. Colonel Robin Deakins and Major Beckam. Holmes deduces that the compound is a nuclear missile command centre and asks if they killed Azuma. Beckam indicates that Azuma was hired to break in as part of a security assessment of a technology upgrade. Holmes indicates he knows a program is underway to modernize the nuclear missile command and control network from 1970's floppy disk technology. The officers didn't know about Azuma's pinky drive and are concerned that the upgrade plans may have been stolen.

S06E06-Holmes Watson on knees
You were right Watson.
Since the upgrade hasn't been implemented, the missiles are safe, however, if the data has been stolen, the upgrade would have to be redesigned and billions of dollars of effort would be lost. At the Brownstone, having been released by the Air Force, Watson reads the fire report which indicates that the fire was a cooking accident. Azuma was interrupted while frying with oil which caused the fire when the stove wasn't turned off after his death. She theorizes to Holmes that someone wanted the missile upgrade cancelled as the current legacy tech is hacker proof. Showing Holmes a blogger opposed to the upgrade who she believes is Air Force General Alvero she's asked Gregson to see if Alvero had any connection to the Air Force compound. Pressed by Holmes, Watson tells him about her conversation with Gregson about Hannah. Watson receives a text that Alvero is Deakins' boss so he is brought to the precinct for questioning.

S06E06-Deakins and Beckam
He had access to everything.
Alvero has embarrassing photos that gives him an alibi for when Azuma was killed. He points them to a provider of legacy tech to the Air Force, Eddy Dunbridge, whose business will fail when the upgrade goes through. Eddy takes senior Air Force officers to dinners and Alvero admits he told Eddy about Azuma. At her home, Hannah is told by her roommate Maddie Williams that a man hit her car and is waiting for her outside. The man is Michael Rowan who insists on paying for the damage and exchanges information with her. Bell meets Holmes at a boat yard as Holmes found Eddy owned a boat and from signs at his home, it looked like he packed and fled. Approaching a stack of stored boats, shots are fired which cause them to seek cover. Eddy calls out that he shot out the window of his boat so they could hear him. Claiming to have been attacked and tied up, he escaped, hid in his boat, but broke the exit door handle, trapping himself inside.

S06E06-Holmes Bell boat storage
They hit me on the head, then zip-tied me.
At the precinct, Holmes reports to Gregson that Eddy is recovering and appears to be a victim of Azuma's killer. Although Gregson doesn't welcome it, Holmes gives him advice on Hannah's condition that he needs to move past blame and make her recovery about her. Eddy recounts his escape story from his workplace where he is the only permanent staff. Bell believes he interrupted a robbery so Holmes and Bell accompany him to his office where he recreates the events. After being hit, he recalls hearing the photocopier being used and from the paper size, a ledger of floppy disk sales is identified. Eddy mentions that he deletes the disks before shipping them and that some of the disks in the ledger haven't been shipped yet. At the Brownstone, Watson finds Mason and Holmes working with legacy technology loaned to them by Eddy.

S06E06-Watson Mason Holmes legacy tech
I see you bought a new fridge while I was out.
Mason undeletes the disks and finds they are from a stationary company called "Crake & Rail." Having met with the fire marshal, Watson reports that Azuma's fire was definitely an accident, caused by him frying garlic and hot peppers. Commenting that the smell would have filled Azuma's home, Holmes says he knows why Azuma was killed and how they can find his killer. In a conference room at the precinct, numerous Air Force officers including Alvero, Deakins and Beckam are gathered. They are shown a floppy disk which contains half the recipe to make US currency paper stock. A second disk containing the rest of the recipe was sent to the Air Force compound where one of the officers discovered its value. Killing Azuma in order to have the upgrade delayed to buy time so the other disk wouldn't be destroyed, Eddy was then robbed to see where the other disk was sent. Feinting that he needs to eat, Holmes opens a container of durian which fills the room with a stench.

S06E06-Air Force officers
He could literally print money.
Deakins is the only person in the room that doesn't react to the stench. In "the box", Deakins only stays long enough to ask why they think she killed Azuma. They explain the killer wanted the Air Force to discover Azuma's pinky drive was stolen. A fire may have prevented this so the killer would have turned off the stove, but would have missed it without a sense of smell. Confirming she can't smell but not confessing to Azuma's murder, she leaves. Deakins meets Shinura at the sumo gym where he provides her with a passport with a new identity and $5M for the pinky drive. Deakins' motive for betraying the Air Force was being passed over for promotion. As Shinura asks how she bested Azuma, she finds the gym is full of police and is arrested. Shinura provides Bell and Holmes with the pinky drive and a recording of his conversation with Deakins in exchange for not investigating his off-shore bank account. Hannah arrives home to find Maddie dead. (♫ Sixto Rodriquez - Hate Street Dialogue ♫) Rowan is waiting in his car outside and as he hears Hannah scream, he drives away.

S06E06-Deakins caught
We are through?



  • Holmes speaks Japanese in this episode.


Wait, his pinkie is a thumb drive?

— Bell