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The past two days, our dad was murdered, our nanny was accused of the crime and our stepmom confessed to thinking about killing him. We're great.

— Graham Delancy, "Poison Pen"

Graham Delancy is the son of the late Titus Delancy. The senior Delancy harbored a brutal secret that Graham was forced to keep as well: child sexual abuse. Finding out his nanny, Anne Barker, is really acquitted killer Abigail Spencer, who murdered her own abusive father, he decided to end the abuse for good in hopes he and his family wouldn't pay the price.


Season 2[]

After Titus was poisoned with nitroglycerin and set up by a colleague to be humiliated by dressing in latex and calling a dominatrix Holmes knew, Mistress Felicia, as part of the setup, the squad start focusing on the family life to find possible killers and motives. They soon find Anne Barker, whose real name is Abigail Spencer, a once teenage girl who, unsurprisingly, also poisoned her father with nitroglycerin for being abused and got acquitted. Sherlock recognized her from their letters under his pen name "Sean" while the media was stalking her before she disappeared, which inspired him into the deductionist he became. She's an obvious suspect at first, but it's revealed despite her weak alibi, she was set up to take the fall. Graham is seen later once his mother admits to considering the poisoning once she hired a PI to find out about Spencer, using her own medicine as the weapon, but Graham, while playing basketball and disgruntled over the investigation's turnout and unwanted attention, insist Spencer really is the one responsible for the murder.

Graham Delancy Confrontation
You have a very understandable motive for wanting him dead.
He shows a video of his brother Zach showing Graham a parkour move that also captures Spencer and Titus altercating. This is quickly disproven once what the altercation was over is found: a missing tablet, revealing videos of Titus sexually abusing Graham. Graham is brought in with his family and legal representation, and when confronted with the content of the video, he shouts at his family to leave. The investigators tell the tearing Graham they know he bought the poison illegally, that they found his fingerprints on Spencer's PI folder and intended to frame her. Imploring him to confess to serve less time is cut short when Spencer falsely confesses to save Graham the charges. Despite Holmes' pleas, she sticks to her story and takes the fall. Later at a boardwalk, Holmes meets with Graham and says he'll be watched and brought to justice if he commits another crime. Holmes than asks if Graham's spoken to others, and when Graham says talking doesn't help much, Holmes offers his own ear to hear him out if he ever needs it.[1]

S02E04-Graham and Holmes by bridge
Have you spoken with anyone about what happened to you? I'm at your disposal.


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