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"Mr. Saldua, now obsessed with his own recovery, has taken to recording our sessions with his phone..."
Holmes speaking before the first green screen, "Pilot".

S04E12-Fake set
A typical "green screen."
Green screens show flashbacks, theories or previously unseen moments. Present in nearly every episode and liberally used in the first season, the moments are shown in a blurry, jerky format with a green hue. Many times, they show the perpetration of a crime or a key deductive moment. The following isn't an exhaustive list as some episodes contain multiple green screens. It was the idea of series creator Robert Doherty to create the green screens and they are the only sequences shot on film. Its first appearance is in the first season premiere, "Pilot."


S01E01-Saldua destroys washer green
Featuring: Peter Saldua

Spurred on by medication he believes is anti-depressants but is actually steroids, Peter Saldua destroys his washing machine after accidentally washing his phone.

S01E02-Yvette Ellison green
   "While You Were Sleeping"
Featuring: Yvette Ellison

Weak from being woken and placed in a drug-induced coma to avoid being a suspect, Yvette Ellison sits while murdering a half-sibling so that she can be the sole inheritor of a fortune.

S01E05-Baldwin green
   "Lesser Evils"
Featuring: Dr. Mason Baldwin

Having made a surgical mistake, Baldwin changes a chart to make the patient a target for Danilo Gura, an angel of death operating in his hospital.

S01E06-Barts cuts Cooper green
   "Flight Risk"
Featuring: Owen Barts and Charles Cooper

Owen Barts cuts Charles Cooper in the stomach before Cooper kills him, dumps his body in brackish water and then tries to frame him for causing a plane crash.

S01E07-Figeuroa green
   "One Way to Get Off"
Featuring: Sean Figueroa

Holmes realizes that Wade Crewes' accomplice is his son, Sean Figueroa, as he remembers seeing Sean in a shirt that matches the organization that staffs the prison library Crewes works at.

S01E08-Vanowen green
   "The Long Fuse"
Featuring: Heather Vanowen

Vanowen plants a pipe bomb in an air vent near the office of her employee Predip Singh who is blackmailing her. The bomb fails to explode so she kills Singh with a shotgun.

S01E09-Trent green
   "You Do It to Yourself"
Featuring: Trent and Jun Annunzio

Holmes theorizes how Trent Annunzio arranged his own murder to implicate his partner Jun and her rescuer, Brendan O'Brien. Part of his plan involved erasing sex tapes he'd forced Jun to perform.

S01E11-Silver kills Teri green
   "Dirty Laundry"
Featuring: Geoffrey Silver

A Russian Intelligence spy handler, Silver decides to kill one of his agents, Teri Purcell, so that Purcell's US born daughter will spy for Russia.

S01E14-Porn green
   "The Deductionist"
Featuring: Reggie and Cindy (Porn actors)

After Watson is threatened by her landlord with eviction from her apartment due to her sub-letter filming a porn movie in it, she's able to prove the landlord was at the filming by showing a radiator fix he made was in the film.

S01E15-Emily green
   "A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs"
Featuring: Emily Grant

From her severed finger, Holmes deduces that Rhys Kinlan's kidnapped daughter Emily is being kept near an Ethiopian restaurant.

S01E16-Paula Reyes green
Featuring: Officer Paula Reyes

After discovering that Detective Bell was responsible for tipping off Internal Affairs for her helping to plant drugs on a suspect, Reyes frames Bell in various ways including shooting his brother, Andre, her plan involving numerous guns she stole from a raid.

S01E17-Watt green
   "Possibility Two"
Featuring: Dr. Brian Watt

Suffering from a genetic disease, Watt creates a molecule and poisons rich philanthropists with the disease so their foundations would donate money to finding a cure.

S01E18-Gardner green
   "Déjà Vu All Over Again"
Featuring: Drew Gardner

Gardner gives Vivian Tully flowers then pushes her in front of a subway train to recreate a previous murder that motivated his wife to leave him. He then killed his wife and used the re-creation to explain her disappearance.

S01E20-Bloom green
   "Dead Man's Switch"
Featuring: Stuart Bloom aka HENRY8

Operating for years as Charles Milverton's "fail-safe" in his blackmailing business, Milverton kills Bloom by stepping on him while he's in the bath and drowning him.

S01E22-Katie Sutter green
   "Risk Management"
Featuring: Katie Sutter

Sutter witnesses the murder of her husband's sister. Decades later, the killer hasn't been found so she implicates an innocent man in order to save her husband from suicide, her husband later killing the man.

S01E23-Adler green
   "The Woman"
Featuring: Irene Adler

Holmes sees that Irene has had a mole removed from her back, meaning she's been lying about being captured and brainwashed by an uncaring kidnapper.

S02E02-Wayne Kaneshiro green
   "Solve for X"
Featuring: Wayne Kaneshiro

Having solved P vs. NP, which would defeat any computer security, Tanya Barrett hires Kaneshiro to write the code to steal from banks and, to change a restaurant's security footage time stamp in order to provide an alibi for murders she committed.

S02E04-Holmes Spencer green
   "Poison Pen"
Featuring: Holmes and Anne Barker

Watson deduces that from a tattoo on her wrist, Holmes recognized that nanny Anne Barker is actually Abigail Spencer, a woman he corresponded with in his teens who was acquitted of murdering her father.

S02E05-Lara Banin gun green
   "Ancient History"
Featuring: Lara Banin

After two Russian mobsters are unsuccessful at killing her husband Leo, Lara shoots at him as he is fleeing on his motorcycle, causing a crash that kills Leo and an innocent woman driving a van.

S02E06-James Munroe green
   "An Unnatural Arrangement"
Featuring: James Munroe

Realizing that an intruder in Cheryl and Captain Gregson's home used an app that displayed their house by mistake, Holmes warns the Captain to find the intended target, James Munroe.

S02E08-Gale stabs Tyler green
   "Blood Is Thicker"
Featuring: Natalie Gale

Having used her billionaire husband's estranged daughter, Haley, to create a toxin that will cause her husband, Ian's body to reject his heart transplant, Gale stabs Haley but doesn't plan on Haley falling off her apartment balcony.

S02E09-Bundsch green
   "On the Line"
Featuring: Lucas Bundsch

Having been cleared of a murder while taking a polygraph, Holmes catches Bundsch employing several counter-measures including putting deodorant on his hands. This and other signs leads Holmes to deduce that Bundsch is a serial killer.

S02E10-Hobbs shot gun green
Featuring: Dr. Phineas Hobbs

In order to cover up a drug trial gone wrong, Hobbs shoots Rada Hollingsworth with a shotgun, obliterating her heart, but the kickback from the shotgun cuts him, leaving blood at the scene.

S02E11-Weiss argues w Hauser green
   "Internal Audit"
Featuring: Donald Hauser and Jacob Weiss

His pyramid scheme revealed, Hauser lets Weiss know that he's leaked their embezzling scheme. Weiss covers this up by having Hauser tortured to discover the recipient of the information, and then has Hauser killed.

S02E14-Thomas kills Donnelly green
   "Dead Clade Walking"
Featuring: Dr. Jerome Thomas and Malcolm Turner

In order to conceal that he completed a dinosaur skeleton with bones bought on the black market, Thomas kills Turner (the "Magpie") and smashes a fossil that would discredit a textbook he co-wrote.

S02E15-Sharp kills Solange green
   "Corpse de Ballet"
Featuring: Nolan Sharp and Nell Solange

In order to create a media sensation that he'd be the star of, lawyer Nolan Sharp kills ballerina Nell Solange and arranges her body to be found bisected. He then leaks that another ballerina, Iris Lanzer, and Solange were having an affair.

S02E16-Forrester is bomber green
   "The One Percent Solution"
Featuring: Michelle Forrester

Forrester plants a bomb that kills her boss and wounds her, deflecting suspicion. With her bosses' job, she accesses the US Jobs Report and blackmails a bank CEO to make trades that will make her millions.

   "Ears to You"
Featuring: Sarah Cushing

Having left her husband, Gordon, and disappeared years before, Sarah has her new husband, a plastic surgeon, grow ears on her back, cut them off and then send them to Gordon with a ransom demand.

S02E18-Zickel kills Granger green
   "The Hound of the Cancer Cells"
Featuring: Hank Prince and Barry Granger

In order to temporarily lower his company's value in order to keep money from his wife who he was divorcing, Prince discredits his company's medical device, "The Hound" via an anonymous whistle-blower. He kills his chief scientist, Granger, and stages it as a suicide to lend credence to the discrediting.

S02E20-McIntosh kills brother green
   "No Lack of Void"
Featuring: Bart and Eugene MacIntosh

As part of an insurance fraud scheme using anthrax on his dairy farm, Bart kills Eugene once the anthrax that Eugene helped to create is discovered and tells police that Eugene planned to poison his cows as part of a terrorist plot.

S02E21-Ken Carlson green
   "The Man With the Twisted Lip"
Featuring: Kenneth Carlson

Investigating the use of a drone to kill a whistle-blower who worked for a large military contractor, Holmes arranges a meeting with a company executive and recognizes him as Kenneth Carlson.

S02E23-Shopping bags green
   "Art in the Blood"
Featuring: Arthur West

Holmes deduces that Arthur West, a former MI6 asset who was murdered, was being visited by his ex-wife Marion, who claimed to be out of touch with him, by shopping bags at Arthur's apartment.

S02E24-Khadem stoned green
   "The Grand Experiment"
Featuring: Nadir Khadem

Infuriated that Khadem has been having an affair with his wife, Iranian spy Julian Afkhami stones Khadem to death and then uses MI6 mole Tim Sherrington to make the motive for the murder appear political.

S03E01-Elspeth hides magnet
   "Enough Nemesis To Go Around"
Featuring: Kevin Elspeth

Elspeth murders a detective and the bookkeeper of drug cartel leader Elana March by placing steel slugs in an elevator and then pulling the slugs through them with a magnet. He hides the magnet in a shower bench which Watson discovers.

S03E05-Amit green
   "Rip Off"
Featuring: Amit Hattengatti

In a clever plot to deflect suspicion from himself and take over his boss's diamond business, Amit arranges for his boss's murder but Kitty realizes that office supplies used to wrap the money paid to the killer match those at the store Amit works at.

S03E06-Bray green
   "Terra Pericolosa"
Featuring: Margaret Bray

In order to move the location of a planned casino to land her family owns, Bray has Stuart Zupko steal an old map and then kills him. Bray has an altered forgery of the map created which she planned to invalidate the planned location of the casino.

S03E07-Jeremy Carpenter green
   "The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction"
Featuring: Jeremy Stevenson

Kitty realizes who killed a murder scene cleaner when she sees a photo of Raymond Carpenter after his conviction and sees Raymond's son, Jeremy, is the murder scene cleaner's building superintendent.

S03E08-Watson Bell green
   "End of Watch"
Featuring: Watson and Detective Bell

Watson notices fibres in the boot print of cop-killer Niko Buros. This clue is crucial in locating Buros and retrieving a consignment of weapons Buros stole from the police.

S03E10-Conway green
   "Seed Money"
Featuring: Barbara Conway and Clay Dubrovensky

Discovering that Clay Dubrovensky is sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Courtney Stever, Conway kills him with a blow to the head. She then burns him in a tire to place suspicion on a Colombian gang.

S03E11-Holmes green
   "The Illustrious Client"
Featuring: Sherlock Holmes

Believing that murderer and rapist Simon de Merville is hiding out in a boat, Garritsen Beach is unsuccessfully searched for him. However, when Holmes sees a boat trailer lined with artificial turf, he realizes de Merville is hiding in a boat parked in a previous neighbor's driveway.

S03E13-Brown attacks Horowitz green
Featuring: Conrad Brown and Steven Horowitz

After Horowitz forgives the debt of a man who owns a house that is the only hold-out in development of a ski resort, Brown, who is the lawyer for the developer and stands to lose millions, kills Horowitz.

S03E15-Holmes Watson green
   "When Your Number's Up"
Featuring: Holmes and Watson

While revealing evidence to Dana Powell in "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Watson says that Dana's husband Nick had brain cancer which she saw from a photo of him on the Internet. This provides the motive for Dana to orchestrate murders that would result in a fix-sum settlement from the airline whose plane crash Nick died in.

S03E16-Maria G
   "For All You Know"
Featuring: Maria Gutierrez

While cleaning the offices of councilman Robert Barclay, Maria sees him in a bloody shirt which she retrieves from a dumpster and gives to Holmes. Barclay lures her back to her office with the promise of help for her incarcerated brother and kills her.

S03E17-Ford green
   "T-Bone and the Iceman"
Featuring: Vance Ford

Dying of leukemia, Ford kills a relative, Jim Sullivan, who won't donate his bone marrow. Having left boot prints at the scene, he wears Sullivan's smaller shoes whenever questioned by police, which causes foot bruising and him to limp.

S03E19-Franken green
   "One Watson, One Holmes"
Featuring: Petros Franken

At the murder scene of Everyone member Errol White, aka "Species", Holmes finds a dyed red hair which he tells Detective Bell he can trace to another Everyone member, "Sucking Chest Wound", who he later identifies as Franken.

S03E20-Holmes green w Picasso
   "A Stitch in Time"
Featuring: Holmes

Holmes deduces that Collin Eisley kept an accomplice from admitting to murder and a scheme to give an advantage to his blind trust by paying him with a Picasso painting. Holmes notices the painting is missing from an earlier visit to Eisley's home.

S03E21-Ambulance shooting
   "Under My Skin"
Featuring: Wallace Turk

After watching a surveillance video of a man shooting ambulance staff and then taking the ambulance, Holmes is able to find the man, Wallace Turk, by seeing that he missed picking up a shell casing.

S03E23-Everett Keck green
Featuring: Everett Keck

Trying to prove that two entomology professors are responsible for Keck's murder and bee colony collapse disorder, Holmes realizes that Keck was sleeping with one of the professors from his t-shirt and his theology degree graduation robe.

S03E24-Rankin green
   "A Controlled Descent"
Featuring: Oscar Rankin

After Oscar kidnaps Alfredo and demands Holmes find his sister Olivia, Holmes finds transmission fluid and stone dust on Oscar's coat which leads Watson to find where Alfredo is being kept.

S04E01-Murillo green
   "The Past Is Parent"
Featuring: Juan Murillo

A former smuggler of immigrants who was responsible for the massacre of two girl's families decades before, Murillo is discovered by one of the survivors who confirms he now owns a restaurant in NJ and, plans to kill him.

S04E02-Von See green
   "Evidence of Things Not Seen"
Featuring: Alta Von See

In order to create a scandal that will result in the head of DARPA being discredited and her becoming the new head, physically disabled Von See uses a sonic pressure shield to incapacitate staff at DARPA, shoots them and then steals research.

S04E04-Abby Campbell green
   "All My Exes Live in Essex"
Featuring: Dr. Abby Campbell

Discovering her oncologist husband Nate is purposely misdiagnosing patients with cancer in order to fatten profits, Nate strangles Abby when she confronts him. He then processes her body into a skeleton.

S04E05-Ross killing green
   "The Games Underfoot"
Featuring: Eddie Ross and Vladimir Orlov

Hired by real estate owner Duncan Brice to burn one of his buildings for insurance money, Orlov also stabs and burns Ross who discovered barrels of toxic waste buried on a property Brice was selling.

S04E06-Wellstone and sniper green
   "The Cost of Doing Business"
Featuring: Pierre Gagnier and Bill Wellstone

After having a secret affair with one of his employee's wives, Wellstone discovers the wife is sleeping with a plumber. He sneaks a sniper rifle into a building in a golf bag which he gives to Gagnier, who then shoots 9 people, including the plumber, to mask that the plumber was the target.

S04E07-Cassie green
   "Miss Taken"
Featuring: Cassie

Impersonating a missing girl, Mina, who she resembles, Cassie is able to fool a DNA test by finding Mina, attacking her and shaving her hair. Days later, she then shaves her head, scatters Mina's hair in a truck stop bathroom and when found, acts traumatized.

S04E08-Crissmond green
   "A Burden of Blood"
Featuring: Jennifer Crismond

Jennifer's husband Chris uses a plastic bag to suffocate his sister, Ellen, after she broke a pact that they would never have children as their father was a serial killer. From a chemical found in Ellen's lungs, Holmes realizes the bag was to get goldfish for their pond.

S04E10-Trager green
   "Alma Matters"
Featuring: Wilson Trager and Bradley Mackmain

Holmes deduces that university CEO Trager is using his in-law Mackmain to find students who are heavily in debt to the university, and are ex-cons, to perform criminal acts for him. A picture of Trager with a man in a Mackmain tartan gives Holmes the connection.

S04E11-Neil Dannon green
   "Down Where the Dead Delight"
Featuring: Neil Dannon

Discovering his disturbed son Toby plans to kill Janet Heffernan, Neil strangles Janet and sinks her body in a pond. When her body is found, Neil kills a homeless man and places a bomb in his body which explodes in the Morgue, destroying Janet's body and killing Nicole Slater.

S04E12-Fake set
   "A View with a Room"
Featuring: Detectives Ryan Dunning and Lisa Hagen

In order to get a bike gang leader's computer so they can steal the gang's funding, undercover detective Dunning and computer expert Hagen build a copy of the leader's office and film Dunning being fake killed in it. This prompts police to raid the real office which gives Hagen access to the computer.

S04E13-Harper green
   "A Study in Charlotte"
Featuring: Professor Alston Harper

From the tattoo "R.A.C.H.E." on Charlotte Konig, Holmes is able to deduce that the tattoo was "A.C.H." for the initials of Alston C. Harper. Bell, Holmes and Watson find that Harper was Charlotte's estranged husband and killed her for properties she owned.

S04E14-Sven stabbed green
   "Who Is That Masked Man?"
Featuring: Sven Eklund and Ray Mui

Mortician Eklund discovers that retirement home residents are being killed by muscle relaxants and calls the home's manager, not knowing he is the killer, and is part of a Chinese triad charity scam. Triad member Mui stabs Eklund who carries out an elaborate revenge using masks.

S04E15-Busquet green
   "Up to Heaven and Down to Hell"
Featuring: Malcolm Busquet

Having made a mistake on a revolutionary building design that will ruin his reputation, architect Busquet kills a rich widow, denying the "air rights" of her building to the developer and facilitating a shorter building design that will suit Busquet's plans.

S04E17-Baxter kills Ranger green
   "You've Got Me, Who's Got You?"
Featuring: Al Baxter

Friends with a street hero, Mike Stratton aka, the Midnight Ranger, Stratton tries to stop Baxter from shooting up a meeting between his employer, Superlative Comics and movie studio executives, but is shot and killed by Baxter.

S04E18-Wallace kills Bader green
   "Ready or Not"
Featuring: Vincent Bader and Ira Wallace

Partners in a medical practice, Wallace kills Bader in an exclusive doomsday bunker in order to throw suspicion on the bunker's owner. Bader had been selling pills from their practice's stores to drug dealers which jeopardized Wallace's future.

S04E19-Celik w key
   "All In"
Featuring: Vural Celik

A Turkish spy, Vural and his brother Murat rob a poker game that the head of Semper Apex, a company that provides IT security for UN missions, is at, and take a key impression to the server room. Posing as clients, they install a device to steal info from the servers.

S04E20-Elliot shot green
   "Art Imitates Art"
Featuring: Phoebe Elliot

After one of Phoebe's selfies becomes an art sensation and contains evidence that a man framed for murder wasn't present when the murder was committed, ADA Christina Pullman kills her from a car and leaves DNA of Phoebe's brother Keith in the car.

S04E21-Ida Talt gun green
   "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing"
Featuring: Ida Talt

Discovering her husband Jared intended to fake his murder to blackmail his business partner for money and then leave her, Ida follows him to the staging site, shoots Jared and his accomplice and, then leaves evidence to indicate he was the victim of a car jacking.

S04E24-Vikner green
   "A Difference in Kind"
Featuring: Joshua Vikner

In order to frame Vikner for murder, Watson has him take a call from Morland on a phone that Sherlock has placed a special residue that will allow them to take his fingerprints and place them on a murder weapon.

S05E02-Vachs Security Head green
   "Worth Several Cities"
Featuring: Wayne Vachs' security head

In order to secure a Chinese mineral deal worth billions, Vachs has his security head kill David Densham, who possesses the Imperial Jade Seal of China, so that it will be found by police and returned to China. Vachs' security head and his team leave for Morocco to escape justice.

S05E03-Karig green
   "Render, and Then Seize Her"
Featuring: Dennis Karig

Believing that the creator of unique CGI software, Karig, is responsible for murder and kidnapping, Watson recognizes Karig in altered surveillance footage from his sloped shoulders.

S05E04-Laurie Barrett photo green
   "Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling"
Featuring: Laurie Barrett

From an irregularity in photos taken by murdered analyst Russell Cole, Watson deduces that Cole's bosses' wife, Laurie, was having an affair with Russell, and she provides the secluded location Russell worked on a problem that resulted in his death.

S05E05-Parsons medications green
   "To Catch a Predator Predator"
Featuring: Molly Parsons aka Nadia Swain

After a catfisher who preys upon men who lure under-aged girls into having sex is murdered, Holmes discovers that Parsons, who works for the on-line dating site used by the catfisher, is the murderer by matching medication he saw at her workplace to that she detailed in a victim statement.

S05E06-Lima's hand
   "Ill Tidings"
Featuring: Mateo Lima

After a group of cyber security analysts are poisoned with snake venom as a ruse to steal art from the NY Stock Exchange, one of the clues Holmes discovers that Lima was the poisoner, is scars from a snake bite on the back of his left hand.

S05E09-Shinwell green
   "It Serves You Right to Suffer"
Featuring: Shinwell Johnson

At the scene of a murdered gang member, Holmes tells Watson that a man matching Shinwell's description was seen fleeing the scene and, that a crucifix matching his was found on a fence.

S05E10-Ethan green
   "Pick Your Poison"
Featuring: Ethan Moore

Chronically weak and sick, Ethan's mother and his doctor, who was running a "pill mill", by stealing other doctor's identities, are killed. Watson realizes that the doctor revealed to Ethan that his mother was poisoning him. With an accomplice, he shot them both.

S05E11-Decker painting green
   "Be My Guest"
Featuring: Ryan Decker

After Decker, who keeps women as sex slaves, is released from custody so he can be tailed, police lose him in the Rockaway area. Remembering a picture Decker painted of a beach, Holmes advises police to search near the shoreline.

S05E12-Thorpe green
   "Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown"
Featuring: Raymond Thorpe

In a plot to poison NYC's water supply which would result in millions of home water filtration systems being bought, benefiting Thorpe and his partner Wendell Hecht, a man dressed as a clown takes pictures of Thorpe poisoning the water and is recognized by Holmes.

S05E13-Frank Trimble green
   "Over a Barrel"
Featuring: Frank Trimble

The mastermind behind a large maple syrup smuggling operation, Holmes discovers Trimble is the culprit by comparing bruising left by his fists at a bar fight, over a hockey game, to those on a security guard he beat up to facilitate the smuggling at a warehouse.

S05E14-Tendu and Libena green
   "Rekt in Real Life"
Featuring: Tendu and Libena

After Tendu's eSports agent Owen Tuchman aka O.G. Pwnzr, is tortured and then killed for Tendu's location, Tendu and Libena hear the killer trying to break into their hotel room and escape through the window.

S05E15-Gephardt green
   "Wrong Side of the Road"
Featuring: Agent Anson Gephardt

After those involved in a case Holmes and Kitty worked on in London die suspicious deaths, Holmes believes he saw the assassin at a private club and draws a sketch of the man. The man is later revealed to be DIA Agent Gephardt.

S05E16-Kotite on van green
Featuring: Eli Kotite

Listening to audio tapes of the pre-trial of Eli Kotite, the ravings of his defense attorney, Tom Saunders, revealed US intelligence secrets which Holmes believes led to Kotite being thrown off his apartment balcony and killed when he landed on his van.

S05E17-Slessinger green
   "The Ballad of Lady Frances"
Featuring: Councilman Slessinger

Seeking mayoral election, Slessinger places Cosmo Dellis in a company with technology that helps him rig the election. After Cosmo uses the company's technology to steal a valuable guitar, risking exposing the rigging, Slessinger kills Cosmo with the guitar.

S05E18-Drummond green
   "Dead Man's Tale"
Featuring: Clarence Jarman

Realizing that a marine salvager, Lars Vestergaard, stood to gain more from his investors if a sunken ship he sold shares in had no treasure, Holmes calls one of Lars' investors, Clarence Jarman.

S05E19-Watson rod green
   "High Heat"
Featuring: Joan Watson

Believing Carter Gibson killed a PI, Fred Kirby, and his driver and then cremated them, Watson remembers the remains of an orthopedic leg brace were found in the cremation remains. Finding a similar brace at Carter's home, Holmes believes Carter was burned.

   "The Art of Sleights and Deception"
Featuring: The Art of Sleights and Deception book

While investigating the murder of magician Claude Rysher aka Razr, Holmes explains to Watson that Rysher may have been killed over discovering the author of a card trick book.

S05E21-Booker green
   "Fly Into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing"
Featuring: Roy Booker

Booker discovers Ted Winthrop is defrauding his clients for kick-backs from their exs and blackmails him for a portion of it. When Booker asks for more, Winthrop assaults Booker's ex-wife, Chantal Milner, frames Booker for it, kills Booker and stages it as a suicide.

S05E21-Winthrop green
   "Fly Into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing"
Featuring: Ted Winthrop

Roy Booker discovers Winthrop is defrauding his clients for kick-backs from their exs and blackmails him for a portion of it. When Booker asks for more, Winthrop assaults Booker's ex-wife, Chantal Milner, frames Booker for it, kills Booker and stages it as a suicide.

S05E23-Enigma green
Featuring: Enigma machine

Trying to bring down the gang SBK, how its leader Bonzi Folsom communicates with the gang is unknown until Watson discovers the filenames in Bonzi's social media are a code and Holmes notices a WW2 Enigma encrypting machine in Bonzi's apartment.

S05E24-Carmen bites Tyus green
   "Hurt Me, Hurt You"
Featuring: Carmen and Tyus Wilcox

Watson is able to prove that SBK gang leader Wilcox killed the sister of Halcon, leader of rival gang Mara Tres, but noticing that in a video of her torture, blood on her lip was from biting her attacker and Tyus' DNA was found in her throat.

S06E01-Holmes deadbolt green
   "An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains"
Featuring: Sherlock Holmes

Holmes discovers that Sammy Olivetti made tapes of himself having sex with women with a hidden camera that is activated by his front door deadbolt. The camera also recorded Olivetti's murder by Ryan Hayes.

S06E02-Dutchman green
   "Once You've Ruled Out God"
Featuring: The Dutchman

With the city under threat of the explosion of a dirty bomb, one of the deductions Holmes makes that the bomb is conventional and a heist is the plan is seeing one of the Dutch thieves enter a diamond exchange building.

S06E03-Chris Holland green
   "Pushing Buttons"
Featuring: Chris Holland

After George Nix, a collector of colonial Americana, is murdered at a reenactment and his home is burned, Watson discovers an old land grant Nix owned was the target of the fire so that land developer, Chris Holland, who was at the reenactment, could keep the land.

S06E05-Selsky green
   "Bits and Pieces"
Featuring: Dr. Nora Selsky

In order to cover up that an organ donor's body had antibodies that could be used to develop a universal flu vaccine, Selsky kills two people who received skin grafts from the body.

S06E09-Hunter Becket green
   "Nobody Lives Forever"
Featuring: Hunter Becket

In order to prevent a $5M prize from being awarded from a non-profit organization his father set up, Becket kills two scientists who are close to winning the prize so that he can inherit it.

S06E10-Hausmann green
   "The Adventures of Ersatz Sobekneferu"
Featuring: Professor Merrick Hausmann

Looking for a forger nicknamed "The Theban" who mummifies bodies and sells them as antiquities, he is discovered to be Professor Hausmann, an authenticator of artefacts.

S06E11-Foltz green
   "You've Come a Long Way, Baby"
Featuring: Maggie Foltz

In order to prevent revealing smuggling operations that benefited the cigarette company she worked for, Foltz kills an accountant who discovered the operation during a merger.

S06E14-Daniels Wong green
   "Through the Fog"
Featuring: Vincent Wong and Anthony Daniels

A part of a heist of the 11th Precinct's servers, Wong and Daniels assemble a fake bio-attack bomb in the bathroom and later, set it off in the precinct so that one of their accomplices, dressed as a CDC worker, could steal the servers.

S06E17-Chamanara green
   "The Worms Crawl in, the Worms Crawl Out"
Featuring: Sepi Chamanara

Discovering that a fellow scientist and sometimes lover, William Velnik, was responsible for killing trees required to feed her silkworms that were spinning bullet-proof silk, Chamanara stabs him in the neck with a screwdriver.

S06E18-Horowitzs green
   "The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz"
Featuring: David and Norman Horowitz

To trick and sell a book of predictions written by Norman to Henry Baskerville, Holmes sees from a picture of the Horowitzes that David and his wife Luz used the seeds of a plant to kill those Norman predicted would die, lending credence to his book.

S06E19-Hathaway green
   "The Geek Interpreter"
Featuring: Marvin Hathaway and James Cantrell

Hathaway kidnaps mathematician Lily Zavala and forces her to work on changes to flood plans. Hiring Cantrell to watch Lily, he discovers Cantrell has demanded ransom, threatening his plans. Hathaway kills Cantrell by hitting him in the head with a fire extinguisher.

S06E20-Michael pendant green
   "Fit to be Tied"
Featuring: Michael Rowan

Noticing Rowan recently purchased a unique sobriety key chain sold by only one company, with Everyone's help, Holmes discovers the address the key chain was mailed to and finds where Rowan was living when he left NYC.

S06E21-Michael beaten green
   "Whatever Remains, However Improbable"
Featuring: Michael Rowan

Reviewing Rowan's autopsy report, Watson notes that Rowan's orbital bone was fractured as he was being killed, likely giving him a concussion. This would explain why he thought his killer was Watson.

S06E21-Hannah green
   "Whatever Remains, However Improbable"
Featuring: Hannah Gregson

Confronted by Holmes, Captain Gregson describes how Hannah beat Michael Rowan to death.

S07E01-Garret Halsey
   "The Further Adventures"
Featuring: Dr. Garret Halsey

In order to cover up performing the wrong operation on tabloid star Lola Quinn, Halsey throws acid in her face. Later, he's one of her attending doctors before she commits suicide.

S07E02-Patrick Meers green
Featuring: Patrick Meers

Admitting that he killed Tim Bledsoe, Meers indicates that he shot Captain Gregson after following Gregson to a baseball field where Meers hid Tim's body behind the wall of a snack bar.

S07E04-Bell and Saul green
   "Red Light, Green Light"
Featuring: Saul Maranek-Halevi

An employee of the Dept. of Transportation, Saul hacks NYC's traffic lights in order to cause an accident involving a truck carrying building construction supplies. This allows his father-in-law to win a building construction project worth billions.

S07E05-Truffles green
   "Into the Woods"
Featuring: Truffles the hog

Holmes catches a poisoner, Colby, who forced a moonshiner, Renny Henderson, to make and test ricin on his hog, Truffles. Holmes spots that Colby uses an unusual knot to tie his shoelaces, which was also used to tie up Renny and Truffles.

S07E07-Inhaler green
   "From Russia with Drugs"
Featuring: Cecil Troy

In order to convince the DEA that fentanyl-laced cash is deadly, Troy and his partner, Audrey Kensit, who won a DEA contract to clean money that was delayed, have Ridley Dineen rob a safe house with poisoned cash and put fentanyl in his inhaler.

S07E09-Watson green
   "On the Scent"
Featuring: Joan Watson

While questioning a drug kingpin who owns an OTB as a front, Watson secretly takes a photo of some documents which she later deduces is a train schedule to ship marijuana, disguised to look like sport betting lines.

S07E11-Pamphlet green
Featuring: Sherlock Holmes

Holmes describes proof to Odin that he's not just killing to prevent future murders, but that he killed Talia Baccaro in order to acquire her brother's company.

S07E12-Holmes phone green
   "Reichenbach Falls"
Featuring: Holmes

In order to lure Odin Reichenbach to a meeting and frame him for murder, Holmes breaks into NSA Agent Dean McNally's car, clones his phone and sends Odin a meeting request.

S07E13-Watson green
   "Their Last Bow"
Featuring: Watson

In order to frame Reichenbach for shooting Holmes, Watson picks up the shell casings from a pistol loaded with blanks and plants Holmes' blood at the scene.