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"He loves you. I mean, he can't say it right now. Hell, he probably couldn't say it even if he was awake, but he does."
Paige to Holmes
Two young men, Arnold and Tremaine, are spraying graffiti on a wall and hear a car crash. They find a man lying on the pavement. Arnold leaves, but despite risking arrest for the graffiti, Tremaine calls 911 after noticing gunshot wounds on the man, who is Captain Gregson. At the 11th Precinct, Detective Bell questions Tremaine and excuses himself when he sees that Watson has arrived from London. Reporting that Tremaine had nothing to tell him that wasn't in the police report, Bell also says that Gregson is still in critical condition. Watson offers to join investigating who shot Gregson. Returning to the Brownstone, Watson finds it empty and none of the utilities working. Although prohibited from being in the US, Holmes has accompanied Watson and she indicates that Bell didn't suspect Holmes came with her from London.

S07E02-Bell Watson meet
Is the Captain doing any better?
While discussing getting furniture and the utilities working, Watson indicates that police believe Gregson was driving home from the precinct, exited his car, was shot in the back and stomach, before driving away and crashing. Notified by Paige that she can see Gregson in the hospital, Watson cautions Holmes from being discovered while he investigates the route Gregson's car took. At the hospital, Paige is now confined to a wheelchair due to the progression of MS. Saying Gregson called her when he left the precinct, as he does every night, she has no suspects and no indication where Gregson stopped at after he left the precinct. At the crash scene with Tremaine, Holmes lies on the pavement where Gregson was found. Holmes is able to get Tremaine to recall he heard brakes, which he hadn't reported to police. Several blocks away, Holmes finds skid marks which aren't on the route Gregson would have taken from the precinct.

S07E02-Tremaine and Holmes
Ain't you gonna get up now?
At the Brownstone, looking at a map, Holmes shows Watson the route Gregson's car took and notes that Gregson sideswiped a parked car. Having looked at photos of Gregson's jacket, Watson believes that one of the red stains on it was made from red clay, not blood. Noting baseball fields use such clay on the base paths, they proceed to a field along the route Gregson took. Holmes finds a .380 bullet casing in the field, the same caliber used to shoot the Captain. Finding a bullet hole in the wall of a snack bar, Holmes smells lye and tearing off the wooden wall covering, he discovers a decomposed body wrapped in plastic. At the Morgue, Dr. Hawes identifies the body as Tim Bledsoe, whose mother Elise reported his disappearance eight months before. Killed by a gunshot to the head, Watson plans to visit Elise while Bell looks into the construction company who built the snack bar.

S07E02-Holmes skeleton
I think this has something to do with the Captain's visit.
Holmes and Watson question Elise who indicates she sought out Gregson after learning of Major Case's success finding a missing girl. Divorced from her husband, police Sgt. Marty Bledsoe, she felt that Marty convinced the detectives on Tim's case that he'd run off. Although Tim had various problems with drugs and fights, she still didn't believe he'd disappeared and insinuates that Marty may have killed Tim. Questioned by Bell, Sgt. Bledsoe has alibis for the time of Tim's disappearance and Gregson's shooting. Distressed that Elise believes he killed Tim, he recalls many incidents Tim had in which he was able to get charges dropped. He provides Bell with several names of people involved in altercations with Tim that might have sought revenge.

S07E02-Sgt Marty Bledsoe
Like I said, bad seed.
Individually, Bell questions Stanley Veek, professor at the college Tim attended, Jacob Goodel and Patrick Meers, a former Army officer. Veek was slapped by Tim in front of his class, Jacob was beat up by Tim, and Tim picked a fight with Meers. Veek and Goodel both indicate that Marty covered up Tim's crimes while Meers says that after Tim sucker-punched him, they fought and when police arrived, he didn't press charges. Goodel has an alibi during Tim's disappearance while Veek names Dylan Halleran as Tim's only friend. At the Brownstone, Watson isn't able to get Holmes to talk about what Gregson did to him. She encourages Holmes to visit Gregson. Bell calls that Halleran has skipped bail and has a .380. Holmes and Watson find Halleran and he's surprised to hear of Tim's death. He relates that Tim stole his car eight months before. Providing an alibi for the time of Gregson's shooting, he notes that his car was recently released from impound.

S07E02-Stan Veek
One of those trench coat kids, you know?
Examining Halleran's car, Holmes finds a ticket for the Bridgeport Ferry, the day after Tim disappeared. The trunk stinks of fertilizer, which Halleran says contained many bags and Holmes finds blasting caps still in the trunk. Holmes concludes that Tim planned to sink the ferry. At the precinct, Watson shows Bell the evidence of Tim's plan which would have killed hundreds of people. Both believe someone knew his plan but are puzzled why the person didn't report it and why Gregson was shot while trying to find Tim. Questioning Elise again, she flatly tells Holmes and Watson that her son wouldn't be involved in a bombing. However, admitting that she thought her credit card was lost, she noticed a number of charges on it that she thought were fraudulent, including fertilizer. Not believing Tim stole her card until now, she gives them her card statement.

S07E02-Car trunk
I know man, he punked me hard.
At the hospital, having snuck by the guard, Holmes tells a comatose Gregson that he forgives him. Paige interrupts and tells Holmes that she doesn't know what happened between them but that Gregson loved and missed him. At the precinct, showing Bell the credit card statement from Elise, Watson points out charges to a diner next to a youth hostel where she found Tim was staying. From a security camera, Watson has obtained video which shows Tim being confronted by a hooded man with a gun. Bell recognizes the man as Patrick Meers. Bell and an ESU team arrest Meers at his home. In "the box" at the precinct, Meers confesses to killing Tim, indicating that he was annoyed that Sgt. Bledsoe got the assault charge on Tim dropped. Confronting Tim with a gun, Tim grabbed the weapon which resulted in his shooting.

S07E02-Bell Watson video
I met that bastard yesterday.
Having learned of the snack bar's construction from a work partner, Meers put Tim's body in the wall. Gregson questioned everyone involved in the bar's construction and at Meers' office, noticed a plaqued picture of the bar's opening. Seeing the date on the picture coincided with the week Tim went missing, Meers followed Gregson after he left his office to the baseball field where they exchanged gunfire. Bell and Watson accuse him of lying and leaving out details of the ferry bombing plan, which Meers claims not to know nothing about. At the Brownstone, Watson discusses her suspicions about Meers with Holmes. Having found that Meers has a spotless record and is a family man, they agree that he doesn't fit the profile of a murderer. Speculating that Tim and Meers may have been part of a terrorist cell, Holmes encourages Watson to remain in NYC to pursue the matter. Indicating that he'll return to London, instead, Holmes turns himself into the FBI for the murder of Michael Rowan. (♫ Elliot Moss - 99 ♫)

S07E02-Patrick Meers green
I could tell he saw how nervous I was.



  • Holmes mentions that the Brownstone is Watson's inheritance.[1]
  • Holmes uses Harlan Emple as his identity when questioning Tim Bledsoe's mother, Elise.


I'm here to surrender myself. My name is Sherlock Holmes. I'm wanted for the murder of Michael Rowan.

— Holmes



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