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Someone is gonna die for this. They're gonna die ugly and slow, and you are gonna find them for us.

— Halcon to Sherlock, "Worth Several Cities"

Julio "Halcon" Zelaya was the leader of the Mara Tres gang. After the murder of his sister Carmen, he buys his way out of Mara Tres, has his tattoos removed, changes his identity to "Danny Hurtado" and lives a normal life in Connecticut.


Season 5[]

Halcon kidnaps Sherlock Holmes and brings him to a warehouse where there's been a theft and multiple murders. One of those murdered was a smuggler important to Halcon. He wants Holmes to find the killer. Holmes agrees if Halcon will give him the name of a drug dealer who is peddling deadly heroin. Later, Halcon calls Holmes to a meeting and shows him the body of the drug dealer. He tells Holmes he has two days to find the smuggler's killer. Holmes finds the man responsible for the smuggler's killing was a rich CEO of a major geological company. Holmes shows him pictures of the dead (and dismembered) drug dealer and tells him to surrender to the authorities or he'll tell Halcon who is behind the smuggler's killing.[1]

S05E02-Halcon and Holmes
Don't find out what happens when it's personal.
After Mara Tres kills ten SBK gang members, Holmes arranges through a priest to see Halcon in order to stop a gang war. Halcon shows Holmes a video of his sister Carmen being forced to say that Mara Tres has disrespected SBK and then shows him her body. Halcon tells Holmes to stay out of his way while he wipes out SBK. After Joan Watson deduces in the video with Carmen that she bit Tyus Wilcox, she meets with Halcon so that he will give her body up so that Tyus' blood can be found in her throat. She indicates that Tyus is in protective custody but if she proves he killed his sister, he'll be sent to prison where Tyus can exact his revenge. Halcon is a bit surprised that Watson doesn't have a problem with the arrangement that would see Tyus killed.[2]

S05E24-Halcon and Holmes
Her soul, it was clean.

Season 7[]

After a van with gasoline in the back T-bones a truck, causing an explosion, Holmes finds the van was driven by Mara Tres gang members. Contacting Halcon for information about the van, Holmes discovers that Halcon got out of Mara Tres and is living a peaceful life in Connecticut. Holmes is able to coerce him into using his contacts in the gang to reveal that the van was being used as a fuel skimmer for resale. The passenger who escaped from the van insists that the light was green for them at the intersection. Given that the witnesses to the crash said that the light was green for the truck, Holmes realizes that the traffic light was hacked. Later, Halcon calls Holmes to confirm that after receiving an anonymous tip, Mara Tres did kill a Dept. of Transportation employee involved in the hack, Saul Maranek-Halevi. Holmes informs Halcon that Mara Tres has been played and eliminated a loose end for Maranek Construction.[3]

S07E04-Halcon and Holmes
I'm done with Mara Tres.


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