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Prior to my stint in junkie jail, I worked as a consultant at Scotland Yard.

— Holmes, "Pilot"

Hemdale Recovery Center is an addiction rehabilitation center. Sherlock Holmes attended Hemdale after excessive drug use in London and New York City. Its staff includes Dr. Stephen Carrow, Dr. Ryan, Dr. Caruso, Edson the groundskeeper, counselor Gene Winnick and the strict Ms. Hegler who works the front desk. Its first appearance is in the first season episode "One Way to Get Off."


Season 1[]

S01E07-Edison and Watson

"I took that to mean he liked me."

As Joan Watson first visits the Brownstone to meet her new client Holmes, she's called and told Holmes broke out of Hemdale on his last day of rehab. Holmes tells Watson he broke out due to boredom and that Hemdale should be thankful that he exposed their security flaws. Later, Holmes mentions that the patients would often watch baseball games.[1] As Holmes blackmails Mike McGee into providing an investigative file in exchange for not disclosing his meth use to Captain Gregson and Detective Bell, he recommends Hemdale to him and says there's a pool at the facility.[2]

Hemdale is first seen when Watson visits to find out more about Holmes. She questions Dr. Stephen Carrow and Dr. Ryan but learns little about Holmes. Watson notices the groundskeeper Edson calming a beehive and learns that Holmes did speak to him. Walking back to the maintenance shed, Edson gives her letters from Irene that Holmes left behind.[3] In a flashback, Watson receives a call from Dr. Caruso of Hemdale asking if she'll take on a new client named Sherlock.[4] Holmes tells Watson that he can't accept his one year sober chip as after his first day at Hemdale, he escaped, bought drugs and used.[5]

Season 3[]

S03E24-With Kamala at Hemdale

"She was nice."

After Holmes encounters his former drug dealer Oscar Rankin, who inadvertently helps clear Holmes of a murder charge, Holmes gives Rankin a paid in full reservation to Hemdale which Oscar throws away.[6] Oscar retrieves the reservation and uses it for his addict sister Olivia who leaves Hemdale. Oscar kidnaps Alfredo Llamosa and forces Holmes to help find Olivia in exchange for Alfredo's release. Holmes and Oscar visit Hemdale and talk to Olivia's roommate, Kamala Ruger, who says Olivia left with someone she called "Beta Ray." This is part of Oscar's plan to have Holmes visit locations that will cause him to relapse.[7]


  • When Watson visits Hemdale, her visitor's badge and badges on the staff indicate the full name of the facility is "Hemdale Recovery Center."[2] An email sent to Watson from Dr. Caruso with Holmes' file also uses the same name for the facility.[4]
  • Holmes calls the facility "Hemdale Rehabilitation Facility" when referring Mike McGee there and when he gives Oscar a card with a standing reservation for him there.[2][6] When Holmes and Oscar question Kamala Ruger there, signage also refers to it as "Hemdale Rehabilitation Facility."[7]
  • Holmes' patient number at Hemdale was "11578.5698."[4]
  • Counselor Gene Winnick, whom Holmes describes as a nice bloke, refers them to Lily Cooper, who has information on a murder.[8]



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