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"Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling"
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Season: Five — Episode: 4
Director: John Polson — Writer: Bob Goodman — Aired: October 30, 2016 — Viewers (millions): 4.80
Summary: When the city commends the work of Captain Gregson's unit, Gregson pushes for Holmes and Watson to be included. A financial analyst is murdered for writing a paper on asteroids.


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I'm better at the work I do because of you. But over the years the relative importance of those two values has flipped. I now value the work that we do, first and foremost, because I do it with you.
— Holmes to Watson


  • The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein plays as Watson and Bell question a waitress in a diner frequented by Russell Cole.
  • The Draxculas - Side by Side plays at episode end as Captain Gregson gives a speech congratulating the Major Cases unit on their unit award.


Past cases which Holmes reviews with pictures on the wall include (left to right beginning at top left):


"Because apparently the world needs science explained to it with jazz hands."
―Holmes about Julius Kent
"This squad is the finest group of men and women I've ever had the honor to serve with."
Captain Gregson


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