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It's an animal, uh, it's on four legs. Oh, my God. It's in the house!

— Henry, "Hounded"

Henry Baskerville is an extremely wealthy businessman whose father is a friend of Morland Holmes. His specialty, which he took over from his brother Charles, is "patent-jacking" in which he funds start-up companies, acquires the rights to their technology, and then sells them.


Season 4[]

After his brother Charles' death, Holmes and Watson meet Henry and agree to investigate. They discover Charles was chased off an embankment by an animal, and that the suspects are those who Charles took patents from. When they call Henry with the news, he reports that an animal broke into his house. Holmes tells him to go outside and get the swimming pool between him and the animal. The animal falls in the empty pool and turns out to be a robot that resembles a large hound. Roger Stapleton, who leads the company who created the hounds ("Gus"), is a cousin of Henry but is cleared of murdering Charles despite standing to benefit from a large inheritance if Henry dies or, if convicted of a felony. Holmes deduces that a distant relative is behind the killing, so a ruse is planned where Henry "kills" Roger. A woman who works for Roger comes forward and claims to be a relative and is arrested.[1]

S04E16-Lyons caught
Lyons caught.

Season 6[]

After Holmes learns that a schizophrenic named Norman Horowitz has seemingly predicted three deaths and Holmes is the next predicted to die, Watson discovers that Norman corresponded with Baskerville. They question Henry and discover that he believes in a theory of life called "Simulation Theory" of which Norman was a major proponent. Later, Baskerville visits the Brownstone to report he received an anonymous call from a source who leaked to a news station the names of others Norman predicted to die. While there, Henry sees a video proving that one of the deaths was by suicide as Norman predicted. After Baskerville orders his head of security to call in a bomb threat at Grand Central Station, he reveals to Holmes and Watson that for $4M, the source sold him a book Norman wrote called "Visions" which contained all his predictions including a terrorist attack at the station. Holmes deduces Norman's brother and sister-in-law are behind the deaths in Norman's predictions and they are arrested.[2]

S06E18-Baskerville sees video
Norman Horowitz saw the future.



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