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Sherlock and I do not run around with guns and we don't get into kung fu fights with criminals and we sure as hell do not sleep together.

— Joan to Henry, "Miss Taken"

Henry Watson is married to Mary Watson and is step father to Joan and Oren Watson. He is a well known novelist.


Season 4[]

Henry had an affair, Mary forgave him and they remained married. Joan confronts her step father about a book he wrote, "The Heart Bled Blue", that features characters that are obviously based upon her and Sherlock Holmes. At first, she demands that he have all of the books destroyed. She later admits to Holmes that the reason for her demand is that she's had a hard time forgiving her father for his indiscretion. Henry arrives with a draft of a sequel, "The Heart Hit Home", which he gives to her to do as she pleases. He explains he wrote the books to feel close to her, as his affair had pushed her away. She forgives him and decides to help him with the sequel.[1]

S04E07-Henry Watson and Joan
I was honoring you!

Season 6[]

In 2016, Joan shows the books Henry wrote about her and Holmes to Detective Bell. She reveals that her step father wishes to write a more realistic crime novel and asks Marcus to meet with him.[2]

S05E12-The Heart Hit Home
This is supposed to be you and Sherlock?


  • Henry and Mary were married in 1980.[3]
  • Henry smoked Concierge cigarettes when Watson was young.[4]


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