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"I would never kill you. Not in a million years. You may not be as unique as you thought, darling, but you're still a work of art."
Moriarty to Holmes
A bullet wound in his shoulder, Holmes watches Moriarty enter the bedroom having just killed Isaac Proctor and saved his life. He deduces that years previously in London, he must have spoiled several of her plans. She confirms this and further explains that the reason she seduced him as "Irene" was to study him. She learned he had many of the unique skills that she possessed but that he wasn't a threat to her schemes, so, she killed off her Irene persona and moved on. Holmes also deduces that she came to NYC to execute another plan. Threatening to stop her and taunting her to kill him, she assures him that she would never kill him, but if he interferes, she'll hurt him even worse than before. Later, Watson returns to the Brownstone and a relieved Holmes says he has much to tell her.

S01E24-Moriarty w gun
So please for your own good let me win.
In the kitchen, Watson removes the bullet and stitches Holmes up while he grimaces in pain. He's pleased, as he now knows what happened to "Irene", which has given him perfect clarity, something he hasn't had in years. Proctor's body is brought to the Morgue where Captain Gregson is brought up to speed. Holmes finds phones from two other corpses at the morgue which have been modified to use Moriarty's code. Having previously cracked the code on Gottlieb's phone, Holmes decodes a message which reads "BN23MACEDONIANSUN." In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Holmes looks at materials and tries to understand the meaning of the message. Gregson expresses his concern about Holmes to Watson who promises to ensure he doesn't do anything extreme. Holmes jumps up and shouts through the glass that he knows what the message means.

S01E24-Holmes Gregson morgue
What does that mean?
The Macedonian Sun is a container ship owned by reformed smuggler Christos Theophilus. The ship is due in NYC that evening at Bay 23 and Holmes speculates Theophilus may be smuggling for Moriarty. Holmes, Watson and Detective Bell stake out the ship but see no suspicious activity until Theopolius arrives and loads a crate into his SUV. Bell and the police close in on Theopilius, but the crate only contains two lemurs. At the precinct, Theopilius denies knowing Moriarty and says the lemurs are for his daughter who runs an endangered animal farm with her husband in Westchester. Before driving to the farm, Watson insists that she change Holmes' bandage. While doing so, Watson receives a call from her brother Oren, who is in Spain, asking her to visit their mother who is in hospital after being knocked unconscious from a fall. Holmes and Bell proceed to the farm without her.

S01E24-At dock w lemurs
Tell me which one these two are.
Going to the hospital, Watson is intercepted by Moriarty who confesses that she called her brother and her mother is fine. Watson is gently forced into a car. At lunch in a very high-end restaurant, Moriarty tries to discover what Watson is to Holmes. She's also disappointed that he hasn't followed her advice to stopping interfering in her affairs and knows about their encounter with Theopilius. She tells Watson that her business will be done in a few days and then she won't return to the US. However, if they won't stop meddling, she's afraid of what she might have to do to Holmes. At the farm in Westchester, Bell and Holmes question Chad Lerberg, Theopilius' son-in-law. He says his wife Alethea is in Kenya but Holmes finds her outdoor clothing and critical medication. Lerbeg admits Alethea was kidnapped the week before by two men who match the description of those in the morgue. Ledberg says Theopilius has been contacted and is working to get Alethea back. Watson calls Holmes to report the lunch with Moriarty.

009 Heroine episode still of Moriarty and Joan Watson
Do you want to sleep with him?
At the precinct, Holmes and Watson argue in front of Gregson about her meeting with Moriarty with Holmes believing she could have avoided it. Gregson assigns security details to them and indicates Theopilius made bail and can't be found. Holmes believes there has to be more to Moriarty's plan than a kidnapping. Bell shows them emails from Theopilius' computer with Moriarty's "?" email address which contain a photo of a bearded man. Moriarty meets Theopilius on a park bench and hands him a gun in a bag. She promises to release his daughter once he's killed the man in the photo and his family. The next morning at the Brownstone, Holmes has stayed up all night and smacks his wound to continue to stay sharp. He tells Watson he has deduced Moriarty's plan.

S01E24-Moriarty and Theophilus
You just point and shoot.
The man in the photo is Andrej Bacera whose mother is the Speaker of Parliament for Macedonia. Andrej lives in NYC, is a surgeon and is very popular in Macedonia. Greece is opposed to Macedonia's entry in the European Union (EU) for using the name "Macedonia" but an agreement to add "New" to it has been reached. Once approved by the EU, the Macedonia currency, the denar, will become worthless with a switch to the euro. Holmes believes that Theopilius is being blackmailed to kill Bacera. His killing by Theopilius, a Greek native, would end the agreement. Those who have invested in denar currency stocks will see the value soar. Holmes has discovered a Swiss bank has made an enormous denar purchase on behalf of a client who would stand to make a billion dollars.

S01E24-Holmes deduces the plan
What say we go stop this bitch.
At the Bacera's, Captain Gregson calls Andrej to warn him. He and his wife Jovana look for their security guard, Jordan Conroy who takes Gregson's call. Gregson sends a photo of Theopilius and says the police are on their way. Conroy indicates he'll get the Baceras into a safe room. Conroy then meets Theopilius outside and lets him into the house and the safe room. Theopilius calls 911, identifies himself and where he is, says what he's about to do he does for the love of Greece and hangs up. He shoots and kills both the Baceras. Conroy sends a text and Theopilius receives a call from his daughter who is safe and at home. Conroy then shoots him. Later at the precinct, Conroy lies that he was hit from behind after Gregson's phone call and managed to free himself after the Baceras were killed and then shot Theopilius. Holmes accuses him of lying, allowing Theopilius into the house and working with Moriarty. Conroy punches Holmes, they are separated and Watson follows Holmes into a meeting room.

S01E24-Theophilus w gun
I'm in the house of the snake.
Holmes is furious that he deduced Moriarty's plan but couldn't stop it. His rage unchecked, Watson yells that it's time for him to stop investigating and that she had to convince Gregson days before to let him continue. Holmes expresses extreme disappointment with Watson but she is firm that she knows what he needs to do. In order for the situation to not destroy him, he needs to let Moriarty win. Holmes arrives at the Brownstone where Bell is waiting and rebukes Holmes for eluding his police escort when he left the precinct. Holmes goes upstairs to shower while Bell gets a call from Gregson. A drug dealer was beaten up by a man fitting Holmes' description. Bell races upstairs and finds Holmes has overdosed.

S01E24-Bell Holmes OD
Hey, get an ambulance now!
In hospital, Moriarty secretly visits a groggy Holmes, having gotten by the guard. She regrets that Holmes didn't listen to her and admits that when she ended her Irene persona, she didn't expect him to become a drug addict. Expressing admiration that only he can surprise her and that they both have incredible sensitivities, she offers to take him away, fix him and give him a new life. Appearing more alert, Holmes says that Watson solved why Moriarty came back for him and that Watson convinced him to let her win, or appear to. Growing fearful, she realizes he faked the overdose. Holmes indicates that he's not the only one who can surprise her. (♫ Beady Eye - Start Anew ♫) Watson and Gregson appear in the doorway.

S01E24-Holmes Moriarty hospital
Turns out, there's two.
Later on the rooftop of the Brownstone, Holmes stands watching his bees. Watson arrives and reports that the recording Holmes made of his conversation in hospital with Moriarty has resulted in her arrest and that her denar stocks have been frozen. Recalling the rare bee he received from Gerald Lydon, Holmes indicates that it has bred with another species, creating a brand new bee type. He names the species after Watson and they watch the first one hatch. Watson sits with Holmes to watch the rest of the eggs come to life.

S01E24-Watson Holmes w bees
Allow me to introduce you to Euglassa Watsonia.



  • Green screen was used in the port scenes, with the ship added in post production.[1]
  • The original animals that Detective Bell was to have found in the back of the truck at the port were supposed to be orangutans, but the show wasn't able to get a hold of any.[2]
  • The lunch scene with Moriarty and Watson was filmed at the Four Seasons hotel in Manhattan, New York.[3]
  • The zebra at the animal preserve is actually a painted horse.[4]
  • Holmes refers to "Sutter Risk Management" from "Risk Management" and the rare bee (the "bee in the box") from "Possibility Two".
  • Years later, Holmes would remind Watson of the new species of bee, Euglassa Watsonia, he named after her.[5]


Okay. Irene is Moriarty. You think she's here to do something terrible. You have a hole in your shoulder, and we have a dead assassin on the third floor of our home. So, where would you like to start?

— Watson

You know she solved you. The mascot. Watson. She diagnosed your condition earlier this evening. She realized the real reason you could never quite bring yourself to kill me.

— Holmes to Moriarty