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"So here, have your pick. Disgraced FBI agents, idiots off the street, me. We are all equal in the eyes of this group."
— Holmes regarding NYOOPI
In the Brownstone bathroom, Holmes takes a break from entertaining one of his paramours and examines the bruises inflicted by Shinwell's attack on him. The next morning, as Holmes works out, Watson expresses concern with how he's dealing with the assault. Agreeing that it's best to leave Shinwell alone to let him bring down the SBK gang, Watson heads for the 11th Precinct to see if there's any interesting cases while Holmes continues his workout on Bob. At a crematorium, two workers discover that there's been unauthorized use over the weekend and evidence that someone was burned alive. The remains of two burned bodies are sent to the Morgue where Detective Bell, Holmes and Watson join Dr. Hawes, who confirms both victims were men and one was tall. Hawes has also found the remains of an orthopedic leg brace and from some gold teeth, Holmes identifies one of the victims as private investigator (PI) Fred Kirby.

Mr. Kirby was likely the worst PI in NYC.
At Kirby's office, dental records having confirmed that he was one of the victims, Bell tells Holmes and Watson that the other victim was his driver, Kirby being legally blind. Finding dozens of restraining orders were filed by different people within days of each other, Holmes indicates the filers were all bound by a tragedy. At the precinct, Holmes tells Captain Gregson that the filers were all relatives of victims of a shooting spree at a courthouse in 1987. After a swearing-in ceremony, a group of brand-new citizens were shot by the husband of the group's civics teacher, who then killed himself. Showing Gregson that Kirby had a fake courthouse ID, he indicates that Watson is visiting Virginia Spivey, wife of the bailiff who charged the gunman and ended the shooting. Holmes is met by Louis Garmendia, who introduces himself and the president of the New York Order of Private Investigators (NYOOPI).

S05E19-Kirby sign
A legally blind private eye. No comment.
Indicating that Kirby was a member of NYOOPI and he has their full support in the investigation, Holmes is surprised to hear Garmendia refer to him as a member. At the Spivey's, Watson meets Virginia's son, Houston, a college baseball star pitcher who is expected to have a major league career. Virginia's husband passed away a year before and being modest, never wanted a tribute. However, since his death, Virginia organized a memorial exhibit at the courthouse with the families of the other victims. Confirming they filed the restraining orders against Kirby, they did so as Kirby kept asking for items that belonged to the victims. Believing that he intended to sell the items to those interested in "murderabilia", they wanted Kirby's continual demands to end. Returning to the Brownstone, Watson finds a bus bench advertising her as a member of NYOOPI has been placed in the library by Holmes.

S05E19-Watson at Spiveys
None of us would've killed the guy.
Perturbed to discover Watson enrolled them as members, he thinks little of NYOOPI's accreditation process and membership. Not finding any signs that Kirby was selling "murderabilia", Holmes found that Kirby took from the courthouse memorial, blood-stained pocket copies of the Constitution, that were given to the victims, and swapped them out for fakes. He believes that Kirby was searching for evidence that four of the new citizens that were shot were responsible for the Chernobyl disaster. A conspiracy theory posits that the four men were saboteurs working for the US government, given new identities and were among those killed at the swearing-in. As their DNA would have shown signs of radiation, Watson knows where Kirby would have had their samples tested. Confronting Mr. Drexel at a lab, he admits to performing DNA tests for Kirby without his employer's knowledge.

S05E19-Holmes evidence wall
The question is, did Fred Kirby believe it?
Indicating that Kirby wasn't looking for radioactivity in the courtroom victim's blood samples, but for a paternity match to a C. Gibson, Drexel says the samples were corrupted. Unaware who C. Gibson is, Drexel says that Kirby told him that Gibson had a temper and he may have killed him. Searching through Kirby's disorganized office for information about Gibson, Holmes tells Watson that he intends to dismantle NYOOPI and having found Carter Gibson's address, he also takes Kirby's files of his time on NYOOPI's board. At the precinct, Watson shows Bell that Carter Gibson had a violent streak and changed his name from Carter Dunwitty as he was the son of the courthouse shooter. His mother survived the shooting and convinced the shooter wasn't his biological father, Carter hired Kirby to prove it. Called to Carter's house, where Gregson and Holmes have found blood and smashed furniture, it appears Carter killed Kirby and his driver.

S05E19-At Kirbys
If NYOOPI offends you so much, why don't you just quit?
However, finding a leg brace similar to that in the cremation remains, and pictures that Carter was disabled, Holmes believes that Kirby and Carter were killed by an unknown assailant. Outside Carter's home, Gregson finds partial footprints and they learn that Kirby's driver was in hospital with meningitis when the attack occurred. Neighbors didn't see anything but heard one loud bang. Inside, Holmes shows evidence that Kirby and Carter were killed by blows from a marble ball. The ball was an award Carter received for his work on the disease he was afflicted with, CMT. A hereditary condition, CMT attacks the nervous system in the body's extremities and gets worse over time. At the precinct, having called Carter's grandfather, Bell and Watson tell Gregson that there was no CMT on either sides of Carter's family. However, the grandfather suspected that Carter's mother was unfaithful and this was the reason for his father's attack.

S05E19-Crime scene
The killer used a blunt object.
Indicating they intend to find out if CMT was present in any of the families involved in the attack, Gregson cautions them to not tip off the assailant. At the Brownstone, Garmendia confronts Holmes over accessing NYOOPI's tax records using Kirby's login credentials. After Holmes derides NYOOPI and says he intends to dismantle it, Garmendia surprises Holmes by admitting that the organization needs a lot of improvement and having recently become its president, he asks Holmes for some time to accomplish this. Arriving at the Brownstone, Watson finds Holmes has covered her bedroom in protective sheets. Conducting an experiment with coconuts filled with synthetic blood, he smashes a coconut with a candlepin bowling ball and flings the blood as far as he can. Having conducted the test several times, he's found that he's unable to throw the blood as far as the killer did. He suggests that Watson did meet someone with the arm strength greater than his.

S05E19-Holmes blood splatter
Does it really need to be happening in my bedroom?
At the precinct, Bell and Watson show Houston Spivey a picture of Carter and tell him that he's his half-brother from an affair his father had. When Kirby found evidence that Houston's father was his Carter's biological father, Carter would have announced this to clear him being the son of the courthouse shooter. However, this would have revealed that the Spivey family had CMT, jeopardizing Houston being signed to a big contract by a major league baseball team. Accusing him of being at Carter's and killing him and Kirby with the marble ball when they told him the news, they say the ball will be found soon. Interrupted by Gregson, in private, he says that Houston's baseball coach is at the precinct and has confessed to both murders. In "the box", Fontino tells Bell and Watson that Carter and Kirby did meet with Houston and after telling him about the CMT, they blackmailed him for $50,000 to not reveal the condition.

S05E19-Fontino in box
I didn't want to see his future wasted.
After learning of the blackmail, Fontino says he met Carter and Kirby intending to get them to back off their demands but when they wouldn't, he became angry and killed them with the marble ball. At the Brownstone, while Holmes cleans up his experiment, Watson tells him of Fontino's confession and that blood matching Carter and Kirby's was found in the trunk of his car. Claiming he threw the marble ball off a ferry, they both know he's lying even when it's discovered his cousin ran the crematorium. Miffed to hear Holmes was working on dismantling NYOOPI instead of being at the precinct with them, Watson stops when Holmes throws a coconut into a metal garbage can and says that's the noise Carter's neighbor's heard the night he and Kirby were killed. Bell brings Houston into Gregson's office, where Gregson and Watson are waiting with a metal waste basket on Gregson's desk.

S05E19-Holmes throws coconut
That was the sound.
Asked what the worst pitch he ever threw was, Watson picks the marble ball out of the waste basket and drops it, making a loud bang. Shown that he left bloody footprints at the scene, he threw the ball 245 feet into a metal dumpster. The ball was found with the blood of both victims and his fingerprints on it. Asked why he threw it in the dumpster, Houston says he wants his lawyer. In the basement of the Brownstone, Holmes shows Watson that NYOOPI is no more and has been replaced with the Empire State Order of Private Investigators, ESOOPI. (♫ The Palace Steps - Nothing but a Fight ♫) In order to retain their accreditation, all members will have to pass a test that Holmes has written. Giving Watson the first draft of the test, he tells her she has two hours to complete it and to make him proud.

S05E19-Watson murder weapon
You flung the murder weapon.


  • The Palace Steps - Nothing but a Fight plays as Holmes shows Watson that NYOOPI has been renamed ESOOPI, that all members have to take a test of his own design and that she'll be the first to take the test.


I said conspiracy theorists. Proud members of the tinfoil hat brigade.

— Holmes