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"You're standing on a precipice and I cannot watch you tumble over it, mate. I refuse to."
— Holmes to Dr. Hawes
At the Morgue, as Dr. Eugene Hawes performs an autopsy, he's interrupted by Holmes who, with concern, shows Hawes that he contaminated a DNA sample in a case with his own DNA. Apologizing for the mistake, Hawes indicates he's looking forward to playing chess with Holmes. On a wooded path at night, Charles Baskerville is chased by something that growls at him. Jumping off an embankment onto a road, he's hit by a truck and killed. The next day, Holmes and Watson arrive at the estate of Henry Baskerville, Charles' brother, who asks them to look into his death. Believing Charles was pushed off the embankment, Henry mentions that Charles invested in tech start-up companies and made enemies. As the Baskervilles are wealthy, he posits that someone Charles was involved with in his business may have had motive to kill him.

S04E16-Watson Holmes Baskerville
He knew those trails backwards and forwards.
At the embankment, Holmes concludes that Charles was chased but the frozen ground shows no footprints. Finding a bag with a wine bottle and a receipt, and a path leading away from it, Holmes asks Watson to track down the witness while he heads to play chess with Hawes. After visiting the store the wine was bought at, Watson questions a homeless man, Stewy, who reluctantly tells her that he saw a man running away from what looked like a growling, glowing wolf. At the Morgue, having beaten Hawes at four games of chess, Holmes tells Hawes that he detects that he's over-medicating on anti-anxiety pills. Sympathizing with the trauma Hawes is experiencing since the explosion in the Morgue, Holmes is unsuccessful in getting Hawes to recognize that he needs help.

S04E16-Holmes Hawes chess
Like you said, I have a lot on my mind.
At the Brownstone, Watson finds Holmes going through old case files and relates what Stewy told her. Showing her Charles' social media account, Holmes has found that a user left many threatening messages concerning work at a genetics company Charles owned. Unable to discover the user's identity, only that he's big, they proceed to the company and ask Dr. Jane Mortimer for help identifying the suspect. Indicating that death threats are common in her business but that they're working on benign projects, Holmes finds a glowing dog in the lab. Mortimer assures them the dog never left the lab but when Holmes indicates that it may have prompted the user to rail against a "GMO-trocity", Mortimer recognizes the phrase from threats she's received and provides them with the user's identity, Mr. Selden. Visiting his apartment, Selden is obese and has an alibi. He shows them pictures of various GMOs including a large "war dog" made for the U.S. military.

S04E16-Glowing dog
We introduced jellyfish DNA to make his skin bioluminescent.
At the 11th Precinct, one of Charles' competitors, Mr. Anton, is accused by Detective Bell of his murder and shown a picture of the war dog which his company won the contract to create. Anton laughs and indicates that the picture is concept art and the project was cancelled after they couldn't fulfill the military's requirements. However, he provides a pool of suspects, those who Charles "patent-jacked." Explaining that Charles would routinely finance start-ups in exchange for shares and board seats, he would eventually take control of the company and sell off their assets. At the Brownstone, Holmes confirms Anton's allegation from records of Charles' meetings. He relates to Watson his concern for Hawes and reviewed old cases to see if Hawes made any other errors. Finding that Henry was present at many of the patent-jacking meetings, they call him and he reports that a glowing animal ran from his backyard into his house.

S04E16-Baskerville scared
It's breaking down the door!
With the door being broken down in front of Henry, Holmes listens to the growling sound and tells Henry to run outside and put the swimming pool between him and the animal. Arriving at Henry's home and gaining entry by the police, they look in the empty swimming pool and see a large, glowing machine with four legs. Later, examining the machine with Bell and Gregson, Holmes explains that while looking through various patents that Charles jacked and sold-off, he recognized that someone acquired the ones needed to make the machine. Once the machine is locked on its target, it isn't guided by an operator and wouldn't have recognized that the tarp over the pool wasn't solid ground. By calling the various companies whose patents were taken and then sold, Stapleton Innovations is identified as the company who made the machine.

S04E16-With the hound
Just when you think you've seen everything.
Meeting CEO Rodger Stapleton at his company, he's shown a picture of the machine, and asks where they found it. With his staff, Rodger shows Bell, Holmes and Watson that the machine, called "Gus", was designed as a pack mule for the infantry. Staffer Laura Lyons says that ten Guses have been built and that Gus 5 went missing on the way to the Army and they were ordered to not report it to police. Rodger mentions that he is Henry's cousin and next in line to inherit the Baskerville trust, but claims he was in Montana when Charles died and Henry was attacked. Outside, Holmes waits by the smoking area until one of the staffers, Caden Barrymore, arrives. Having smelt smoke on Caden and seeing he was uncomfortable when Rodger gave his alibi, Holmes confronts Caden who admits Rodger was lying. He claims Rodger was off work but in NYC with various female "friends."

S04E16-Stapleton and Gus
You named your killer robot Gus?
Outside the Morgue, Holmes makes an impassioned plea to Hawes to get help. He recounts his own descent into addiction due to Irene and refuses to let Hawes experience the same horrors. At the precinct, Rodger and his lawyer are shown evidence that he lied about his alibi. Insisting he didn't kill Charles and that his "friends" will alibi him, Watson points out that if he paid for prostitutes, they won't be credible witnesses. Rodger indicates that the trust can't be inherited if he's convicted of a felony and he offers to punch Bell or Gregson to prove he isn't after the trust. In the basement of the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that Rodger's "friends" alibied him. Having created a Baskerville family tree going back generations from Henry, Holmes has been unsuccessful in finding other potential heirs due to many accidental deaths and apparent infertility. However, he notes that bastard offspring can inherit under the trust's terms.

S04E16-Watson Holmes Baskerville tree
So who's next in line?
In lieu of detailed genealogical research, Holmes proposes a plan to Henry in which he kills Rodger. Five days after speaking to Henry, Holmes receives a message that their plan has been put into motion. At the office of lawyer Ms. Chadwick, Laura Lyons provides an Australian birth certificate that lists her father as Ike Stapleton, who left the U.S. in 1972 and died when Laura was five. Claiming that Rodger knew she was his niece and sought her out after she received a masters in robotics, Chadwick says it's odd that neither Rodger nor the Baskervilles ever mentioned her. Showing her emails from Rodger that he knew she was his niece, Lyons says that perhaps Rodger kept her relationship a secret to set her up as a patsy after he killed the Baskervilles. Hearing a "hah!" from the adjoining room, Chadwick shows her that a very much alive Rodger, Henry and Holmes and Watson have been listening to her claims.

S04E16-Lyons caught
Good show, Miss Lyons.
Explaining that they received co-operation from news outlets that faked that Rodger had been killed by Henry, invalidating Henry for the trust, Rodger confirms that the emails Lyons provided were faked. As the conversation with Chadwick was recorded, a search warrant of Lyons' home will be granted which they believe will provide evidence that she operated Gus 5 in Charles' death and the attack on Henry. Later at the Brownstone, Hawes arrives and admits to Holmes that he's suffering from PTSD. (♫ Big Little Lions - Stories ♫) Having been granted a medical leave, he's considering offers to run a morgue in smaller cities than NYC. Giving Holmes a file of other medical examiners that Hawes thinks can work with him and asking him to choose one that he'll brief, Hawes thanks Holmes for pushing him into getting help.

S04E16-Hawes at Brownstone
What are bullies for?


  • Big Little Lions - Stories plays as Dr. Hawes stops by the Brownstone and tells Holmes he's taking medical leave to deal with the PTSD he's experiencing since the explosion in the morgue.


  • Dr. Mortimer, Mr. Stapleton, Barrymore, Laura Lyons, Hugo, Mr. Selden, Charles and Henry Baskerville are all characters from Conan Doyle's novel The Hound of the Baskervilles. Holmes also mentions "Devonshire Robotics", Devonshire is where the novel is set.
  • While playing chess with Dr. Hawes, Holmes refers to the explosion in the Morgue and the death of a close friend of Hawes' (Nicole Slater).[1]


It was an animal. Big like a, like a bear or like a giant wolf. It had this, this crazy growl like, grrrr. And it was glowing. Like a lantern.

— Stewy



  1. Season 4, episode 11: "Down Where the Dead Delight"