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"Granted, it's not the perfect crime, but occasionally, criminals walk free due to dumb luck. It's not a perfect universe is it Watson?"
— Holmes
Alone at the Brownstone, Watson answers the door to find an acquaintance of Holmes named Holder, who attends support group meetings with him, wanting to repay a debt by leaving a beryl coronet for Holmes. In this course of conversation, Watson suspects that Holmes has been lying about going to support meetings. Called to the Morgue, she meets Holmes who lies about being at a support meeting. Showing them the body of Efraim Albright, Dr. Hawes has found that he was poisoned with a horse tranquilizer, that was in sausages which also contained human flesh. Joined by Detective Bell, who has found that Albright was a model citizen, Holmes takes a deep breath of Albright's stomach contents and smells anise. At a butcher shop noted for their anise sausages, the owner, Durant, insists his meat comes from reliable sources, but they had a break-in.

S05E08-Hawes with bag
It was an illuminating whiff.
While examining the entrance to the butcher shop's basement, Watson offers to talk about Holmes' addiction recovery which he rebuffs. Holmes finds a small piece of skin and hair belonging to someone with albinism and speculates the person was dragged down the stairs. Having obtained security footage from the businesses around the butcher shop, Watson views it in the Brownstone media room all night and falls asleep in a chair. In the morning, Holmes wakes Watson, having found a man with vitiligo arguing with a nurse in the video and indicates he's the person they are looking for. Holmes sends a picture of the nurse to Bell to identify her and says that he's heading to a meeting. Watson follows Holmes and sees he's been lying and that he's meeting some musicians in a park to play violin. Receiving a text from Bell, she meets him at the home of the nurse, Alma Cabrera.

S05E08-Holmes violinists
Are you going to St. Olaf's?
Alma identifies the man as her sometimes boyfriend Joaquin Pereya. Alarmed that something happened to him, she says "Joaq" was a genius biotechnologist and showing them a package of hamburger, that his work was going to change everything. At Next Century Meats (NCM), Joaq's employer, Bell and Holmes meet CEO Werner Platz who shows them cow meat, or "shmeat", that is grown in a lab. Brendan Farley, Joaq's deputy, gives Holmes a sample to taste. Commenting that the cattle industry, or "Big Meat", must have seen them as a threat, Holmes confirms to Platz that the human remains in Albright's stomach was Joaq. Showing them Joaq's workstation, Holmes asks if a woman who works there, Corrine Brighton, would use Joaq's computer. Confronting Brighton that her work references didn't check out and Holmes noticing many scuff marks on the floor around Joaq's workstation from her shoes, she's accused of killing Joaq.

S05E08-At Next Century Meats
Killing Joaquin would hurt their chances of succeeding.
Shocked at learning of Joaq's death, she admits to being a spy for Midwest Cattle Ranchers (MCR) and shares all communications she had with them. At the Brownstone, having not found anything incriminating in Brighton's files, Holmes asks Everyone for help getting information on MCR. Watson shows Holmes the coronet Holder left and he deduces that she knows he hasn't been going to addict support meetings. Claiming he's bored and smarter than everyone at the meetings, he's challenging himself by not going. Watson relates that everyone gets bored at the meetings, that he's arrogant and that it always ends badly for addicts who eschew meetings. Waking the next morning, Watson finds two sandwiches, one made with shmeat, beside her bed. Throwing them away in the kitchen, Holmes tells her that Everyone recently paid $100,000 to Thomas Cockburn who he's discovered, with his daughter Grace, are a hit team.

S05E08-Holmes Watson bored
My vote is sober and bored.
Grace is brought to the 11th Precinct where Bell and Holmes, after searching her apartment, show her evidence that she and her father killed eight people and she was tailing Joaq. Admitting to the murders and that she was hired by MCR to kill Joaq, she says that the contract was ended when the FDA ruled that NCM's shmeat was a "meat substitute", rather than meat. While being congratulated by Captain Gregson for arresting the Cockburn hit team, at Holmes' prompting, Bell reviews NCM's submission to the FDA and finds differences from Joaq's work. At NCM, Bell and Holmes accuse Joaq's deputy, Brendan Farley, of changing the submission. Eventually admitting to it, he denies killing Joaq and says he was in Curacao when Joaq died. At the Brownstone, with Farley's alibi confirmed, Watson searches NCM's records for someone with a motive to kill Joaq. She tells Holmes that he needs to speak about his arrogance and boredom at support meetings.

S05E08-With Cockburn
We didn't kill your guy. Someone else did.
The next morning, Watson finds a group of rabbis and imams talking at a table. In the kitchen, Holmes explains that if shmeat was classified as "pareve", a kosher and halal classification for neutral food, it would allow over a billion Jews and Muslims to eat it. Joaq didn't agree with changing the FDA submission and Holmes believes that Platz killed him to reap huge profits from the pareve approach. Hoping that Farley will give Platz up, he's called to the precinct and shown traffic footage that Platz was driving away from the butcher shop when Joaq was killed. Holmes mentions they've discovered that Farley's mortgage was recently paid off and they know why Joaq was killed. Bell offers a deal if Farley will testify against Platz but seeing that their evidence is circumstantial, Farley refuses and leaves. At the Brownstone, while Holmes cleans up the table the rabbis and imams were at, Watson expressed her frustration with the lack of evidence.

S05E08-Questioning Farley
It was a nice try guys.
Looking at a box of food with a kosher stamp, Holmes says there's another way to punish Platz and Farley. At NCM, Holmes and Watson tell Platz and Farley that they've demonstrated to the councils who decide food's pareve status the motive and evidence behind Joaq's murder. The councils have decided to not classify shmeat as pareve unless someone is convicted of Joaq's murder. Offering Farley an immunity deal if he testifies against Platz, which will allow him to reap the profits of shmeat being pareve, they remind Farley that Platz killed Joaq and ground him into sausage. At the Brownstone, while watching a news story of Platz's arrest, Holmes leaves for a support meeting. (♫ Caveman - The State of Mind ♫) He tells everyone at the meeting that he's the cleverest person in the room and that his arrogance is the biggest threat to his sobriety.

S05E08-Platz Farley finale
All you did was fake some data.


  • Caveman - The State of Mind plays at episode end as Holmes describes in a meeting that his arrogance could be a threat to his sobriety.



So he didn't die from taking a horse sedative. He died from eating someone who took a horse sedative?

— Watson



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