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"This thing that we started with SBK, I cannot do it on my own. I need your help."
— Watson to Holmes
In his bedroom at the Brownstone, Sherlock tries unsuccessfully to remember items he placed in a sealed box. Meeting Watson at the front door, he confirms he's read her texts that SBK gang leader Bonzi Folsom was poisoned by his brother Tyus Wilcox, who they suspect is the real leader. Remarking on Sherlock's distracted behaviour of late, Watson asks if he's been using drugs. Indignant, Sherlock shows her his arms and she pleads for his help bringing SBK down. At an outdoor SBK party, "Socks" tells Duane that before he was imprisoned, Tall Boy was able to pass them Watson's address. While making plans to murder her, three Mara Tres gang members with machine pistols fire on the partyers, killing Socks, Duane and several others. The next day at the Morgue, Captain Gregson and Detective Bell view the bodies and tell Sherlock and Watson that police are on full alert for a gang war.

S05E24-Hit squad
Mara Tres in action.
While Gregson intends to talk Tyus out of SBK retaliating, Sherlock reaches out to Mara Tres' leader Halcon through a priest that Mara Tres uses to launder money. Sherlock's message to Halcon is that police intend to dismantle SBK and to hold off any more violence. At his office, Tyus won't admit to being SBK's real leader. After Gregson explains that it'll be hard for Tyus to hide his status if a gang war erupts, Tyus indicates that if he was the leader, he's been give a lot to think about, but still insists he's not involved with SBK. At the Brownstone, Sherlock hallucinates his mother May threatening to leave forever if he doesn't tell Watson about his concussion and visions. Mara Tres gang members pick Sherlock up and take him to a garage to meet Halcon. (♫ Dave East - Stove Top ♫)

S05E24-Sherlock and May
This is your last chance, Sherlock. Do the right thing.
Halcon shows him the body of his sister, Carmen, murdered by SBK, who also included a video of her being tortured and delivering a message to Mara Tres. Intent on revenge, Halcon tells Sherlock to stay out of his way. At the 11th Precinct, Sherlock shows Bell, Gregson and Watson the video of Carmen. Lip bloodied and hands tied to a bar above her, she's forced to deliver a message that Mara Tres has disrespected SBK. Indicating that Carmen was stabbed in the heart, Sherlock also says that Halcon intends to keep Carmen's body to motivate his men in their revenge. Given SBK's weakened state, Sherlock and Watson believe someone is trying to frame them for Carmen's murder and Gregson decides to bring Tyus to the precinct. Showing Tyus a picture of Carmen and promising to not arrest him if he talks to them openly, Tyus gives in and is surprised that SBK is responsible.

S05E24-Halcon and Holmes
Her soul, it was...it was clean.
Recalling how he became Bonzi's SBK partner, they had an agreement that Halcon was never to be messed with, knowing the repercussions would be severe. Having heard rumors from gang lieutenants that some thought they were too easy on Mara Tres, he agrees to find out who in SBK killed Carmen. Having not told Halcon that Tyus is SBK's leader, Sherlock threatens to do so, if the gang war isn't stopped. At Carmen's house, Watson questions her roommate Tanya, who eventually admits that Mara Tres threatened her into silence about Carmen's abduction. A man with a gun in a ski mask took Carmen and told Tanya to let Halcon know that he'd be in touch with a ransom demand. Halcon demanded her silence so that he could handle the kidnapping without police interference. Tanya also mentions that the kidnapper didn't act like a gang member, had no tattoos and was uncomfortable holding a gun.

S05E24-Watson w Tanya
Tanya, you need to stop lying to me.
At the Brownstone, Sherlock and Watson fill each other in. Watson hasn't found a member of any gang who is devoid of tattoos and Sherlock agrees to meet her at Shinwell's memorial service. Gregson calls with shocking news, that Tyus is back at the precinct with a lawyer and has agreed to give up everything on SBK. At the precinct, where Tyus is giving recorded testimony with ADA Nelson Lewis, Gregson explains that in exchange for immunity, Tyus admitted to running SBK, poisoning his brother and is giving details of every gang member and crime SBK ever committed. Noting that Lewis is running for DA in a few years and Tyus' testimony is a huge boost for his career, Gregson also says that Tyus implicated Duane in Carmen's murder. In private, Watson tells Sherlock that Tyus is lying, as Duane was covered in tattoos. With Bell and Gregson, Watson tells Lewis about Tyus' lie but given the amount of arrests Tyus' testimony will provide, he's not interested in prosecuting Tyus.

S05E24-With ADA Nelson
I'm not gonna risk all that by letting you talk to him.
Seeing how frustrated Watson is with Tyus about to get away with murder, Gregson tells her to go home. Instead, she goes to Shinwell's funeral service to discover she's the only mourner there. Calling her, Tyus indicates that they discovered her phone number on Shinwell's phone and she's the reason he was killed. Vowing to send him to prison, Tyus taunts her. At the Brownstone, Sherlock again can't remember the contents of a box. Finding Watson watching Carmen's video, she's furious that Sherlock didn't show at the service. Watson is even angrier when Sherlock compares Shinwell to Tyus as they both won't take responsibility for their crimes. Showing him Shinwell's confession letter, which he asked her to give to police after SBK was brought down, she leaves. Meeting Halcon, Watson says she knows who Carmen's killer is.

S05E24-Watson berates Holmes
You forgot? You! Are you kidding me?
Not revealing it's Tyus, she does say that the killer is in witness protection so Halcon will never get to him. However, she believes that if Halcon gives Carmen's body to the police, she can send the killer to prison where Mara Tres can exact revenge. At the Brownstone, Sherlock imagines a phone call from May who says she's leaving. Hearing burning noises in the background, Sherlock runs to his bedroom where he hallucinates it's on fire. Throwing a chair through the door, he falls backwards. At the precinct, Bell, Gregson and Watson show Tyus and his lawyer the video of Carmen. Accusing Tyus of killing her and starting the war with Mara Tres, Watson explains that seeing blood on Carmen's lip, she thought it was from a blow. However, noticing no abrasion, she suspected Carmen bit her killer.

S05E24-May in fire
I'm always close.
Having found Carmen's body, after a tip from Halcon provided her location, blood was found in her throat. As part of his immunity deal, Tyus was required to provide a DNA sample which matched the blood in Carmen's throat. Having lied under oath to ADA Lewis that Duane killed Carmen, his immunity deal is voided. Watson paints a grim picture of what Tyus can expect in jail. At a health clinic, Sherlock sits in the waiting room and imagines May with him. (♫ Barbarossa - Griptide ♫) Explaining that's she's the part of him that wants him to get better, she's returned now that he's finally sought out help. Comforting Sherlock, May disappears when a lab tech calls him in and Sherlock lies down for a CAT scan of his head.

S05E24-Wilcox caught
You perjured yourself, Mr. Wilcox.


  • Dave East - Stove Top plays as Holmes rides in a car and meets with Halcon.
  • Barbarossa - Griptide plays as Holmes waits in a doctor's office and his imagined mother May visits him.


  • The date of Sherlock's imaging test is May 21, 2017, the same as the air date for the episode.


Everything that's happened these last few days? It's because of you. You got this ball rolling. You're the reason Shinwell is in a coffin.

— Tyus to Watson