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S05E24-Watson bargains with Halcon
This page is a transcript for the episode "Hurt Me, Hurt You" from the fifth season of Elementary.

Sherlock Holmes: Whiffle ball, bullet casing, pink barrette, licorice stick, audio cassette tape, counterfeit lottery ticket, bulldog clip, yellow handkerchief, matchbook. Iron-on patch.
Joan Watson: Sherlock. You get my messages?
Sherlock: Yeah. You and Marcus thought that you could prove Bonzi Folsom murdered Carol Logan. Before you could obtain a DNA sample, he was poisoned by his brother. I'm quite up to speed.
Watson: I need to ask you a question and it's very important that you tell me the truth. Are you using again?
Sherlock: Why would you ask me that?
Watson: You seem distracted lately. The morning after Shinwell was killed, right before we were gonna start to investigate, you left to go to a meeting. This afternoon you were gone for hours. The last few weeks, you've been sleeping a lot more.
Sherlock: Yeah, well, I'm not a machine, Watson. I must sleep on occasion. Do you want to see between my toes as well? Hmm? There you are.
Watson: This thing that we started with SBK, I cannot do it on my own. I need your help.
Sherlock: Yeah, well, I'm at your disposal, Watson.
Watson: Well, there's nothing else we can do tonight. Besides, I need to sleep. I'm not a machine, either.

Socks: Yo, Duane. It's a party, man. Loosen up.
Duane: It's just weird, is all. Bonzi in the hospital and everything.
Socks: Yo, our boy, Lamar, got out from Rikers today. No way we wasn't gonna celebrate.
Duane: Got a message from Tall Boy today. He was careful. It came through his lawyer.
Socks: Levine?
Duane: Nah, the other one. Grimaldi. Tall Boy gave him a name. Joan Watson. Said she works for the police, but that she isn't police. He thinks she the one got Shinwell to turn snitch.
Socks: Tall Boy say where to find her?
Duane: No, but Grimaldi dug up an address.
Socks: If we go pay her a visit right now you gonna cheer up?

Captain Gregson: This one was an SBK lieutenant, Darion Barber. His gang name was Socks. A little after 11:00 p.m., three gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons, killing Mr. Barber, five of his SBK associates, two of their girlfriends and two children.
Sherlock: Safe to assume the shooters were also gang affiliated?
Gregson: Mara Tres. At least that's what we have to assume off their descriptions.
Detective Bell: Mara Tres and SBK are longtime rivals. They've gotten into scraps about territory over the years, a beatdown here, a drive-by there, but nothing like this.
Gregson: There's only one way to read it.
Sherlock: Declaration of war.
Bell: Got to figure they heard about Bonzi Folsom overdosing, thought they'd hit SBK while they're down.
Gregson: The department's at DEFCON 1. Obviously, SBK is gonna want to retaliate, blood for blood. We've got extra units patrolling both of their territories, but I think we all know that the next move is in the hands of just one guy.
Watson: Tyus Wilcox.
Gregson: I want to have a chat with him, explain that it's in everyone's best interest to let us take things from here.
Sherlock: With your permission, I'd like to do some talking of my own.
Gregson: To?
Sherlock: Julio "Halcon" Zelaya, the leader of Mara Tres. I did some work for him once. Provided I could find him, I would let him know that the department already has SBK firmly in their crosshairs. What I won't mention is that he and his people will be next. That is, of course, if I have my partner's permission to be away for a while.
Watson: Be careful.

Father Baldomero: May the Lord be in your heart and help you to confess your sins with great sorrow.
Sherlock: You first, Father Baldomero.
Baldomero: Excuse me?
Sherlock: For years now, you've used your church to help a powerful drug gang launder their money. I'm curious. How many Hail Marys does it take to wash away something like that?
Baldomero: I'm sorry, my son, I don't know what you're talking about. "Drug gang"?
Sherlock: Hmm, Mara Tres. It's an open secret you have an arrangement with their leader, Halcon Zelaya. He makes large donations to your parish and you return them to him clean, minus ten percent. Now, to your credit, you use the bulk of that money to make improvements to your church and its ministry with the poor, but I'll wager you're the only priest on the planet with a canary yellow Porsche in a secret garage in Mount Kisco.
Baldomero: If everything you are saying were true I would be a very dangerous priest, wouldn't I?
Sherlock: I need you to get a message to Halcon. You tell him Sherlock Holmes says a war with SBK isn't necessary. He'll have their territory soon enough.
Baldomero: What does that mean?
Sherlock: It means my partner and I declared war on them first. We're working with the police to dismantle them. We just need a little more time. Halcon knows me and he knows my methods. When I say SBK will be gone, he can take that as a fact.
Baldomero: And when can I tell him that you have set your sights on him?
Sherlock: The message, see that he gets it.

Tyus Wilcox: I'm sorry. I think what happened to these people is a tragedy, but I don't know them.
Gregson: Look closer.
Tyus: I've been very patient with you people, but enough is enough. I don't appreciate you coming into my office. I don't appreciate you showing me images like these.
Gregson: Cut the crap, okay? We know you run SBK. And if you didn't want to have to deal with visits like this or look at pictures like that, you probably shouldn't have poisoned your own brother.
Watson: Heavy is the head, huh? Bonzi hasn't been gone 24 hours and another gang has already declared war on you. It's got to be a record.
Tyus: Okay, let's pretend you're right about me. I'm the head of a street gang that got attacked by another street gang last night. Things like that can't go unanswered.
Gregson: They can and if you want to keep running SBK, they should.
Tyus: Explain that.
Gregson: Wars like the one Mara Tres is trying to start, they're messy. Disruptive. You can't hide in the shadows anymore. You got to get down in the trenches, get your hands dirty, but, Tyus, remember we're already gunning for you. If you order some sort of retaliation, do you think it's gonna get easier to hide who you really are or harder?
Tyus: If I were the leader of SBK, you'd have given me a lot to think about. But since I'm not, I can only pray that the police find the people behind all this bloodshed quickly, because you're right. Wars like the one you're talking about, they get messy. Police could get killed, maybe even civilians. Now, if you'll excuse me I got a real job to do.

Sherlock: Well, this is unexpected.
May Holmes: I found your little mystery boxes downstairs. I'm curious. Which one will you open tonight? What do you think you'll find?
Sherlock: Why are you here?
May: I'm here because I've realized this isn't gonna work. I love you. I want to help you, but you won't let me.
Sherlock: This is helpful, is it? Coming here? Coming to the places I work?
May: Why won't you tell Joan about me?
Sherlock: Because you're none of her concern.
May: You're a terrible liar. This is your last chance, Sherlock. Do the right thing. Do what needs to be done.
Sherlock: Or what?
May: Or you'll never see me again.

Sherlock: Gentlemen.
Gangbanger #1: Halcon got your message. He wants to see you.

Sherlock: I appreciate not being put in the trunk this time.
Halcon: Me and my men won't be here for very long, so who cares if you know where you are?
Sherlock: I hoped my message would convince you that additional bloodshed wasn't necessary, but there appears to be a dead body in that box.
Halcon: See? That's why I wanted to talk to you. Because you keep getting things wrong. You think I got somebody from SBK in that box, only I don't. You think we started a war with those boys last night, but we didn't.
Sherlock: The three men who attacked the party had very distinctive facial tattoos.
Halcon: You're not listening. I'm not saying we didn't do it. I'm saying we didn't start it. What happened last night, that was retaliation.
Sherlock: For what?
Halcon: My sister. Carmen. Yesterday, this box ends up outside the house of an attorney I know. He does real estate. Finds places for us to put our money. I didn't think anybody knew about him. But, obviously, SBK did. Somebody taped a DVD to the outside, wrote "Halcon" on the sleeve. This thing that I do she didn't have nothing to do with it. Her soul, it was...it was clean. Thanks for sending me your message. Now I got a message for you. Stay out of my way. And tell your people to let me do what I need to do to SBK. Because I promise you I'm not gonna stop until every last one of them is dead.

Carmen (video): My name is Carmen Zelaya. This message is for my brother, Julio. "You have disrespected SBK. For years you have gone where we told you not to, and you have taken what is ours. It stops today. Today we take something from you."
Gregson: Is that the whole thing?
Sherlock: Yeah. There didn't appear to be any fingerprints on the disc, but it should go to the lab all the same.
Bell: You said you saw the body?
Sherlock: I did. After two days in the box, the features had distorted somewhat, but there was no doubt it was the woman in that video. She'd been stabbed in the heart.
Gregson: Someone kills this guy's sister, sends him her in a box, and he doesn't call the police? Is he crazy?
Sherlock: Among other things. He was a violent psychopath before Carmen's murder. Now her death has inspired a madness which would flatter Ivan the Terrible.
Bell: We should get ESU over to that garage.
Sherlock: You can, but he made it quite clear he would not be staying there. By the time they get there, him and his men and his sister will be long gone.
Gregson: What do you mean his sister will be gone?
Sherlock: He plans on keeping her remains with him until SBK has been eradicated.
Bell: Why?
Sherlock: As a reminder to his men and to himself that there can be no mercy, that SBK must pay for what they've done, and pay horribly.
Watson: Assuming they're even the ones who killed her. The last few days, we've had SBK on the run. They're weaker than they've been in a long time. So why would they start a war with a gang as powerful as Mara Tres? And if they did, why didn't they choose a safer place to have their party last night?
Gregson: We're talking about a street gang, not an investment bank. They can't always be expected to make the right play.
Sherlock: Actually, I agree with Watson. I think SBK's being framed.
Bell: By who?
Sherlock: By another gang, someone who'd benefit from the two of them destroying one another.
Watson: Or a faction inside Mara Tres that's pushing Halcon to take action against their rivals.
Sherlock: Whoever it is, I think the ball is squarely in Tyus Wilcox's court.
Gregson: I want to have another chat with him.

Sherlock: Let me guess, you've never seen her before. Just as you didn't order Shinwell's death, and you didn't spike your brother's cocaine stash.
Tyus: You people keep talking to me like I'm a gangbanger. But I've told you before, I'm a businessman.
Gregson: Enough. You don't want to say out loud that you run SBK, we get it. But ten people are dead, and two of them are kids. So if we double-pinky promise not to arrest you for saying something we all know is true, are you finally gonna start talking to us like a man?
Tyus: Halcon really thinks we killed her?
Sherlock: He does.
Tyus: About ten years ago, Bonzi came to me, said he needed my help. He'd only been running SBK a couple years. He thought he might be in over his head on a few things, so I gave him some business advice. It worked. He started coming to me more and more. I started treating him like any other client. In exchange for helping him, I took a percentage of what he made.
Sherlock: You're a consulting gangster.
Tyus: Eventually, we became partners. But the partnership was predicated on certain rules. One of those rules was do not mess with Halcon Zelaya.
Sherlock: SBK and Mara Tres have been involved in multiple skirmishes over the years.
Tyus: That's different. That's business. Halcon gets business. What we didn't want was for things to get personal, because we couldn't win. Not against that kind of crazy. We never would have signed off on hurting his sister.
Sherlock: Well, as a matter of fact, we believe you. We think your gang is being set up. The question is, by whom? You have multiple enemies all over the city.
Tyus: We do. But I can't help wondering if the person who did this is a friend. Bonzi and I would hear rumblings every once in a while. Some of our people thought we were too hands-off when it came to Mara Tres. Could be one of them that wanted to change that.
Gregson: We're gonna need names.
Tyus: I don't have any. The things we heard came from our lieutenants. They just wanted us to know there were bad feelings, but they didn't give anyone up. They didn't think it was that serious.
Gregson: I'd say it's serious now, wouldn't you?
Tyus: I'll talk to my guys, see if they know anything.
Sherlock: Let's say they do. Let's say they give you a name. Will you tell us? Will you tell Halcon? I can't imagine either scenario would go down very well with your constituents.
Tyus: All that matters is ending the fighting. Did you tell Halcon about me?
Sherlock: I did not. But should the unfriendliness between your two groups persist, perhaps I will. As you say, anything to stop the fighting.

Tanya: Carmen's dead, isn't she? And that's why you're here?
Watson: When was the last time you saw her?
Tanya: Tuesday?
Watson: Your roommate is gone for days, but you don't call the police?
Tanya: Our shifts are long, and they don't always line up. And the way they schedule the nurses, sometimes we go a whole week without seeing each other.
Watson: Tanya, you need to stop lying to me.
Tanya: What?
Watson: You're out of tissues, your eyes were puffy when you answered the door. You've been crying for days. You know something. You're right, Carmen is dead. Someone stabbed her in the heart. Do you really want the person who did it to get away with it?
Tanya: Please, if I talk to the police, they will kill me.
Watson: Who's "they"? Who are you afraid of?
Tanya: Mara Tres.
Watson: Carmen's brother runs Mara Tres. You don't think he wants his sister's murder solved?
Tanya: He wants to solve it his way. He told me to keep my mouth shut.
Watson: His way got ten people killed the other night. You're a nurse, Tanya. So was Carmen. You really think she'd be okay with that?
Tanya: It was three nights ago. We'd gone out for coffee, and we'd just gotten back when this this guy came up to us. He was wearing a ski mask, and he grabbed Carmen and put a gun to her head. He said that if I called 911, he was gonna shoot her. He told me to call her brother and tell him that she was gone, that he'd be in touch.
Watson: Did you?
Tanya: Next day, Julio came here with some men. I asked him if he had heard from the kidnapper, but he just told me to stay quiet about what happened. He said that Mara Tres was handling it.
Watson: Did he say anything else?
Tanya: Just that he knew who was behind it. Another gang. But that didn't make any sense to me.
Watson: Why not?
Tanya: I grew up in Spanish Harlem. I know what a gangbanger looks like, how they move, how they talk. And the guy that took Carmen...he was different.
Watson: What do you mean?
Tanya: He was dressed like a gangbanger, basketball jersey, baggy pants. But he didn't have any tattoos. Nothing on his arms, nothing on his neck. And he didn't look comfortable holding a gun. I don't know, maybe things have changed since I was a kid. But if you ask me, he wasn't in a gang.

Watson: Hi, how'd it go with Tyus Wilcox?
Sherlock: Better than expected. He seems to want to help. He thinks it's possible Carmen Zelaya was killed by a rogue member of SBK, someone who wanted to settle things between the gangs once and for all.
Watson: Was he thinking of someone in particular?
Sherlock: No. He thinks one of his lieutenants might know more.
Watson: Well, maybe one of them can help me find an SBK member who doesn't have tattoos. Carmen's roommate was with her when she was taken. She said the guy was wearing a mask, but his neck and arms were exposed. And he had zero ink. So I've been looking at guys from other gangs who don't have tattoos. It's like they don't exist.
Sherlock: Gang members and body art do tend to go hand in hand.
Watson: So uh, there's gonna be a memorial service for Shinwell this afternoon. I think we should go.
Sherlock: You think that's wise? He was a gang member. Seems like an obvious place for Mara Tres to launch another attack.
Watson: I know. That's why I asked the Captain if he could park a couple of radio cars outside. That should keep it quiet for a little while. Will you go with me?
Sherlock: Yeah, of course.
Sherlock (phone): Captain.
Gregson (phone): Tyus Wilcox is back.
Sherlock (phone): Did he find a rogue member of SBK?
Gregson (phone): Matter of fact, he did.
Sherlock (phone): Did he give a name?
Gregson (phone): Actually, he's giving us all the names. Everyone who ever committed a crime for SBK. He didn't come here to sell out one guy. He came here to sell out his whole gang.

Gregson: He showed up a couple hours ago and said he wanted immunity.
Watson: Immunity from what?
Gregson: Everything. He's copping to helping run SBK, poisoning his brother, you name it. The Assistant D.A. in there is Nelson Lewis. He's gonna run for the top job in a couple years. He can't believe his luck.
Watson: He told you he was making the deal?
Sherlock: He's got as much blood on his hands as any criminal in this city. Mr. Lewis is willing to forget that in order get himself elected, is he?
Gregson: No. He's willing to forget about that to keep an all-out war from breaking out between SBK and Mara Tres. Wilcox is willing to testify against every member of SBK who ever followed his orders. That's got to be 150 collars, easy. There'll be no more gang war because there'll be no more SBK.
Sherlock: Did he say who murdered Carmen Zelaya?
Gregson: Guy named Duane Pryor. He was one of the bangers that was killed at the party the other night. According to Wilcox, Mara Tres killed his brother back in '06, so he held a grudge. Oh, sorry. I got to tell Paige it's gonna be a late night.
Gregson (phone): Hey.
Watson: Duane Pryor was one of Shinwell's friends.
Sherlock: You knew him?
Watson: No, but when Shinwell started with the gang unit, I read up on him. His arms were covered in tattoos.
Sherlock: Well, that doesn't square with what Carmen's roommate told you.
Watson: That's because Duane Pryor didn't kill Carmen. Tyus Wilcox did.

ADA Nelson Lewis: You're kidding, right? Tyus Wilcox is serving up SBK on a platter. He's going to help us prevent a war. You want me to chuck all that while you investigate him for one murder?
Watson: Would you be giving him immunity if there wasn't the possibility of a gang war?
Lewis: That's a moot point.
Watson: You wouldn't be.
Lewis: Fine. No, we wouldn't. But Mara Tres put ten people in the Morgue the other night, that changes the equation.
Bell: I think her point is Mr. Wilcox knew it would. He killed Halcon Zelaya's sister because he wanted the guy to go nuclear. He was setting himself up for the best deal he could get, and now, thanks to you, he's getting it.
Lewis: Where do you get the idea that he personally killed Carmen Zelaya?
Bell: Carmen's roommate saw her get abducted. She described a suspect with no tattoos. Try finding someone else in SBK who isn't inked up.
Watson: My partner spoke to her a little while ago. He played a tape of Tyus's voice. She said it sounded just like the man she saw.
Lewis: An ear witness. That's nothing.
Gregson: We're not saying we have him dead to rights yet. But let us lean on him.
Lewis: No. I'm sorry, but no. There's no way I'm gonna let you jeopardize a case this big. And for the record, Mr. Wilcox already offered testimony regarding the murder of Ms. Zelaya. Duane Pryor did it. Mr. Pryor is dead. If you want to close Ms. Zelaya's murder? Consider it closed.
Watson: I don't want it closed, I want it solved.
Lewis: Well I want a lot more than that. Mr. Wilcox is going to be deposed on dozens of SBK murders, drug deals, bribery cases, you name it. I'm not gonna risk all that by letting you talk to him again.
Gregson: That isn't up to you.
Lewis: If that's how you want to play it, fine. Our bosses can get into it. But I'm telling you right now that the answer's gonna be the same.
Watson: This isn't right.
Gregson: Try to look at the big picture. You helped expose Tyus Wilcox. If you hadn't, he'd still be running SBK, not burying it. After he testifies, he's gonna get shipped off to the middle of nowhere.
Watson: You don't think he has cash stashed overseas somewhere? He's gonna ditch his protection and go live on a beach. He belongs in prison.
Gregson: I wish I controlled who got immunity, but I don't. Listen, you've been working hard. Go home, get some rest.
Watson: I can't. I have somewhere I need to be.

Funeral Home Employee: It's okay. You can take a seat. Somebody has to be first.
Watson: Um, actually, I thought I was running late. I'm supposed to meet a friend. Excuse me.
Watson (phone): Hello?
Tyus (phone): I know I'm probably interrupting your friend's service, but I figured it wouldn't be too crowded. Not many people turn out for a dead rat.
Watson (phone): That's funny, you calling someone a rat. And you know, there might be more people here if your whole gang wasn't running for cover.
Tyus (phone): SBK isn't my gang. It never was. Just a way to make money, a lot of it. But that's over now. Time to turn a page.
Watson (phone): How'd you get my number?
Tyus (phone): First time you came to see me, you gave me your card, remember? Funny thing is, I knew who you were before you even came through the door. Back in the day, Shinwell was just another corner boy. Eager, handy with a gun, but not exactly leadership material. Then he gets out of prison, and all of a sudden, he's all ambitious. He moves up, starts getting face time with top guys. Me and Bonzi, we wouldn't let any of our people take their phones into meetings. Couldn't risk any conversations getting recorded. They'd turn them over at the door. And when somebody's new and hot to move up, got to take a look, right? Had to wonder why he had somebody named Doc on speed dial. He wasn't sick. Then you turn out to be a police consultant. I guess I just wanted you to know. Everything that's happened these last few days? It's because of you. You got this ball rolling. You're the reason Shinwell is in a coffin.
Watson (phone): I'm also the reason you're going to prison. If you think you can take your money and disappear, you can forget it.
Tyus (phone): Whatever you say. Doc.

Sherlock: Yo-yo, toy soldier, amethyst stone, glass eye, flip phone. Tortoise-shell comb. Pliers with red handles.

Carmen (video): My name is Carmen Zelaya. This message is for my brother, Julio.
Sherlock: Didn't hear you come in. How did it go with the assistant D.A.? Watson.
Watson: Where were you this afternoon?
Sherlock: Beg your pardon?
Watson: It's a simple question.
Sherlock: I went to visit Carmen Zelaya's roommate.
Watson: I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about Shinwell's service. Where were you?
Sherlock: I lost track of time. I'm sorry.

Sherlock: Watson.
Watson: No. Whatever excuse you have, it isn't good enough. It hasn't been good enough for weeks.
Sherlock: Well, what's that supposed to mean?
Watson: It means that I've needed you and you haven't been there. All right? I am sick of it, and now Shinwell is dead.
Sherlock: That's my fault, is it?
Watson: Actually, according to Tyus Wilcox, it is my fault. He called me this afternoon. He said that he had Shinwell killed because he found my number in his phone.
Sherlock: Sorry about that.
Watson: Are you? You said that you would come with me.
Sherlock: I forgot.
Watson: You forgot? You! Are you kidding me? You can remember what you had for lunch on your fifth birthday, you can remember how many stars there were in the sky that night, but you can't remember to come to a memorial service for a friend that I cared about? You didn't go because you didn't want to, because Shinwell hurt you, and you just don't have it in you to get over something like that.
Sherlock: You know, it's interesting to me. The true source of your anger is Tyus Wilcox. Couldn't be more obvious. He's a cold-blooded killer, and he's gonna get away with everything. Shinwell was also a killer, and he was also gonna get away with everything. Or did you forget he shot his friend in the back 12 years ago? Look, he's dead. I'm sorry. Tried to help him. But the only difference between him and Tyus Wilcox is that he was an imbecile, and Tyus Wilcox is not.
Watson: Shinwell wrote this. It's a confession to Jameel's murder. He wanted me to give it to the police after SBK was brought down. He wasn't getting away with anything. If you can't see the difference between him and Tyus Wilcox...

Halcon: Ms. Watson, I presume? You and your partner got to quit using my priest like an answering machine.
Watson: Then maybe you should stop using his church like an ATM.
Halcon: What do you want?
Watson: I know who killed your sister. The person who killed Carmen is serving as a witness in a high-profile case for the city. He's in protective custody, which means he travels in an armored car, he stays at a different hotel every night and he has around-the-clock security. So no matter how badly you want to get to him, you can't. But I can. I can make him pay for what he did. But I need your help.
Halcon: What kind of help?
Watson: I need you to give me Carmen. I've been watching the video you gave my partner. I think she is the key to everything. If I am right, it's time for you to give her up.
Halcon: You say you know who murdered her. Maybe I have my boys here beat his name out of you, then we go and see how protective his custody really is.
Watson: Or maybe you're smart enough to wait until he has no protection at all. If you help me, he goes to prison. No armored cars, no rotating hotel rooms, no security detail. He's just another convict. I'm guessing you know plenty of people behind bars who you could send to introduce themselves.
Halcon: And you don't have a problem with that.
Watson: Not tonight, I don't.

Sherlock (phone): Hello?
May (phone): Sorry, I know you don't want to hear from me. But, um, this won't take long.
Sherlock (phone): Actually, I could, um I could do with someone to talk to.
May (phone): Oh, Sherlock. I'm afraid that time has passed.
Sherlock (phone): What do you mean?
May (phone): I mean, it's time for me to go. I just wanted to say good-bye.
Sherlock (phone): Please, if you want me to say it, I'll say it, okay? The text that Detective Perkins received the other day, that I claimed came from someone else, I sent it. I sent it, and then forgot.
May (phone): Sherlock, my love. I'm sorry. But it's too late for that now. Everything that's coming, you're gonna have to deal with it on your own.
Sherlock (phone): What was that noise? Where, where are you?
May (phone): It's all right, Sherlock.
Sherlock (phone): Tell me where you are.
May (phone): I'm close, Sherlock. I'm always close.

Gregson: Mr. Wilcox, Mr. Richards, have a seat, both of you.
Mr. Richards: Uh Captain, I'm a little confused. The D.A.'s office told me they already got what they needed. My client's been deposed for 20 hours over the last two days. Frankly, we could both use a rest.
Gregson: Well, I hate to wear you out, but there's something you need to see.
Carmen (video): My name is Carmen Zelaya.
Richards: What is this?
Watson: Those are the last few moments of Carmen Zelaya's life. That video was given to her brother, Halcon Zelaya, the man who runs Mara Tres. It's the reason ten people were killed at an SBK party a few nights ago.
Bell: Your client's been granted immunity for an awful lot, Mr. Richards. But he doesn't have immunity for killing her.
Tyus: Excuse me?
Richards: Uh, I don't know what kind of ambush you think you're pulling...
Watson: Quiet. You're gonna miss the most important part. You see that jump? The tape stops, and then runs again.
Richards: Yeah?
Watson: So after the jump, there's blood on her lip. The first time I saw it, I thought the person who was making the tape stopped recording to hit her, to make her say what they wanted. But it's strange. The tape keeps running, but her lip never swells. There's no redness or abrasion near her mouth, either. So it made me wonder, could there be another explanation for that blood? I couldn't know for sure, until an anonymous tip led the police to the location of her body last night.
Gregson: The M.E. found exactly what Ms. Watson thought he would. Carmen's lip was fine. There was no cuts, punctures or bruises. The blood in the video wasn't hers. It was the killer's.
Bell: You can see the restraints on her wrists are different. The guy who was holding her hostage had to tie her back up because she wriggled free and bit him.
Watson: She was a fighter, wasn't she, Tyus?
Bell: The M.E. wasn't able to recover any DNA from Carmen's mouth, you did a pretty good job pouring bleach in there. But only pretty good. There was still some in her throat.
Watson: Could there be another explanation for your blood in her esophagus?
Gregson: Or maybe you'd like to prove to us that you don't have any bite marks anywhere.
Richards: You are getting way ahead of yourselves. If you tested his DNA without a warrant, that is an unlawful search. You didn't have permission...
Gregson: We did, actually. As part of your immunity deal, you were required to provide a DNA sample. The D.A. wanted to check it against all old, unsolved SBK murders.
Bell: Your client has admitted that he suggested certain crimes, but he claimed he never carried out any himself. That was probably true, until this week.
Tyus: I'm still covered. You said I have immunity for everything. I have immunity.
Watson: You had immunity. The other day, you told a New York D.A., under oath, that Duane Pryor killed Carmen. That was a lie.
Gregson: You perjured yourself, Mr. Wilcox. That voids your deal with the State of New York. We can use the testimony you've already provided to roll up your gang. And now, we can send you to prison with them.
Watson: Between all the people that you ratted out, and Halcon's friends on the inside, maybe you'll get lucky and spend the rest of your life in solitary confinement.

May: Sherlock? May I sit with you? I'm very glad you're here. I'm um, sorry about last night.
Sherlock: Are you?
May: The little tests you devised, the ones you thought would help your memory, wrapping boxes and trying to remember what was in them, they weren't enough, Sherlock. You're not well. And I would've done anything to get you to do the right thing. You understand that, don't you?
Sherlock: Yeah, well, you didn't do anything, it was me. Why do you look like my mother?
May: I'm the part of you that wants to get better. Who else would I look like?
Sherlock: I'm a bit scared.
May: Would you like to hold my hand?
Lab Tech: Mr. Holmes? I'm ready for you now.