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I'm ashamed. But now I don't care how it affects the company. I'll give you any help you want. Just find the person that killed my daughter.

— Ian, "Blood Is Thicker"

Ian Gale was the CEO of "Galeforce", a tech company worth billions.


Season 2[]

After Haley Tyler is found dead from stabbing and a fall from her apartment balcony, Detective Bell finds the apartment was owned by Ian Gale. Initially unable to locate Ian, Holmes finds he's rented out an entire floor of a luxury hotel. He and Watson are admitted to a large suite filled with medical staff and equipment. In a hospital bed, Ian greets them and introduces his wife Natalie. His body rejecting a transplanted heart, Ian is dying. His location and condition have been kept secret to prevent his company's stock from falling. He also indicates that Haley is his estranged daughter and came to NYC to donate her blood as he has a very rare type. Ian paid Haley's mother to disappear and ashamed of keeping her out of his life and her death, he asks Holmes and Watson to find her killer. Ian dies and Holmes and Watson prove that his wife, Natalie, a medical doctor, injected tissue from Ian's new heart into Haley, which caused a flu, and then injected Haley's blood into Ian which caused his transplant rejection.[1]

S02E08-Ian Gale
I'm too much of a fighter for my own good.


  • The cleaning machine at Audrey Kensit's office is made by Ian Gale's company, "Galeforce."[2]


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