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"Give to a gracious message a host of tongues, but let ill tidings tell themselves when they be felt."
— Watson quoting Shakespeare
In the kitchen of restaurant Arrondissement 21, Head Chef Joe Leshner yells at his staff until he collapses, bleeding from his eyes. In court, Detective Bell is grilled by a defense attorney in the case of an armed robbery. Bell swears that a witness, Samuel Cruz, saw the attorney's client fleeing the scene. Outside the courtroom, Bell looks over the case file and tells ADA Chantal Milner that he may have perjured himself. At the Brownstone, Holmes videochats with his girlfriend Fiona who has been away for a month in Philadelphia for work. Troubled that he didn't know what she was working on, he accepts her invitation to meet at a bed and breakfast. Holmes meets Watson and Captain Gregson at the Leshner scene, where Watson believes that Leshner was poisoned which is corroborated by lesser symptoms seen in cook Mateo Lima.

S05E06-Fiona skype
I wasn't sure you'd say yes.
Examining foie gras with spun sugar, Holmes tastes the foie gras and reports its been poisoned with snake venom. Only fatal if it enters the bloodstream, he sees fiberglass in the sugar which would cause minor abrasions in the mouth, allowing the poison to work. Lima indicates that he had a small taste, that the foie gras was made by Leshner and stored in a fridge. However, there was a break-in the night before. The foie gras was served at a private lunch for seven guests who Holmes believes were the targets for the poison. At the Morgue, having returned from leave, Dr. Hawes hasn't been able to identify the species the venom came from but indicates it was very potent. Gregson reports that one of the seven at lunch, Tate Orvis, died in hospital. Holmes is able to identify who made the lunch reservation, Danilo Lukic and notes Orvis and Tate worked in I.T.

S05E06-At restaurant
I ate snake venom?
Bell joins Holmes at Lukic's hotel room where he tells Holmes that due to deductions Holmes made on what Cruz saw in the robbery case, the defense attorney may be able to free the robber. Holmes is adamant there's enough evidence for a successful prosecution, but Milner still wants them to clear up the matter. Holmes finds a wine bottle has a compartment that holds several key cards. At the 11th Precinct, Orvis' head of HR, Sydney Shea, doesn't know who was at the lunch with Orvis. After Watson shows evidence that Orvis and Shea were having an affair, she confesses to it and she believes Orvis was also sleeping with an Italian woman after she found key cards which he wouldn't explain to her. At the Brownstone, Holmes shows Watson that the Orvis' and Lukic's key cards are are used by the Internet Address Organization (IAO). He believes everyone at the lunch worked for the IAO and the killer wanted access to the security for the Internet.

S05E06-Shea in box
I didn't kill him. You have to believe me.
All seven at the lunch are found dead except for Ajit Dalal, who is brought to the precinct. Indicating that as a vegetarian he didn't eat the foie gras, he denies responsibility for the poisoning and has an alibi for the break-in. He explains that the seven lunchers each had a key card which together was used to access an algorithm that verified Internet web addresses. However, even with the seven cards, which weren't taken, he says there are dozens of other security measures to prevent someone from jeopardizing the Internet. Dalal believes that access to IAO's functions wasn't the killer's target. While Watson checks out Dalal's alibi, Bell tells Holmes that Samuel Cruz was being pressured by the defense attorney to lie. Having received an affidavit from Cruz, Bell and Holmes deliver it to Milner in a courthouse. Relieved, Milner mildly rebukes Holmes for his notes for which he apologizes.

S05E06-Dalal questioning
We're just the first line of defense.
Outside, Holmes teases Bell that he's interested in Milner and wants to impress her with his work. Holmes doesn't understand the importance of work in a couple's relationship and realizes it's a missing component with Fiona. Watson calls to report that media outlets received a video claiming responsibility for the IAO poisoning and threatening the NY Stock Exchange (NYSE) next. Holmes and Watson arrive at the NYSE and meet the head of operations, Lillian Dunbar. The Exchange having been shutdown, she indicates that a team of outside cyber security consultants are conducting a system audit to ensure they haven't been compromised. Explaining that the IAO poisoning was a ruse, Dunbar gives them copies of recent trading data, hoping to find a suspect who would benefit from the NYSE being shutdown. While looking through the data, Holmes asks Watson about he and Fiona not discussing their work.

S05E06-Bell Milner
You think I'd let my favorite cop get tripped up?
Watson comments that all relationships are different, but Holmes can't help but compare his relationship with Fiona to that with Moriarty. Expressing his disappointment, Holmes throws a paper wad in an expensive urn and realizes that there are other items of value in the building. Proceeding downstairs, they discover that three LeGrand paintings worth over $60M are missing. At the precinct, Holmes and Watson show Bell and Gregson pictures of the stolen art which the robber was able to steal as the security system was turned off and many staff were leaving. Believing they don't have time to look through the NYSE HR files for a suspect, as the art will be sold quickly, Holmes proposes a ruse of their own. At the Brownstone, a TV newscast shows the paintings being recovered which Holmes has arranged by having a master forger create three fakes.

S05E06-Gregson office
Nurse Debriefing a Staircase?
Holmes believes that the robber will rant on-line about the recovered art being fakes and reveal himself. Watson gives Holmes advice about his relationship with Fiona, sensing that he wants to break up with her but doesn't know how. Having fallen asleep in a chair in the media room, Holmes wakes Watson and shows her on-line messages from three userids, claiming the recovered art are fakes. However, Holmes has deduced that the three userids belong to one person, an employee of the NYSE, Brian Beale. Meeting Bell at Beale's home, the crowbar used to break into Arrondissement 21 is found, as is Beale's body. As Watson notes that Beale recently died from a snake bite, Holmes warns Watson that the snake, a coastal taipan, is behind her. Later at the Brownstone, with the snake in Clyde's terrarium, Holmes tells Watson that he believes Beale had a partner who killed him.

S05E06-Clyde crawling
He's having a walk while we sublet his terrarium.
Having borrowed a skull of a coastal taipan, Holmes makes a bite impression on an apple and says he's seen the bite marks before. At the home of Mateo Lima, who has many reptiles in terrariums, he's shown that his car was parked outside Arrondissement 21 the night of the break-in and, that he went to high school with Brian Beale. Reminding them that he was poisoned, Holmes says that Beale was taking small doses of the taipan poison in order to build up an immunity. Beale also has a bite mark matching that of the taipan's on the back of his left hand. Defiantly, Lima says their evidence is circumstantial and they don't have enough to arrest him. Searching one of the terrariums, Holmes finds one of the LeGrands hidden under the soil. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that Lima took a deal and gave up the name of the buyer of the other two LeGrands. (♫ Brendan Losch - Someone Has Always Got Someone ♫) As Watson leaves for coffee, Holmes repeats a phrase Watson mentioned on how to break bad news to someone and answers a videochat from Fiona.

S05E06-Holmes finds painting
He will be arresting you now.


  • Brendan Losch - Someone Has Always Got Someone plays at episode end as Holmes recites Watson's quote before accepting the video chat with Fiona.



No, I just thought, with the secret key cards and the snake venom and the foreign affairs, we'd be dealing with spies or assassins. Not you know, tech support.

— Watson



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