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"Did you not learn anything from what happened to Bell? He got hurt because of choices that we made!"
— Watson to Holmes
At the 11th Precinct, Watson brings some prepared meals to Detective Bell who is still struggling with palsy in his right arm due to being shot. Expressing concern for his mood, Bell rebuffs her suggestion that he seek help. At Alfredo's, Holmes is having a difficult time breaking into one of Alfredo's test cars. Feeling guilt for being responsible for Bell's shooting, Alfredo suggests going to a support group meeting which Holmes turns down. In his penthouse, wealthy hedge fund manager Donald Hauser listens to a news report which has revealed he's committed massive fraud. In tears, he puts a pistol in his mouth but before he can kill himself, an intruder shoots him in both knees and says they need to talk. The next day, private chef Chloe Butler enters Hauser's home and finds him tied up and shot dead.

S02E11-Alfredo Holmes car
I beat it ten times today.
Later at the crime scene, as Butler is introduced to Watson, both women are surprised to see each other but hide their recognition. Despite Hauser's gun being on the floor, Holmes deduces the gun wasn't pulled in self-defense, rather that Hauser was about to kill himself before the intruder tortured and killed him. At the Brownstone, Watson notes that over a thousand people were affected by Hauser's pyramid scheme. Having noticed Butler's nervousness, Holmes believes she's a suspect which prompts Watson to lie that she has to run an errand for Bell. Watson meets Butler at her home, who was one of her sober companion clients. She apologizes for the awkwardness of their encounter. A single mother, Butler introduces Watson to her young son and relating Holmes' suspicions about her, Watson asks if it's OK to tell Holmes about their past relationship.

S02E11-Holmes Gregson Watson crime scene
Killer just wanted to squeeze in some torture first?
At the precinct, Watson tell Holmes about her past relationship with Butler. Holmes has reached out to the reporter who revealed Hauser's fraud, Rosalie Nunez. Watson indicates that Butler prepared an extra meal for a guest of Hauser's the night he was killed, the director of a nonprofit named Jacob Weiss. Questioning Weiss, they discover that his charity recoups money hidden by Nazi Germany and returns it to the family of the victims. Weiss had dinner with Hauser but has an alibi for the time he was shot. He relates that he and Hauser were friends, that Hauser was his charity's CPA and that Hauser didn't defraud the charity. Leaving Weiss, Holmes is called by a detective who asks him to come to Nunez's apartment. Arriving, they find Nunez has been murdered by the same person who killed Hauser. Nunez's laptop is missing and Holmes finds resin from a distinctive fruit where the killer kicked her door in.

S02E11-Weiss clears Hauser
The council never lost a dime.
They track the fruit to a park near Nunez's which is used by skateboarders. (♫ Inner Circle - Bad Boys ♫) Holmes receives several calls from Alfredo so Watson offers to see if the skateboarders have any videos of their suspect while Holmes sees Alfredo. At Alfredo's, Holmes meet Randy, a recovering addict. Alfredo proposes that Holmes become Randy's sponsor. Alfredo points out that Holmes should give back to the program and it would help with the guilt he feels about Bell. Taken aback, Holmes explains that his work won't allow him to be a good sponsor. At the Brownstone, Watson reviews a video she obtained from the skateboarders and recognizes a man she saw with Butler when she worked as her sober companion. Showing the video to Butler, she confirms that Hauser introduced the man, Nelson Maddox, to her years before when she was an addict. They had a relationship mainly based on Maddox's job as a drug dealer which ended when Butler got sober.

S02E11-Holmes Watson skateboarders
You speak idiot?
Butler pleads with Watson not to reveal her relationship with Maddox to the police. In the midst of a custody battle with her ex, revealing her addict past would likely result in the loss of her child. Despite Watson pressuring her, Butler is firm that Watson will need to connect Hauser to Maddox in another way. At the Brownstone, Watson explains the situation to Holmes thinks they should tell the police and keep Butler's identity a secret. He points out that it's unlikely the parties involved in her custody battle will discover Butler's past. Watson draws a parallel with Holmes' actions with Bell to their current situation and the unpredictability of what will happen to Chloe. Asleep, Alfredo is woken by his test car starting up. He find Holmes inside, having defeated the car's security system. Reflecting on Alfredo's request, Alfredo reminds Holmes that becoming a sponsor isn't about him.

S02E11-Watson and Butler
You gave your word that you would protect me.
At the Brownstone, Watson reports that she's reviewed Hauser's records and cannot find Maddox listed anywhere as a client. She provided the video of Maddox to Captain Gregson without mentioning Butler, noting that Maddox was carrying a laptop bag that may have belonged to Nunez. The posting of the video of Maddox results in a tip from within Weiss' charity. Speaking to Weiss, he remembers Hauser invited Maddox to a fundraiser to which he donated some artwork. Leaving, Watson tells Holmes that Hauser was involved with an art gallery that Maddox may have been a silent partner in. Speaking to an employee of the gallery, Fabiana, she claims to not know Maddox. Holmes traces scuff marks on the floor to a dumpster in which Maddox's body is found. Later at the scene, Gregson reports that police found the pistol used to shoot Hauser and Nunez in Maddox's car. Fabiana admits Maddox dealt drugs at the gallery. Holmes notices a pattern in which the art has been sold and asks for a list of buyers from Fabiana.

S02E11-Holmes Watson Gregson art gallery
Reality would never be so tidy.
At Weiss' charity, Gregson, Holmes and Watson accuse him of embezzling money by filing false claims in his victim's names. Holmes noticed that the list of art buyers matched the names of victims on a sculpture in the charity's lobby. However, they've found that the families of the victims never received any money. Weiss and Hauser were partners in the scam but when Hauser's pyramid scheme was discovered, he told Weiss at their dinner that he'd revealed the embezzlement. Maddox tortured Weiss to discover what he'd done with the files, resulting in Nunez's death and the theft of her laptop. When the video of Maddox was posted, Weiss killed him to cover up his role. In Gregson's office, Deputy Commissioner Frank Da Silva greets Bell. Da Silva leads NYC's counter-terrorism unit and would like Bell to join. At the Brownstone, Holmes dictates his terms to be Randy's sponsor to him, which he accepts.

S02E11-Gregson Watson Holmes sculpture
Perhaps it was a "karmic counterbalance."



You're different now. You committed yourself to the program and now you heard other people tell their stories. And a little empathy crept in.

— Alfredo to Holmes