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"Into the Woods"
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Season: Seven — Episode: 5
Director: Christine Moore — Writer: Jeffrey Paul King — Aired: June 20, 2019 — Viewers (millions):
Summary: Tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach hires Holmes and Watson to investigate a personal threat he suspects originated from within his own company. Also, Holmes and Watson search for a motive behind three seemingly unconnected murders.


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We speak with murderers on a regular basis, Mr. Reichenbach. Do you imagine any of them convinced us of their righteousness?
— Holmes
At The Brownstone, as Holmes makes napalm, Watson watches a tech talk featuring Odin Reichenbach. Joining her, Holmes decries Odin's oratory while Watson informs him that Odin has made a sizable contribution to their gun buy-back program and would like to meet her. Two women, Claire and Beth, wait at the finish line at a race through a large woods. Their friend Isabel collapses and dies just before reaching them. They see a knife sticking in her back. At the scene, Detective Bell questions Beth and learns the race had no set course. Believing it'll take days to find where Isabel was stabbed, Holmes interrupts and reports it was near Richmond Pond. While walking to the pond, Holmes explains that from fresh mud on Isabel's legs, he was able to deduce where she was stabbed. Bell and Holmes find a shack used to make moonshine, evidence that a shooting recently occurred there and that a body was weighed down and dumped in the pond.

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God, she looks awful.
Watson is driven by Odker security staff to a park where Odin is practicing archery. He asks for her help finding the source of a kidnapping threat against his niece, Abigail. A portion of threat referred to a detail he spoke of at a company event so he can't trust his security staff to investigate. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes she agreed to help Odin, not only due to the donation but also that a friendship with him may give them access to Odker's user data. Called by Bell, they meet him and Dr. Hawes at the Morgue. Police divers found two bodies in the pond, an unidentified man and a hog. Bell reports that both bodies were tied up with the same knot and weighed down with rocks from the pond. The man was shot with an antique gun, a Derringer, while Watson believes the hog was poisoned which Hawes says he is confirming.

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It's primal. It settles the mind.
At the 11th Precinct, Watson reports to Captain Dwyer that the dead man is Renny Henderson. He ran the moonshine operation and the hog, his pet, was killed by ricin poisoning, traces of which were found in the shack. Theorizing that the killer forced Renny to make the ricin, test it on his hog and then shot Renny, Watson indicates Renny was a bartender and had a fight with his boss, Bo Willoughby. At the bar Renny worked at, Bell questions a bartender, Colby, who says Bo is on a trip and that Renny and Bo fought over the profits from the moonshine leading to Renny being fired. At the precinct, Watson tells Holmes that police are searching for Bo. Holmes has reconstructed a wine bottle from shards found at the shack. Although the label is missing, a fingerprint is found.



"Anyone ever tell you two your bedside manner sucks?"
―Jason Wood to Holmes and Watson


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