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I apologize, Mr. Holmes. You weren't supposed to see it coming.

— Isaac Proctor, "The Woman"

Isaac Proctor is an assassin for Jamie Moriarty.


Season 1[]

Watson is able to find Isaac from a paint pigment his brother Duane purchased which was used by Irene Adler. Believing Duane held Adler captive, the police question his brother Isaac at his home where he tutors children. Isaac believes Duane is innocent but when Duane arrives outside, Captain Gregson leaves an officer with Isaac and goes outside to see Duane. As Gregson questions a confused Duane, shots are heard from inside the house and Isaac is found to have fled. Later, Gregson tells Watson that Isaac was a professional killer but chose to only wound the officer guarding him. In a motel room, Isaac has shaved his beard, cut his hair and anxiously speaks to one of Moriarty's lieutenants for help. The lieutenant agrees but has a task for Isaac to perform. To maintain the ruse that Adler was held captive, he leaves a flower at the Brownstone that her "captor" would give her.

S01E23-Isaac questioning
I tutor kids here.
At the precinct, from a hidden camera, Watson shows Bell and Gregson video of Isaac leaving the flower for Adler. She tells Holmes that Isaac used to be a CIA interrogator so it's likely he was the one holding Adler. Isaac meets with Moriarty's lieutenant and his men in the back of a delivery truck. Knowing they will kill him, he creates a distraction and kills the men. The lieutenant says Moriarty ordered his execution for being discovered by the police. Isaac shoots him in the hand and tells him that since Moriarty ordered no one is to kill Holmes, he is going to as revenge. Returning to the Brownstone, Holmes calls Watson to fill her in but sees Isaac's reflection in a lamp. Isaac shoots Holmes in the shoulder as he dives to avoid the shot.

S01E23-Proctor w men
Moriarty's obsessed with Holmes.
As Isaac approaches him, Holmes knocks the pistol out of his hand with a stair rail. They struggle, Holmes frees himself, runs upstairs and locks himself in a bedroom. Trapped, Holmes looks out the window but the ground is three stories below. Having retrieved his pistol, Isaac begins shooting the door lock. He tells Holmes they met once before, he was the sniper who killed John Douglas in front of him. Kicking the door in, he find Holmes on the floor at his mercy. Lowering his pistol, he explains he didn't kill Holmes when he shot Douglas as he was under orders not to from Moriarty. He mentions that she tried to have him killed though. Confused, Holmes asks "she?" just as he raises his pistol. Shots ring out and Isaac falls to the ground, dead. Adler enters the room, having shot Isaac.[1] As Moriarty tries to convince Holmes to let her win, she takes Isaac's pistol and phone. Later, Isaac's body is seen at the Morgue.[2]

S01E23-Proctor gun at Holmes
You know you're only prolonging the inevitable.


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