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"It's your second second chance. Do make the most of it."
— Holmes to Shinwell
At the Brownstone, Holmes wakes Watson by calling a burner phone with a ringtone of a woman screaming. Called to the murder scene of a member of the Los Espectros gang, Holmes explains that a .38 pistol was recovered and that two men fled the scene, one of whom matches the description of Shinwell. Detective Cosa believes that the victim, Ricky Morales, was brought to the location and killed by members of the SBK gang, as it's their territory. Holmes finds it odd that the two men waited at the scene for an hour after the victim was shot and, that the pistol used was an antique Japanese Nambu. Cosa indicates the .38 likely has prints on it but a backlog at the lab means it'll take three days before the results are known. Wondering what their interest in the case is, Holmes lies that Major Cases is having a slow week and offers their help.

S05E09-Crime scene
Don't you think that's odd?
Leaving the scene, Watson doesn't believe Shinwell killed Ricky but admits she has suspicions Shinwell might be back with SBK. Arriving at Shinwell's apartment, they break in and find signs that he's fled. Asking Watson to visit pawn shops to see if Shinwell has recently sold items to finance leaving, Holmes questions a number of SBK members including Duane and Tall Boy. By asking if they were involved in crimes that didn't occur and hearing their alibis, he's able to deduce they weren't involved in the shooting. However, they refuse to answer questions about the Nambu pistol used to shoot Ricky. Calling Holmes to say that Shinwell did pawn his toolbox, Watson returns to the Brownstone and finds Shinwell waiting for her. When Holmes arrives, Shinwell explains that he was at Ricky's murder scene but didn't kill him and, that he's back with SBK to act as a confidential informant (CI) for the FBI.

S05E09-Shinwell Holmes Watson
I'm not back in SBK 'cause I want to be.
Saying he was recruited out of prison by FBI Agent Calvin Whitlock, SBK didn't kill Ricky as doing so would have started a gang war. Sent to dispose of the body, he and Tall Boy fled when police arrived and he tossed the .38. Shinwell didn't want to carry a gun when offered it by Tall Boy but Whitlock insisted he should. Told that it'll take three days to process the .38 for prints, Shinwell only communicated with Whitlock face-to-face and doesn't have another meeting scheduled for a week. Asking them to speak with Whitlock about getting a subpoena for the .38 and keeping his name out of the incident, he can then continue being an CI. Watson meets Whitlock at his office but he refuses to help Shinwell. Explaining that due to treachery from a previous CI of his, he was stripped of authority to formally employ more CIs. Indicating it'll ruin his career if he admits he used Shinwell as an off the books CI, he regrets Shinwell may go back to prison.

S05E09-Whitlock head shot
He's gonna have to face the consequences.
At the Brownstone, Shinwell is furious when he learns he was played by Whitlock. Holmes says their first task is to clear Shinwell of Ricky's murder by finding the killer, who he believes is a Los Espectros member. While Watson heads to the 11th Precinct to look through files on Los Espectros, Holmes and Shinwell break into a car and surveil Ricky's apartment, waiting for his girlfriend to leave. Shinwell tells Holmes that he decided to bring SBK down after he saw the members were used as disposable resources by the gang's leadership and ended up in prison. Seeing Ricky's girlfriend leave, they break into his apartment and find he was on medication for panic attacks and had regular appointments with a "ZX", who they believe was a doctor. At the precinct, Detective Cosa tells Watson that she took them up on their offer of help, had Captain Gregson put a rush on the .38 analysis, and the lab will have the results the next day.

S05E09-Shinwell betrayed
I ain't gonna let him do this to me. Not after all I been through.
Having discovered "ZX" is psychiatrist Dr. Xanthopoulos, Holmes and Shinwell are able to convince her to provide details of Ricky's treatment after mentioning his murder and that his gang may visit her if his killer isn't found. Dr. X says that Ricky's anxiety was due to being caught with cocaine and offered a deal to be a CI in exchange for no prosecution. Conflicted over ratting on his gang, she also notes that he was a CI for Agent Whitlock. Meeting Watson at the Brownstone, she notes they have less than 12 hours before Shinwell's prints are found on the .38 while Holmes tells her that Whitlock killed Ricky. Later in the basement with Shinwell, Holmes shows them that Whitlock's grandfather served in the Pacific Theater in WWII, where he acquired a Numbu pistol. Whitlock used the Nambu to kill Ricky as it wasn't registered. Holmes believes that Ricky wanted out of being a CI and threatened to expose Whitlock.

S05E09-With Dr X
He was having panic attacks because he felt guilty.
Shinwell posits Los Espectros killed Ricky after discovering he was a snitch but Watson shows the manner of his death isn't in keeping with their practices, and the gang had been robbed a month before. A number of their members were killed in the robbery and they were too weak to start a war with SBK. Still puzzled why Ricky was killed in SBK territory, Shinwell is called to a meeting by Tall Boy. Watson warns him that it may be a trap and Whitlock may have tipped SBK off that he's working as a CI. Scared that if he doesn't show, SBK may go after his daughter, Shinwell meets Duane who takes him to Tall Boy, who gives him a new pistol. Tall Boy says they need his help with a money drop and as their usual spot, close to where Ricky was killed, has police on site, they're moving the drop to a less secure, secondary location. Agreeing to help, Shinwell leaves, calls Watson and says that Whitlock killed Ricky and he knows why he did it in SBK territory.

S05E09-Evidence wall
The crew that took 'em down made off with six figures.
At Whitlock's office, Watson accuses Whitlock of keeping CIs off the books because he was using them to gather intel to rob the gangs. Having used Ricky to learn when Los Espectros made the money drop that resulted in its robbery, a wounded gang member told police that they were robbed by three men and one was shot in the arm. Watson shows Whitlock the robber, Lionel Trafoya, used to work with Whitlock at the FBI but was fired for missing evidence at a drug raid. Telling him that Trafoya is being interrogated by Detective Cosa and his blood being checked for a match at the robbery scene, he asks what Watson wants. Demanding that he speak to Cosa about Shinwell's role as a CI for him, he refuses. Watson leaves her card, convinced that Whitlock will crack. Walking to the Brownstone, Whitlock calls Watson and explains that most of his work puts criminals away but he became caught up in robbing gangs. Warning Watson that Shinwell will always be a criminal, he tells Watson to come to his office and shoots himself with the Nambu.

S05E09-Whitlock dead
I got in deeper and deeper.
As Shinwell is told of Whitlock's suicide at the Brownstone, Watson notes that Trafoya is refusing to cooperate so Shinwell's role as a CI can't be confirmed. Even though the Nambu will show Whitlock killed Ricky, when Shinwell's prints are found on the .38, he'll be sent back to prison for a parole violation. Although Watson says they'll help him anyway they can, Shinwell says he'd like to make the most of his last day of freedom. At the precinct, a frustrated Holmes asks Detective Bell if his brother Andre was sent back to prison on a technicality, if he'd refer back to criminal ways. Saying he would, Holmes leaves and finds Shinwell on the roof of his apartment building, fixing a leak that was bothering an old woman. (♫ Lee DeWyze - Weight ♫) Impressed with his service, Holmes hands Shinwell a cloth that he used to wipe down the .38 after breaking into the crime lab. A visibly relieved Shinwell tears up while Holmes tells him to make the most of this chance.

S05E09-Shinwell on roof
The less you know about that, the better.


  • Lee DeWyze - Weight plays at episode end as Holmes meets Shinwell on a roof he is repairing and tells him he erased Shinwell's fingerprints off a gun that would have resulted in him going back to prison.


  • "Los Espectros" is Spanish for "the Ghosts."


I didn't think proving my innocence of one crime would lead to a bunch of others.

— Shinwell to Holmes