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"I've been trying to get you to help me for years. Well, you sure as hell can't ignore me now."
— Brunelle, "Over a Barrel".

Jack Brunelle appealed to Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson many times over several years to investigate the assault on his son Connor which resulted in Connor's death. Each time Brunelle tried to engage with Holmes and Watson, they were too involved in a case.


Season 5[]

S05E13-Brunelle Watson Holmes

Today is last day anyone can help Connor

Brunelle is seen trying to engage Holmes and Watson in January and November 2014 and, in February 2016. The last day the statute of limitations expires on his son's assault, Brunelle takes hostages in a restaurant and demands Holmes and Watson appear. Once they do, he gives Holmes the remainder of the day to find and arrest his son's assaulter or he'll shoot the hostages. He takes Watson hostage as well. Watson deduces that Brunelle can't shoot all the hostages so Brunelle reveals that he only plans to shoot one of the hostages, the retired detective who did little on his son's case who Brunelle has tied up and beaten. Watson discovers Brunelle has skin cancer he is not treating and he wishes he was dead in place of his son.

S05E13-Watson appeals

Put the gun down. Please

|text=Watson listens to Brunelle's sorrows and tries to bond with him by providing the name of a doctor who can treat his skin cancer but Brunelle isn't interested. Holmes and Bell find Connor's assaulter five minutes past the deadline which doesn't satisfy Brunelle. He grabs the retired detective, kicks him and while working up the courage to shoot him, Watson makes an impassioned speech to Brunelle that killing the detective won't honor Connor's memory. The police have found an opening in the drapes through which they can shoot Brunelle which Watson reveals to him, saving his life. This touches Brunelle who surrenders. With Everyone's help, Holmes discovers that Connor's assaulter, Frank Trimble, left the country for a day to see a hockey game in Canada. This adds another day to the statute of limitations and Trimble is arrested, bringing some justice to Brunelle.[1]



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