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You might be interested to know that we recently found a nanotyrannus skeleton that may have been buried well above the KT Layer. Unfortunately, the fossil was destroyed and the person in possession of it was killed. We believe someone with a vested interest in keeping "Dead Clade Walking" from being proven right was behind the murder.

— Watson relaying Thomas' motives, "Dead Clade Walking"

Dr. Jerome Thomas is an archaeologist and museum curator passionate about success in his studies to the point he resorted to criminal extents to preserve his profits.


Season Two[]

Dr. Jerome Thomas, a curator at the Trobor Museum of Natural History, was an archaeologist wth unscrupulous secrets to success, such as having bought pieces of skeletons from the Dimetrodon species of dinosaur from the black market to be exhibited at his work place as a "full" skeleton. Thomas partnered and co-wrote a book with with Andrew Donnelly, his colleague in a wheelchair and the primary opposer to the "Dead Clade Walking" theory, which surmises that there were a rare population of dinosaurs not rendered extinct after the Big Bang from the meteor that notoriously collided with the Earth and killed them all. In 2011, by means unknown, Thomas found out a full infant nanotyrannus also on the black market was dug above the drawn limit in the ground dinosaurs' remains are said to never go over, known as the "KT Boundary", proving Dead Clade Walking to be true. Hoping to keep his wealth and not have his cheats in his research destroyed, he sought after it when smuggler Diego Salcedo was the last possessor of the fossil due to a purchase of it not going through. Thomas found Salcedo's best friend, womanizer Doug Newberg, with the very rock hidden on his property, and when Newberg refused to give it up, Thomas shot him dead to get rid of him as a witness. When Thomas couldn't find the rock, hidden in Newberg's backyard, after ransacking his home, he fled and got away with the crimes for three years.

S02E14-Thomas Holmes Watson dino
He sold three different Dimetrodon bones to the same buyer.

We haven't found any of that in a dig in the states in quite some time.

Holmes was assigned to the case, and it became one of his few cold cases in his career. Watson took the case from herself, and with the help from specialist Gay, she found the fossil in Newberg's backyard, runnung a CT scan to reveal the infant's fossil inside. Thomas himself was sought for consultation while he proudly showed his own fake "full" dinosaur. He claims the fossil mustve been worth millions and couldn't have possibly been dug up in the U.S. with great odds. When Diego Salcedo was found and arrested, Thomas' primary broker, Malcolm Turner a.k.a. "Magpie", hired associates to pose as I.C.E. agents who wer alreayd coming to tak the fossil back to its original site, tricking an attending officer into letting them steal it. Holmes used his resource C. to track Turner, but he and Watson were too late to same him and the fossil. Thomas had already been there, having shot and bludgeoned Turner dead before using the club to smash the fossil into pieces and destroy all evidence. But that was plenty to lead to the Dead Clade Walking feud, and all opposers were assembled into the precinct.

S02E14-Watson Holmes crime scene
Shards to shards

S02E14-Thomas kills Donnelly green
There's an interesting motive hidden here somewhere.

Donnelly was one attendee, who gladly gave his DNA sample up. It was a match to one of two samples at the scene Turner's murder, but Donnelly asked for his lawyer, who came through and proved Donnelly's alibi. Holmes went through Turner's sales and found Thomas' purchases, realizing the annotations denote to the skeleton Thomas assembled fraudulently. Remembering Thomas was Donnelly's associate, he put the pieces together going straight to the museum to hold up the sign and say the skeleton was a fake. That got Thomas' furious attention, where Holmes in that enitre time span goes through how he knew Thomas was guilty. As a colleague of Donnelly's, not only would Thomas' fraud be exposed, but if Donnelly's career was destroyed, so would Thomas' be even without the fraud. Thomas sought the fossil for himself and killed every person he could find in possession of it at the times of the murders with full intent on destroying it so he could still keep his success. When Turner wasn't dead from gunshots, Thomas clubbed him to death with the tool he brought along to smash the rock, but it had Donnelly's and Thomas' DNA from past archaeological usages in their careers, which was left on Turner and the fossil's shards. Holmes boasted the police were searching his apartment and were readying a warrant for his DNA, extending Thomas the chance to confess. A news report later showed Thomas was arrested.[1]

S02E14-Holmes w sign
A display which claims to be the only complete skeleton of its kind.

Jerome Thomas Confrontation
They're also going to be able to search your home and your lab.


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