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Jeromir Tomsa is a hired assassin Sherlock tailed to catch him for the murders of three U.S. attorneys.


Season Two[]

Tomsa is a skilled assassin employed by a syndicate of incarcerated pirates on trial by the federal prosecution. Each time a prosecutor was assigned the case, they were murdered by Tomsa. Three such U.S. attorneys died within a year to delay the trial. Sherlock and the police deduced it was Tomsa, and Sherlock staked him and saw he communicated with carrier pigeons. He followed the pigeons to Central Park, calling Joan Watson to join him, and saw Tomsa arriving. When Tomsa ran, Sherlock gave chase, Joan getting even further ahead to surprise attack Tomsa and subdue him with her escrima stick. With Sherlock's commendations to Joan, Tomsa is swiftly arrested to Captain Thomas Gregson's and Detective Marcus Bell's collective surprise.[1]

Jeromir Tomsa Birds
You can follow a pigeon?

S02E01-Watson batons Tomsa
You've been tending to your self-defense. Well done.


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